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Double eleven free steam PlayStation

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today is the double eleven, you have to cut a lot of stuff? Love to buy QQ group but the morning to buy a variety of special brush brush to two or three points......

for the love also love to buy "this column, and a special day:

"a year ago love to buy first

it has been a year, this small program has also been a lot of readers. Here to supporters say: thank you for your continued support, thank you!

SONY double eleven activities before

we have also introduced SONY's double eleven activities, most of the current product is still on sale.

the main nature is dual 11 limit set, the 500G version of the standard thin version of PS4, gave "Ricky and dingdong" digital version, 3 month PS Plus members and 1 additional new type handle! Price 2299 yuan, the price is outstanding.

" on the 500G hard disk still feel small words, you can select the 1T version of the listing to commemorate the suit, but also the game and membership gift, but no additional handle, the price of 2399 yuan, the price is also good. As for the supply of PlayStation

VR, is still unable to ensure adequate supply, the panic buying situation, did not grab the first two words can focus on today at 22 p.m. third panic buying.

game, the country is currently a lot of games are 99 or 149 good price, the entity can also play in other versions of the PS4, there is an interest in their own choice.

" on the other hand, new accessories also have full shelves, including three new handle, with PSVR camera and PS Move, two eleven red envelopes can also be the case again.

a portion of the goods" shelves in Jingdong is the price, such as the host set, you can also use the 1000-80 like the whole category of coupons, can be cheaper.

portal: Microsoft


Microsoft dual activities dual eleven activities before we also introduced, for example, a 99 year Office365, last night early Tmall server also had long time to use coupons, but two hours later, finally buy into...... Class= img_box "

" Office365 has been robbed of the next frame, but other aspects or have some good price.

, for example, as the handle is currently the most expensive is the best for the eleven special offer to 849 yuan, 250 yuan lower than the price of 20 yuan, you can also use the double eleven shopping coupons, coupons in the home draw to it can be lower, close to a few days before the 799 record low. Class=

" feel that the elite handle is too expensive? Today is also special to 199 yuan, attention is not the first version of the 3.5mm headset interface. Class=

want to use the handle on the PC? You need a wireless adapter official, currently Microsoft flagship store price of 139 yuan, but have been sold off the shelf. If there is a need to consider the case of the Jingdong's official flagship store to buy, set price of 359 yuan, the total price of the 300-20 can be used to do 339 of the good price.

3" dust free

recently without what good charity package, but today it is Humblebundle sent a free game: "dust" (3 complete version of DiRT 3 Complete Edition) free of charge! Pay attention to the event time is only one day more.

" to receive the way is also very simple, click the "Check Out", according to the prompt and associated Steam account login.

" then return to this page and click on the "Check Out", according to the prompt to the shopping cart checkout. If you encounter tips IP to receive a number of restrictions or the like (such as Internet cafes or company network), you can switch to 4G network access and billing can be.

0 yuan to buy success will receive mail, click on the email address, in the display page and click on the "Redeem On Steam" can show the game code.

" to choose the game in the Steam activation products on Steam, follow the prompts to successfully activate the product, of course, small is the usual "you already have the game"...... But it doesn't matter, the code can also give other people well! (

iPhone7" 128G

iPhone7 is the new year special offer Apple mobile phone, we should be very familiar with, although the appearance looks more is the biggest difference between the black / black and bright without headset interface...... At present, the Jingdong

128G version priced at 5888, for the use of commodity page or client coupons at 5000-500 coupons, as low as 5388 yuan, compared to the official website of the 6188 yuan price to be a lot lower, this year's iPhone diving is very fast.

" - the same price, can choose iPhone7, Plus can also use coupons, 128G coupons after version 6888, than the official price of 300 yuan lower.

Logitech MASTER MX wireless mouse

Jingdong has a lot of mouse good price, such as 299 yuan G502RGB, 769 yuan G900 and so on, but the current price has basically been or no goods.

's MX MASTER is still a good price, this is Logitech's new flagship office mouse, Bluetooth activer dual-mode wireless, battery life up to 40 days, at the same time and 3 computer matching and easily switch.

" with an unbounded laser sensor, even in the surface of the glass can be used normally, the side button also changed the office more thumb roller, ergonomic design also allows users to feel comfortable right.

Jingdong currently offer to 499 yuan, together with a single use of 500-30 coupons, as low as 470 yuan, there are 500-50Plus coupons can be more than 450 of the historical low.

wants to see the content to the discount? At any time access to the original evaluation and experience? Welcome to download to APP, or attention.

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