One outstanding fabulously rich trump is how to teach children

The child Trump wealthy family

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is the most popular in the United States presidential candidate Trump eighth times to upgrade when Grandpa, his beautiful daughter Ivanka 9 months pregnant at the time for a Trump, a state of campaign ↓ ↓ meishiren.

baby with meishiren, early in the morning was photographed with handsome husband in hand to go out to eat breakfast, and then turned to holding the son of ↓ ↓ the maternal heart is big enough.

" is more ambitious ambition, announced to son named Theodore James Kushner, Theodore ·, James · Roosevelt; Madison, the two president of the United States are great in history, with what their names? The White House of the heart is obvious. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" this is not what, this family has always been such a fight. Don't look at the East and West have been laughed at Trump was a rough, but he really has a domestic baby, a generation of more rich early, now come up with President ~

Trump is slightly famous real estate tycoon, a net worth of $8 billion 700 million, with 3 former supermodel wife he group gave birth to 5 children, a group of rich kids never burst wild behavior and scandal, also all outstanding achievement, become talents. Ivanka

· Trump is one of the most cattle, not only to help my father to do real estate, also own brand, Forbes rated she was the richest 80 female billionaires. The female billionaires do executives also kept the children, the students are third ↓ &darr

". Her younger brother Eric · Trump, also taller than the father. ↓ ↓ outstanding graduates of Georgetown University, executive vice President Trump group ten years ago to establish their own charitable foundation, dedicated to help treat children.

Trump second wife's daughter Tiffany Trump, more than and 20 years old, while as a model on the side to help her sister Ivanka business fashion brand ↓ &darr

; but Trump out of the domestic and foreign policy too go astray, no decent, or look at his family why children never go astray.

first his grandpa Trump restaurant, earned some money, from the German immigrants in the United States, completed a springboard for.

just stand firm, the second generation will carry forward, Trump's father Fred · Trump; 20 year old head of a real estate company, specializing in Queens and Brook in a middle-class family housing, a good time to catch up after World War II economic development, become millionaires & DARR; &darr

" to Trump is the third generation, born by his father sent a sentence: "you will become a leader". The ambition of this family is to grow from a young age... In order to go beyond his father, Trump vowed to rise head and shoulders above others.

" Trump's life is in good condition, Queens black, Hispanic and Asian mixed areas, but his father to build a house to make these groups of foreign money, white affluent exclusive live Jamaica villa area, the environment elegant, with the outside world isolation. Home has 23 rooms, 9 bathrooms.

Trump read private school, the results are very good, dare to do anything. His dad had severe, his boyhood sweating been sent to the newspaper, when school is sent to the New York military academy training, received the rank of captain ↓ &darr

; develop hard-working character.

" this Curve Wrecker into the prestigious Walton School of business, while the real estate professional side to help dad to do business, graduation, had already earned $200 thousand (equivalent to $1 million today!) Obviously can be a successor, but his father also does not allow him to take over the family business, not to his own first to break the world, to $one million start-up capital.

have the guts and money, Trump first step into his father never dare to enter Manhattan to do business. The next thing is this bold boss is like a roller coaster in recent years made tens of millions of dollars, a few years of bankruptcy. In his business history, at least four times of bankruptcy.

bankruptcy count what, how bold, how much production. Every time he wanted to stage a comeback to bankruptcy, Trump later said a word: many of my friends went bankrupt, they have never seen. But fortunately, I did not choose their way. Because the most common characteristic that I see in the successful people is that they never give up.

" in his family for 30 years manager Anthony · Senekal told the New York Times that admire the most is not anything else, Trump only sleep 4 hours a day, before dawn will get up, after reading the newspaper after the play, and then start the day work.

so hard, his father made a Trone poubi more, become one billion billionaires, the name to the Transamerica building on ↓ ↓

inherited the mother Ivanka beauty, wealth inheritance with dad. A luxury yacht, and a super luxury villa with 140 rooms, wearing all the famous brand ↓ ↓ 7 years old with the first diamond. Class= img_box "

" is a typical rich daughter, living and learning conditions are a great. From primary school skating and baseball, with their parents attended social occasions ↓ ↓ primary school on Manhattan's most famous private school Chapin school middle school, also on the 120 year history of the boarding school Rosemary Hall.

