After the double 11, Plus iPhone7 is still not good to buy

Apple not good after the straight camp shop

ITzhijia· 2016-11-13 07:03:39

IT home news November 12th news, double 11 period, a lot of mobile phone sales, including iPhone7 also have a certain discount in the electricity supplier channels, but Apple iPhone7 Plus prices are still, or even increase sales. After the double 11, IT home survey Plus iPhone7 in Apple's official website, the results show that the results are still not very good to buy.

at present, Apple's official website Plus iPhone7 delivery time is still to 3-4 weeks, if the major cities in Apple stores make an appointment to buy, you have to touch some luck. Currently, the residents living in Shanghai have the advantage, Shanghai universal iapm and Pudong Shanghai shop currently Plus iPhone7 stocking more adequate, in addition to bright black, other colors have an optional version of the basic. In most stores, Plus iPhone7 is only rose gold version 32GB or 128GB version of the optional.

online currently Plus iPhone7 is still in the stage of the sale price, increase 200-400 range, but the price is on the spot, do not have to wait. Class= img_box "

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