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Align= >药价放开配套政策缺失 部分药品断药


the beginning of the "withdrawal" has

some of Shanxi medical institutions, drug distribution enterprises reflect, at the beginning of this year, part of the clinical medication started off drugs, the situation did not improve until now.

, the reporter visited the Shanxi part of the hospital to understand, breaking the medicine varieties including ethacridine injection, Tripterygium wilfordii, Compound Aminopyrine Phenacetin Tablets, albumin injection, static C immunoglobulin, respectively for pregnancy, rheumatoid arthritis and kidney disease, fever and pain, first aid and immunodeficiency. When not long off drugs, some for half a year, some three months out of stock.

Shanxi, a drug distribution companies on the list of dynamic statistics for this year, the staff found that the continued increase in the number of broken drugs. A staff member told reporters that some varieties have been stopped to supply to the hospital, a lot of broken varieties, but did not disclose the specific amount.

some people reflect, broken medicine to the normal diagnosis and treatment inconvenience. Shanxi Jinzhong a patient in a hospital in Shanxi throughout the year to buy Alprazolam Tablets for taking a sedative, but nearly three months to the family several times to buy medicine, the hospital has stopped selling the drug, the specific reasons unclear. Shanxi, a top three hospital pharmacy department staff said that the drug is not only in the variety of children medication, there are adult medication, there is no shortage of basic medicine, otherwise the crowd reaction will be stronger than now.

supply "monopoly"

see signs of drug release at the beginning, had cited concerns about the possibility of monopoly, reflecting the situation from all parties, "supply monopoly" has emerged.

, a Shanxi industry took a drug injection (sodium thiosulfate) told reporters that the drug price is 6 yuan, the government provides dealers to hospital delivery price of 6 yuan, the price liberalization, manufacturers will be re packaging raw material supply price rose to 25 yuan underwriting, namely, manufacturers sell the drug dealer to 25 yuan. As a result, the dealer to the hospital supply price upside down, selling a box for a box, so simply do not, do not sell. The person said, many of the broken varieties belong to monopoly drugs".

, the relevant departments of Shanxi province many respondents believe that the price liberalization, simply withdrawing from China's pricing departments, provinces, basic medicare drug drug bidding is not clear, it is not clear whether to cancel, problem to provincial center of drug bidding, price liberalization policy can fall into the problem.

said one industry, one of the aims of national drug release is to solve medical kickbacks, but no drug pricing way clear exclusive medicine does not exist in the market competition. Production enterprises may not be adjusted by changing the drug composition high prices excluded, how regulation is not clear. In recent years, our country has formed the provincial drug production and sales, the national co-ordination should be timely follow-up.

called on all parties to "edge on the side pipe"

grassroots people, supporting policies involving multi sectoral policy, health and social sectors should take the lead, etc., introduced a way to promote the reform as soon as possible.

first, "drug release" implementation rules should be introduced as soon as possible. Shanxi provincial government recently issued a document for the next period of time to make clear the main points of medical reform, drug supply and security are also among them, causing the industry's attention. Relevant personage points out, the government issued document welcomed, but the specific catalogue of drugs, drug shortage need also be clear as soon as possible, otherwise the "withdrawal" phenomenon is difficult to eliminate.

then, drug release to have full control. Some industry insiders believe that the price of cost, circulation and use of such factors, only let cost link influence policy effect. Many hospitals in Shanxi are considered, the price after the release, management and use of drug follow up is essential, but how to reform, how to adjust the Medicare bidding, hope to clear as soon as possible.

Shanxi health official said, the government liberalized prices intention is to solve market problems by means of the market, from the current level of practical problems, if there is no complete system to do security, good intention to become a mere formality.

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