" also played very offbeat, in a lot of girls still the envy of Bobbi doll age, small excavator control Lolita Ivanka ↓ &darr

" the only problem is her father continued his nouveau riche growth that a very strict with their children.

Trump is prohibited children smoking and drinking and drugs, but also focus on children to work to earn money, he only provide living and educational expenses, even telephone bills to pay their children. Ivanka later told the media: "I have to go to make money, because in addition to tuition fees, I have to pay all other expenses. "

"at the age of 6 she began to learn to learn their own financial stocks, high school is a part-time job as a model. Genetic model of the mother's genes, the big miss height 1 M 8, 32D, good enough to not.

" Ivanka found a part-time job in the elite model of Q Management Inc, the company's many supermodel, her modeling career won great, often on the "Elle" magazine and "charm" page, also became a "17 year old" the cover of a magazine.

" to have such a good career supermodel in hand, Ivanka who can adhere to Curve Wrecker industry. She read for two years at the Georgetown University, with dad to the elite footprint Walton School of Business Economics undergraduate, graduate is excellent.

like Trump, Ivanka after graduating from university has not been able to enter the family business, or go into the world. She first went to the city of Forest partnership, to understand the real estate all aspects of the story, and jumped to another Diamond Corp to promote jewelry brand, which gave her own brand has accumulated experience in operations.

" Trump is very fancy to the dedication of the daughter, when she was 24 years old, he was admitted to the Trump group, he is vice president, responsible for major projects, such as cooperation with the United States government in Washington D.C. the old post office renovation, the project competition the subject of intense, up to $two hundred million, she successfully won.

questioned her about her true ability in the end, Ivanka replied: "if I do well, dad will fire me. "In order to investigate the hotel industry competitors, she flew all over the country every day, open business meetings, the favorite topic is not famous brand clothes and bags, business opportunities or read the new book. As a former supermodel, be in full swing work also have come model frame camera ↓ ↓

" than her two brothers more places, in addition to the father when executives, also own company, design your own Ivanka Trump fashion brand, this series with anything, a jewelry store on Madison Avenue; there are shoes, clothes, perfume, bags, coat sunglasses, even fast-food products are all sold. This is her as a model for AD, save a large sum of money ↓ ↓

"than her father's generation, Ivanka and extended family wealth. Her brand from the head to the feet of women, have earned the money, the hands of the right to inherit 2 billion 100 million dollars, Forbes, she is the world's most wealthy after 80 women.

" life never goes awry. She is a former supermodel, had never uttered scandal in the entertainment world for, never late night party after getting drunk. Someone took her with another big daughter Paris · Hilton, Paris frequented nightclubs, Ivanka very disdain: than she is, I spent in the office.

she was not married, was once the national idol of the American youth, Trump was a national father...

the woman was 28 years old married, the man is with her 10 Fen as rich three generations, Jared · Kushner, than she was only one year old, young and handsome, his father is a real estate tycoon. She side pipe company gave birth to 3 children, often with their own baby ↓ ↓

she also admitted that his life is her home run for the Trump family, why can the younger generation is strong to say is this:

our culture is to do things to have a purpose, to a maximum score.

my father works very bold, so can create large companies, I spent a long time to observe how he worked, and then I built his own company.

as a good leader, if you see my father how to inspire employees' morale, you will be driven up.

focus is to adhere to: nothing in the world can be replaced by adhering to. No talent, those examples of talented person can't be successful too common; talent not, "no return" talent quickly into a proverb; not only education, the world is full of educated people who fail. But as long as you stick to it, you can't do anything.

" the rich daughter young beauty, many people envy her happiness, is waiting for her lifetime to squander end heritage, but she didn't have a princess disease, has also earned a lot of money... The wealthy family values might be a little road. Money is not the sole purpose of

life, is not the richest man in this world is great, but if you can from behind the glamorous, see how others out of their own way, this is enough. Class= img_box "

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One outstanding fabulously rich trump is how to teach children

One outstanding fabulously rich trump is how to teach children