Oh my god! Facebook announced the death of Zuckerberg"

Facebook death Zuckerberg Chinese people

PingWestpinwan· 2016-11-12 07:53:04

do not quickly go to see his death is not dead?

in November 11, 2016, according to the information provided by the Facebook page, its CEO Zuckerberg has died.

in Zuckerberg's Facebook page, there is a word (a line of text is blue flowers next to):

" we hope that people can love Zuckerberg and I'm sorry for your loss, and we miss together and his Memorial life.

saw the news, I was too scared to close my mouth. However, I soon found that the need to be the memory of the absolute more than Zuckerberg a person, there are more people at the same time, "death"".

in the western United States around 12 points, Facebook announced the death of more people news. As Zuckerberg page, Facebook also gives them a marked "I'm sorry for your loss, cherish the memory of life" ". This is the Facebook to allow relatives Memorial Facebook account owner died the special set of hope, let the dead family and friends through the network to the memory of the deceased, share their lifetime happy fragment.

and the most terrible thing is that this thing Po to the people on the Internet or these dead people themselves. Finally understand what the zombie powder. Look at these "zombie" speech:

in the time I sent this message, it is obvious that Facebook think I have died. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" days! Caught a warm bug:Facebook suddenly declared the death of all users. We are all dead!!!!!!

Facebook" has just announced the death of me, I also took all Facebook users together dead! Class= img_box "

Marcello: who can help me, let me live over it?

John: you should say: kiss me, let me wake up. (this is a screenwriter Marysu … …

" obviously, yesterday is the end of the world. Someone must have forgotten to tell me!

" well, and the watch is not too great to eat melon "New York Times" in the masses, forwarded on event Facebook "death", said: I'm not dead? Class= img_box "

", however, more than ten minutes later, these people and collective unity of time again.

maybe you've guessed it, it's probably just a bug of Facebook. According to incomplete statistics, by more than half of the people involved, and the "death" is probably just random, and not what rules, or may not even Zuckerberg himself could not escape the robbery.

but no matter how the parties to contact the reporter how Facebook have not received any official response.

reporters also had to say:

well, Facebook employees may also be their system to determine the death of it!

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