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wild area brush wild terrain S7 ignore male knife play wild demo report

S7 season will be landing in the next week in China, finally, we ushered in the vastly improved version of Assassin's hero, especially the assassin AD.

S7 in the preseason is approaching, we will launch a new version of the play the Raiders, please a lot of attention.

want to say today is male hero sword, in addition to conventional single play, also will be mainly for everyone introduced more suitable for new male knife jungler play.

S7 new male knife to become what appearance?

" in new and old male knife version of the biggest difference is the E skills, displacement ability past male knife depends very much on the old version of the E skills to cut , but the war continued ability is not strong, basically in the late game as a kamikaze mission, basically is cut to QWER each other with a deadly attack on the C, then a teammate harvesting head. The new version of

male knife cutting ability compared to the past no sudden so much, Q skills onrush orbit, can be on the fly from the halfway, higher male knife operation difficulty of , but the characteristics of E technology can greatly improve the tramp over mountains and through ravines all his shortcomings, with the wild the explosion of male cones, knife can even ignore the wall across the field in the GANK, as long as you understand the various male version of the use of the knife skills, he must give you a new feeling.


" skills believe that pay more attention to the male knife buddies must have more clear, we will start from the gameplay.

talent recommended Storm Rider, kill and escape ability, and the S6 season almost S7 preseason is still a far higher than the output of defense version, function more talent cornerstone is more suitable for the male knife. With a Storm Rider, the early stage can play a very strong, easy to escape the tower under the strong kill, is absolutely necessary for male knife.

as fierce talent, talent can attack or endurance, single male knife still needs compression, wild male knife needs stronger field endurance, so single male knife used as gifts.

" rune, armor is now AD assassin essential attributes, men do not need a knife attack speed, so the rune collocation is this: red armor (revised to wear protective armor, blue, yellow) or CD, the essence of magic resistance reduction AD.


points out is a very important point for the male knife, plus points is the main W vice Q, a university, but should pay attention to one thing, that is the 1 level to go out to learn Q!

first whether the playing field or in a single, 1 grade male Q knife skills output capability is much higher than that of W, Q in the melee crit, the spell can be reset when Pugong hit a small wave of outbreaks, and, in the use of Q skills when make a knife, but also for the male knife back to the blood and return half skill CD.

in order to fill the knife back to the blood of this one, grade 1 to learn Q.


out: play

in order to be able to corrosion liquid mixed to level 6, the use of corrosion potion builds male knife and in the past, there is no other choice. Three red out of the shortcomings of sword is too hurt, repair red and after home several times before, there is no corrosion with good medicine.

core equipment: CD + +, Matt shoes by

male knife in addition to the big move outside, not too close to each other by means of a hero, is the perfect remedy this defect.

main role, Matt is the male knife W skills in order to cooperate with the troops, as an assassin to waste time on up and development, with which Matt is two thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers of things, this is definitely worth 1200.

late God is to wear a fitted with a fully equipped with a department, the new night edge will be out.

jungler jungler

play in the play and the male knife line of thinking is very different, this I will say some of the details.

go out. Play wild knife and reuse potion, main reason is the male knife knife jungler AOE skills CD long, not frequent refresh play wild Necklace BUFF, choose to play wild single point breakthrough play a better knife.

" jungler route, go out to fight three Wolf - blue BUFF

S7 toad as preseason creeps strength changed, the most suitable way to open the wild male knife is from three wolf, after red BUFF for the call, and the other playing field staggered wild brush can also prevent other anti wild, after all male knife pre encounter wild strength is still relatively weak.

details: note Q to fill the last moment, can return a little blood. Another three wolves do not pay a punishment, to make the blue BUFF, three wolf output is not high, hard - no problem, but the blue BUFF with high volume, discipline plays fast.

finished after the other playing field if the toad anti wild ability can play the river crab, do not use skills, playing is a river crab blood return process, after the river crab, you will find that your life has been very healthy, can be a Gank or continue to side of the wild red BUFF empty area. Mid

equipment: steal wild knife +

new equipment, Matt steal wild knife is God like equipment for the male knife, the first time to buy a home directly, every steal other 1 creeps quite and get more than more than and 100 G, the speed of development to accelerate your. Hit the wild knife to upgrade to blue will not continue to synthesize, affect the growth rate.

also, stealing the wild knife in the upcoming upgrade can buy one, so after the serrated short dagger second knives, stealing the wild male knife can continue to steal things in upgrading upgrade, let the male knife development faster. As for

, Matt after stealing the wild knife first, enhance the wild brush speed let male knife play wild close without injury.

" stealing the wild male knife speed is quite fast, with which Matt is said to be a LOL hero playing field the fastest hero, he completely ignored me through the wild area obstacles, in the new version of E skills to help can let the other side junglers can not find the creeps.

steal wild details: stealing the wild when walking A, pay attention to the wild strange to you can turn a wall to steal wild speed, or when being the hero to find quickly over the wall to leave most of the playing field is no way to recover.

" for the late God installed to play wild male knife to sell Matt and black, cut in the late game, or at a later stage with greed to play a single band hydra can be .

" on Gank: new male knife gripping partition is very strong, and many teammates let them give you over the wall around after chance, this is very easy.

" of the blood did not remember to eat the fruit of peach river, 5 to almost half blood, who eats who know.

" field of explosion point to fruit on the wall to save E skills. Also, before going to Gank, don't figure come over the wall with E skills, keep the wall Gank after turn better, otherwise after the other anti squat to male knife is difficult to run away. When you

Gank Q the early stages of the game to play offensive skills, Gank the correct way is to walk close to each other and then Xiandiu W hero to force the other heroes walk, after he made a displacement can be quickly with Q skills. First, if you use Q skills could not catch.

AQA:1" can be finished within one second moment, go out of the fight when relying on this feature can dominate. After using the Q with the knife plus corrosive liquid can lay the advantage of the game.

" if the early advantage of larger, 3 level 2 W, and then throw a W in each other to relax, see section second immediately after the injury hit Q to flash ignition, below 60% HP each other in a single can set away, very hurt the explosion.

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