Many ministries moves standard "double 11" stressed first price and then discount

11 Qihoo discount speculation business

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in the new network in Beijing in November 10 (reporter Li Jinlei) this year, "double 11" can be assured to buy buy it? Recently, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, quality inspection administration, Ministry of Commerce and other ministries have moves, this year's "double 11" full range of specifications, false discount, counterfeit, chaos is expected to reduce the courier warehouse explosion.


多部委出招规范“双11” 强调不得先涨价再打折

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requirements may not be first price and then discount

this year, double 11 is about to come, the major electronic business platform has begun to pre-sale and other promotional activities. This "double 11", consumers can rest assured to buy buy it?

review over the "double 11" can be found, the explosive growth in sales at the same time, the price of fraud, false advertising, unfair competition, sales of fake and shoddy goods, delivery delays, return difficult problems will appear.

which, after the first price discount is a lot of business sales tactics, and this has become the focus of consumer issues. In this regard, the regulatory authorities banned, the requirements shall be first price and then discount.

called on the business administration of the 7 Jingdong, Alibaba and other 15 electricity supplier, held standard network centralized promotional activities of administrative guidance, for promotional activities organizers and operators to comply with the norms of promotional activities, not the price and then discount the first opportunity to shoddy, or impurities.


多部委出招规范“双11” 强调不得先涨价再打折

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will fake photo exposure typical case of

in previous years "double 11" period, some businesses selling shoddy, fake and shoddy goods, therefore, fake problem is also widely criticized for consumers.

in this regard, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce shall take the opportunity to request, Yicichonghao, yijiachongzhen. Prohibits the use of counterfeit goods for promotional gifts.

Quality Inspection Bureau recently issued a notice, decided to carry out the "double 11" consumer electricity supplier in the field of law enforcement operations. In view of the main online shopping platform and focus on consumer goods, around the masses more complaints, unreasonable prices, the media exposure of the product, to carry out the touch, collect clues.

in the "double 11" period, quality inspection administration will make full use of "big data", "cloud computing" technology, the integration of the electricity supplier consumer law enforcement information, issued a warning message through newspapers, radio, television and Internet media, and guide consumers to rational consumption, low quality and low price formation against vicious competition atmosphere. By then, will focus on the exposure of typical cases, improve business enforcement and deterrent influence.

for possible online sales of fake and shoddy goods, the Ministry of commerce also said, according to the requirements of the beginning of this year issued the "2016 national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods points", with the relevant departments will strengthen supervision of the network trading platform, to crack down on illegal behavior. Also developed a law enforcement cooperation and joint law enforcement action plan, will actively promote inter regional, inter departmental law enforcement cooperation.


多部委出招规范“双11” 强调不得先涨价再打折

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together to punish the "brush single speculation"

"brush single speculation" is also one of the hot issues of consumer concern. Consumers in the online shopping, usually on the merchant's credit rating evaluation reference or user, high credit ratings, comments from many businesses will undoubtedly gathering more popularity, "fried letter" is the use of virtual transaction credit speculation seriously distorted, its electricity supplier credit evaluation system, against the consumer's right to know and the legitimate rights and interests and become a malignant tumor in the field of electronic commerce.

in order to resist the "brush fried letter", the national development and Reform Commission recently held a "double 11" business credit building on the conference, government, community and business platform jointly initiated the anti speculation letter "action. Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, 58 city, by Baidu Nuomi, Qihoo 360, SF EXPRESS, travel and other business representatives signed the "anti speculation letter" information sharing agreement.

according to the anti speculation letter "action plan, will establish and regularly share" fried letter "blacklist" suspected illegal speculation letter "blacklist to the relevant departments, the" fried letter "subject to the joint disciplinary. Disciplinary measures include shielding or deleting existing accounts, limiting the release of goods and services, limiting the participation of various types of marketing or promotional activities, the seizure or delete social media accounts, restrictions on Internet advertising, etc..

SAIC also pointed out that the establishment of scientific and efficient management rules, improve the credit rating rules, eliminate the brush praise, speculation credit and other illegal acts of the operating space.


多部委出招规范“双11” 强调不得先涨价再打折

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Zhang Yun taken to avoid excessive concentration caused by the explosion of

. According to the State Post Bureau estimates, this year's "double 11" (November 11th to 16) the business volume will be more than 1 billion, an increase of 35% over last year, is expected to be the highest daily processing volume exceeded 240 million, an increase of 50% over last year, is about 2.2 times daily the amount of processing.

continued growth in the express quantity, how to avoid the courier warehouse explosion and delay? Deputy director of the State Post Bureau Liu Jun 8 in a interview said, has been established from the State Council, the provincial security mechanism, the PUC three linkage and the government, associations, enterprises 3D interaction, coordination of business enterprise set up the mechanism of "peak season shipments, promote balanced" and express enterprise, hope that the electricity supplier according to the service the ability to express enterprise arrange delivery and express delivery enterprises according to their ability to receive reasonable control, avoid excessive concentration caused by explosion, paralysis of delivery.

at the same time, each year, double 11 is also a high incidence of express complaints, such as the net purchase of courier lost, damaged pieces of compensation and other issues. In this regard, consumers have what channels can be adults?

Liu Jun said that the postal service and many courier companies through their own portals to provide a number of channels for complaints. From the government's regulatory side, we are aware of 12305, through the telephone, the Internet can be directly appeal. From the beginning of the year has also opened a channel of complaints WeChat YZ12305. If the user is not satisfied with the end of the enterprise to solve the problem or want to continue to appeal, you can find the coordination of government departments.

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