Things changed the Assassin King? The equipment was easy to control.

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items changed the Assassin King? This piece of equipment was

relative to the hero, easily restrained talent changes, LOL designers have never stopped on the props system innovation, in the S7 season, there are a large number of items are adjusted the attributes, there are a number of new equipment to enrich the Arsenal game in the upcoming season. Before the game version, these adjustments will be against us some impact, in the S7 season is approaching, small as we bring the full interpretation of props adjustment, hope to be able to help you quickly adapt to the new version of the play.

" and different to really look really new eye can only detect camouflage unit cannot detect invisible anti hero, hidden field to reduce. Therefore, stealth hero no longer need to worry about the survival of the group war .

was replaced by , the new real eye can also let the enemy hero eyes and trap failure , which is already a big enhancement, "vision" truly become a means, rather than simply pull the plug eye eye, and even make more spare items (position non point Carry) to install the new true eye, when hit the big tiger put a new eye to prevent each other really have a chance to steal the dragon, using the new real eye conscious vision letter will increase the chances of victory in battle.

changes the results of the : "field of vision control" technique is difficult to rise, each player needs a more profound understanding of the visual field and the role of the eye, especially in the auxiliary bit. Hit the big dragon, the field will have a very big effect in the field, the stolen dragon will be more frequent than in the past, the game will be a lot of rhythm and therefore improve. Class= img_box "

3100G "perview_img_p content_img_p" price is not low, but it is definitely worth.

this piece of equipment can be said to be a version of the defense dream, every 30 seconds for 10 seconds can take the initiative to open the shield, the shield effect and a banshee, can resist off a skill, in order not to let this piece of equipment is abnormal, it has cast 1.5 seconds of delay time .

1.5 seconds on behalf of this piece of equipment can not be used to open the second solution of skills, but there is still a huge role, such as the second section is used to block the robbery / damage, active Gank interrupt the other heroes even, is like fire, male, small, etc. the hero will be restrained her miserable . male knife, with a strong offensive capability the mantis hero can be used as offensive equipment; male gun, ember and Lu Xian can be used as self-defense equipment, fault tolerance rate is very high. Provide

output effect of defense equipment, anti Gank, anti party ability to rise using this piece of equipment operation skills of the hero, players demanding, AD shield and offensive assassin open group can greatly improve the survival rate.

" stealing the wild knife this piece of equipment is basically for 2 kinds of heroes, is a type of wild assassin, the other is a single AD assassin.

is like the praying mantis, the lion dog aggression ability hero like wild area is very strong, they have more opportunities to steal each other quickly Nakano strange knife stealing the wild to provide more economic for them at this time to steal per 1 creeps equivalent to more than 100G, the invasion of the income increase of . But the invading wild areas is a kind of high risk behavior, as the game time, the risk is more and more high, so this piece of equipment for a home for the first time, 20 points off the war movement speed to solve the problem of slow running shoes is not , if at this time the team just got 1 blood or advantage, can help the team steal wild knife snowball bigger, steal the Daye blame give each other a little strange other playing field can inhibit the growth, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

besides, such as male knife, this hero can also be a robbery, but due to the high cost of stealing the wild version of S7 (most creeps increase), so this piece of equipment will put on them for a long time, but the demand of sawtooth AD assassin short dagger is very high, a help snowball is no problem, there is always the opportunity to steal things.

so this is a high risk of high-yield equipment, but for the entire team, the uncontrollable factors are too high. at the same time the team has 1 enough, should not hold too much to steal the wild knife, otherwise it will drag the team back . In addition, the theft of a wild knife can be repeated after the purchase of , if the pre super smooth, then the snowball will be a terrible.

sawtooth short dagger less effect than 20 additional damage and killed, 20 more off the moving speed of the war, the same is a pair of shoes for the assassin heroes, pre game equipment will become more diversified the. The spirit of

increased less after opening the 40% attack speed, more than 20 off the war to speed, but the penetration is the highest of all related equipment. After

was removed after opening Gongsu, ADC basically will not be a dream. But AD assassin or will be more than 20, and the speed can make war hero assassin with 3 speed when wearing shoes shoes 2 speed effect, the success rate of Gank will increase a little, also increased the AD offensive assassin assassination ability.

