5 months baby development indicators, and their notes

Baby development matters needing attention index

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the baby from the moment of birth, family is very much attention, so when the baby 5 months will be how to change? What kind of standard should be achieved? The growth rate of children is also pretty fast, when 5 months, many aspects of the standard then, 5 months baby development index you know? 5 months baby care and pay attention to what? 5 months baby diet should also pay attention to.

for young couples, how to take care of the children may know is not too clear, then 5 months the baby should reach what kind of standard is qualified? Let us look at the following.

5 months baby boy girl development standard

: height 59.9-73.9cm weight 5.66-11.15kg; 39.0-46.9cm; head circumference.

baby: height 58.6-72.1cm weight 5.33-10.38kg; 38.1-45.7cm; head circumference.

(Note: according to the Ministry of health "Chinese children under the age of 7 growth reference standards compiled")

development of the baby's ability is mainly refers to: the all-round development of the big movement, fine motor, visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, taste and language, emotional and social aspects, but each baby each month the age of focus is slightly different, this is the baby and the relationship between their own development characteristics. The basic ability of

5 months baby performance including

should master the skills (most babies do): you can distinguish between eye-catching colors; playing with their ungenerous. The ability in the development of

(half a baby can do): know your name; to the new sound; from turning to prone or supine supine, prone to turn from.

advanced skills (only a few children can do): do not support a little while; put things into his mouth; possible separation anxiety.

5 months baby physiological condition

5 months of the baby, the tongue has formed the taste of taste, taste development and perfect function is the most rapid period. Any changes in the taste of the baby food, will show a very sharp response and leave the memory". Therefore, the baby can be more clear and precise areas of food acid, sweet, bitter, spicy and so on a variety of different flavors.

at this time, the baby's vision can reach a few meters away, and will continue to expand. The baby's eye can move up and down around the attention of some small things, such as the small snacks on the table; when the baby to see the mother, the eyes will be closely followed by the mother's shadow move. Now the baby can basically tell the difference between red, blue and yellow, if the child like red or blue, do not be surprised, these colors seem to be the age of children's favorite color.

" scientific nursing

5 month old baby is happy to hear mother or familiar voices, just smile, sometimes laugh loudly. This baby is a happy and lovely little. Smile is always visible, and, unless the baby is sick or uncomfortable, otherwise, a long time to show the joy of smiling will light you and his life. This period is a time to strengthen the relationship between the baby and their parents. The amount of

added food from the beginning of the 1 - 2, after gradually increasing. Mainly to provide liquid and paste food. In order to provide Rice noodles, vegetables, fruit juice or mud (juice first, from the water and drink juice), then puree.

rice: at least until after the baby 1 years old, there is a family history of allergy baby egg yolk can be delayed until 6 months later. Doctors recommend starting with a simple rice flour to prevent allergies.

fruit: sour heavy fruit such as orange, lemon, kiwi fruit first do not give the baby to eat.

: vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, mashed beans, pumpkin.


, note the baby pillow children grow up to 4-5 months, cervical spine appeared ahead of physiological curvature. Therefore, in order to maintain sleep physiological bending, keep the head comfortable when available cotton towel folded or with the folding pad on the baby's head under the pillow for sleeping.

2, hip care

baby's small ass born is so delicate, thin cuticle, defense function is lower than the adult, so the nursing baby's buttocks must be particularly careful.

3, baby urine

baby daily urination interval, in general, It differs from man to man. just woke up, eating milk or water after 15 minutes, most have urine. After two consecutive times, the interval of some of the president, the law can be consciously aware of the urine. So continuous implementation of 15-30 days, you can develop habits, pay attention to the training time is not free to change.

4, baby "three bath"

use of natural conditions in the sunshine, water and air, the three bath "exercise the baby to persevere, not only can prevent disease, for the healthy growth of babies, and life is good.

5, suitable clothes

baby clothes to be comfortable, spacious, soft, safe, easy to wear off, strong water absorption, good air permeability, bright color, beautiful style. 5-6 month old baby, feel more sensitive, if not comfortable to wear, will cry. Thin clothes, will affect the growth and development of the baby clothes; not soft, will hurt the baby's tender skin.

" this month is likely to pick up the baby small things, but once the hands, will immediately put in the mouth. If a small button or accessories are pulled down by the baby, put in the mouth, it is very dangerous, the trachea foreign body endanger life. To the baby to choose clothes, safety first, baby clothes do not have buttons and small accessories.

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5 months baby development indicators, and their notes

5 months baby development indicators, and their notes