Mura Jibo, director of self inspection team 11 years to spend 180 thousand yuan

Jingmen a village director son

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" to buy 20000 yuan to buy the patrol patrol car, clothing, reflective vests, flashlight, 2600 yuan, 500 yuan to buy a walkie talkie … … "this is Li Tao one of the bills, detailed records since 2006, Ding Dian Cun patrol of the spending obligations Condition. 11 years, Li Tao has spent 180 thousand yuan for the patrol team.

Hubei Jingmen village security director self security guard for 11 years to spend 180 thousand yuan to set up


Li Tao is 40 years old this year, is the director of Ma Cheng Zhen Ding Dian Cun, Duodao District Public Security Hubei Jingmen City, is also the village patrol team responsible person, was the villagers called supernumerary police".

Li Tao formation of the patrol team, there is a story. One night in

2006, Li Tao slept in the room and heard the sound of a brick falling out of the house. "Is it a cat?" at first, Li Tao didn't care. Then, it is the sound of a voice seemed to have fallen bricks, people over the wall fell to the ground. "

is not good, a thief!" because the stolen two times, Li Tao heard the strange sound alert immediately. He jumped up from the bed, grabbed a shovel out of the house. In the dark, Li Tao saw four men have been on the motor and the mill to lift the car. Li Tao shouted, picked up a shovel ready to fight. The four men were suddenly frightened, three people fled dispersed, a man jumped in the car, ready to drive away the Huangbuzelu, drove the car to the roadside ditch, could not move. Li Tao put driving man seized, seized and turned over to the police. Upon inquiry, the police learned that the four thieves were originally intended to steal Li Tao's pig, but because the drug does not eat pig. Stealing pigs can not start a thief, but do not want to run empty, so instead intends to Li Tao home of the motor and the mill to steal.

theft incident, Li Tao in mind, if the village can set up a patrol team often patrol, the thief did not dare to come. His ideas were supported by the police station and the village of ma. Soon the police station to help Li Tao set up a security patrol team, and sent a strong quality of the police training patrol guard.

guard after the formation, in order to facilitate the work of Li Tao, out of pocket for camouflage uniforms, walkie talkie, reflective vests, stab, multifunctional belt and other equipment for the players. He later purchased a patrol car, spent 20 thousand yuan in the village built two security checkpoints, the installation of video monitoring system. "Ding Dian Cun, Duodao district is the first to install video surveillance system of the village. Li Tao said.

Li Tao, the family was not well-off, in order to raise funds, he opened a shop to buy agricultural subsidies for household and patrol equipment. In the face of his family, Li Tao comfort, said: I do not smoke, do not play cards, is to take advantage of the young to do something more than two. "

Hubei Jingmen village security director self security guard for 11 years to spend 180 thousand yuan of public security

good helper" in rural police station, far away, the police often have to face a long time, the scene is difficult to control the problem, the public security organs in the village has a reliable assistant to help Li Tao, and his guard is we are a good helper. Ma Town police station director Zhang Hua said.

during the year to focus on the time period of the duty to patrol the night patrol is the main industry.

midnight patrol is mainly car patrol or infantry patrol, go from village to village into each bay and farmers, there are security risks found, put forward rectification publicity security knowledge to the villagers, the villagers to improve fire security awareness of fraud prevention. At night, the scouts in the security checkpoints and months of waiting, suspicious vehicles and personnel of the import Ding Dian Cun inventory, timely report the problems which found in the police station. In addition to routine patrols, patrol will according to the warning information and events surrounding local police station to provide targeted patrol. As Ma Cheng Zhen Ding Dian Cun the distance is far, the guard became a supernumerary "110", people encounter difficulties and dangers, the guard always rushed in front of the first time.

in April 17th this year in the evening, the villagers to reflect Li Tao, who drove a silver car, holding a gun shot the bird at the junction with the kylin Ding Dian Cun village, Ding village vehicle are coming. After receiving the report, Li Tao with a patrol team riding a motorcycle to the treatment in four groups found the car Ding Dian cun. After the driver saw the patrol team began reversing ready to escape, Li Tao immediately and another patrol team approached the car forced to stop. In the driver's seat on the car Li Tao found a gas rifle, and then the gun to the police station to deal with.

7 19 afternoon, by the continuous heavy rainfall, Ding Dian village north of grandma wa Da Yan water surge, has begun to flood discharge port, diffuse dike danger. Li Tao and guard received a rescue command immediately after collection, an emergency procurement tarpaulin and woven bags, hand cut pile and nearby dam on the barrier, preparing for laying tarpaulin. Half an hour later, the material to buy back, Li Tao led everyone immediately to rescue, after a long time efforts to remove the danger.

Hubei Jingmen village security director self security guard for 11 years to spend 180 thousand yuan

more secure life

mediate neighborhood disputes, but also help poor people Li Tao and guard the important work.

in March 26th this year, nine groups of villagers Li Tao Zhou Moumou to report that their relatives of the tomb is the construction project team digging out. Li Tao rushed to the scene, saw the site on the edge of a part of most grave has been dug out, leaving only a small mound. Families emotional for the construction team will find the bones, or to the construction. The construction team, the view that this is not the tomb, there are people deliberately make trouble. Both sides of confrontation, "war" triggered at any moment. Li Tao parties to the parties about the side, to give them a drop of cooling, and then patiently to do the ideological work of the two sides. After more than two hours of mediation, the two sides reached a settlement.

8 17 afternoon, patrol police station of Macheng received a telephone, there was an old man in the harbour Shen Ji Zhen Village a group of roadside fainted, awake after the old man told people he is Ding Dian village alarm. According to the old man with the name and address, Li Tao can be sure he is not Ding Dian village, but the old man can say Ding Dian Cun, may be and what is the relationship between Ding Dian cun. Li Tao immediately rushed to the scene and found the old man was not Ding Dian village, but the old man's son keep ducks in a rainforest reservoir group of Ding village. So Li Tao will help the old man on the patrol car, back to the village Ding one family reunion.

, according to incomplete statistics, 11 years, Li Tao and his patrol patrol duty more than 700 times, mediation of civil disputes since more than and 210, more than 70 kinds of illegal workers arrested, seized 8 imitation guns and gunpowder gun, with the police and arrested 2 fugitives online, to assist the public security organs to stop action more than 30 times. Groups of 5 events, rescued more than 20 people.

in Li Tao and patrol efforts, in 11 years, Ding Dian Cun has not occurred in the criminal case, the petty thief basically disappeared. Today, the patrol team from the original 7 people to 20 people, the villagers have to guard against players as their own family. Summer night, the villagers greeted the scouts to tea at home; winter night, the villagers greeted the patrol team home fire. Villager Li Chunyu said: "since the obligation to guard the village security situation is better, grain, rapeseed and other lost outside nobody dare to steal, we live very comfortable, very practical. "Class=

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