" is the light can be removed is destined to this piece of equipment will be very easy to use, have said, vision control in S7 will become more important, only this one is worth the investment. This piece of equipment plus will enlarge the Sunder property income, the assassin hero is basically one, is not necessarily to a stealth hero.

in addition, the effect of new passive night instead of the past "effect, after most assassin hero out of this twilight Rune blade with the talent can have a fixed 80+ armor, installed after about 200 can cause real damage, after the mantis out of this equipment can be triggered repeatedly true damage in combat the passive stealth assassin, other heroes too, against the tank hero, they no longer weak.

" assassins with new blade protective equipment of the night, drinking a knife to provide support in apparently some not too appropriate, in fact this piece of equipment is too all-match, we in any position in the S6 season AD heroes may see this piece of equipment, it is too strong, in order to make the difference between the larger equipment, it does not support wear, instead of the 10% cooling down, more suitable for the warrior hero, triggering the shield effect more than 20 AD also illustrates this point.

" remember the Black War Bill jiwote tide? Knight from that time. After the end of the event, with the equipment for testing the properties of a dead plate into the summoner Canyon, but after Knight balance at S7. Landing games.

on the single attribute if the pieces of equipment, some small expensive, but the effect is very strong, each team can make 2 pieces (a jungler auxiliary tank, or a single piece), 12% damage reduction can let C take more damage, but can not make up for the defects of the operation. The second will still be second only to the big late chance. So this is a late piece pieces, low practical value.

but do not rule out the true value of this piece of equipment is the tank tank hero hero to reduce injury, such as playing wild Olaf (high blood) on single tree (high injury free, reply ability) two link front will be very hard, according to this point to develop the corresponding tactics.

" new auxiliary equipment, providing 10% passive shields and treatment effect that the most suitable auxiliary equipment, the most active effect can heal more than and 500 point blood, but the 2.5 second cast delay reduces the utility of this piece of equipment, but it should be noted that this is a can be used after the death of the equipment, and actively help or hurt, some, but not.

expected that this piece of equipment out of the pack time is about third pieces of equipment support, at this time, God will not have sin stone play too much, in fact, with a lower value, and the bird shields compared to far worse, so this piece of equipment development speed will be very slow, can there will be some specific tactics for it, but not many. The new version of

, version of Legion flags, new bird shield

" in the past too has its legion of balm, aura for all AP heroes are not comfortable, now the aura has been removed, most injuries are those who are not good at using active equipment the game player, because of its bird shield and orders are therefore actually enhanced.

new version of the shield provided by the community shield is too exaggerated, the tank hero or can be out of the . The mid game level 10 will be able to open a nearly 400 HP shield, the wartime regiment very great help. Compared with

, the new command flag provides up to 400 mana to solve a lot of tank hero mana, cheaper than Bing, rate of appearance than before to improve a lot, and also can be promoted to help yourself money (artillery after the test, each use promotion can harvest more than 200G). Change

these two pieces of equipment will make a lot of tank auxiliary status therefore rises, push the tower promoted one artillery help obviously, bird super shield shield to solve the problem of anti short lineup opened, high practical value.

" no Legion after halo halo will benefit the abyss higher than in the past, in order to balance this, it can still enhance the magic damage, but is no longer in order to reduce the magic resistance form, position and in the past, one of the first choice the assassin AP.

crucible crucible position will no doubt rise, it will become necessary to master assisted by loading a S7.

this piece of equipment than the mercury belt effect to better, mishap is not relieved the suppression effect of . The game is the trend of S6 auxiliary first strong ability is very popular, such as Jie pull, female gun, fan mom is good at playing the first hero, so the crucible appearance rate is not high, but in the three and two and four. This piece of equipment is a system of God installed, including bird shield, change let the mountain have enhanced the auxiliary anti tempo ability, in this case, such as wind, Nami, Lulu and other female heroes in the S7 season will be better.

in addition to other auxiliary equipment, other auxiliary equipment has a corresponding enhancement (or enhance the effect of price promotion or price), bits in the S7 season is likely to become a key part of the

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