A few photos let you choose Book MBP or new Surface

MBP surface photo listing

weifengwang· 2016-11-12 07:53:14

last month, Microsoft and apple basically in the same period of time released the latest PC similar products, while the enhanced version of the Book Surface, the other side is a new generation of Pro MacBook. From the release date, these two products are often compared to the outside world to get together, and even Microsoft itself also said at the press conference Book Surface speed up to two times the Pro MacBook. In fact, in the first Surface Book release, Microsoft also said so. Class= img_box "

" however, the actual situation is that consumers are not very high performance and high configuration of the account. The first generation Surface Book listed so far, its popularity and sales in PC products are not as good as MacBook Pro. Some analysis, the reason why the laptop can become a separate area from the desktop computer, mainly because of its portability. That is to say, portable is the first element of notebook computer. Compared to high performance, consumers tend to buy more portable and better products. Class= img_box "

recently released a new Book Surface MacBook and Pro contrast photos. To be honest, from the traditional PC user perspective, the appeal of Microsoft Book Surface is great, because it has a strong battery life, and also supports a lot of interface, performance is also very good. But when the two products are put together after a close comparison, you will find that Book Surface in the overall shape than Pro MacBook bulky.

" in the thickness of the fuselage, Mac Book Pro Surface Book only nearly half, but from the overall design style for MacBook Pro is simpler, and the shell material is more texture.

into the mobile era, a considerable part of consumers in the choice of smart phones are the "shape" on the first element. That is, even if your configuration to break the sky, but as long as you do not look good, I still do not have the desire to buy. After all, the phone is to be used in public in front of the device, consumers have this idea is not surprising. However, when you choose a notebook computer, will it also put them in the form of design as the main reference factor?

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