54 year old Rosamund Kwan appeared in the temple worship is very religious makeup

Rosamund Kwan temple makeup bow Angelababy

zhongqingyule· 2016-11-12 11:12:37


, according to Hongkong media reports, actress Rosamund Kwan was friends found in Liaoning Gushan Temple worship, the photo to see, was very cold weather, the temperature is 4 degrees below zero, Rosamund Kwan wore a white coat, a thick black trousers, wear sun mirror, with her mountain friends, only to find a man with personal protection, although very low-key, but still netizens discovered a commotion.

beautyi Rosamund Kwan met visitors with enthusiasm, should also require photo, was praised like beautiful figure is to make her happy. After taking photographs, Rosamund Kwan to buy Incense and worship, bought a higher than their big incense, Qinliqinwei, not Jiashoutaren, managed to keep the incense and incense on the fire, inserted at. After the

follow her instructions in front of the temple Taoist temple devotion worship, pray and finally to hand over Zuoyi, tie a red rope in her marriage tree on head Mobai, murmuring.

" it is reported that this temple for praying and seeking marriage is particularly effective, Huang Xiaoming will come here last year. This year, wife Angelababy became baby, this time to pray for Rosamund Kwan, not the old goddess in the end for what blessing. Some netizens said that the goddess is over 54 years old birthday, Yan value did not collapse, after all want one to rely on, whether children or for marriage, are all normal.

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