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wangyiyouxi· 2016-11-13 12:55:45

" by NEOTV Celestial reflect the cultural network, sponsored by the NetEase authorized by Blizzard hearthstone NSL international masters the group phase of the third round of the second days in November 12th ushered in two games. The first game, Zhang Bo with a score of 9-4 and Breath over second games, chicken with a 9-6 win over Thijs victory. After the first day of the third yesterday after the game, mechanical method, mechanical SA, dragon card group and appeared so many viewers are hooked. At the same time compared to a few days ago a total of seven or eight hours of anxious battle, the pace of the game today is more lively, the players also played very decisive, can be said that the last match of the day when the length of the shortest day, mystery hunt more chicken last staged the blockbuster 6 kill comeback. The third round of third games will be on the afternoon of November 13th 16 started, the first battle is green collision between xixo and AI, the second is the fierce confrontation Kolento and Jasonzhou, the third round of the tournament will end, you do not miss oh.

let's review the wonderful game:

1: Breath- Zhang Bo

Zhang Bo and Breath of war can be from 15 through to 16 years, 15 years into the pit in a lot of game player human sea, the deepest impression is probably Breath and Zhang Bo in the big game of love kill, Breath and Zhang Bo confrontation record can be said to be a win lose less, is not ideal, then this can break the Breath showdown was once dominated by Zhang Bo fear, break the curse? This makes today's first game is full of suspense and suspense. The first game

: Breath bounce de

in the battle of Bolong Zhang Bang machinery package harvester and other followers, in the small German station ability is stronger, Breath chose to use his first bounce, hit the Zhang Bo dragon war, after the activation of violet Djokovic, Zhang Bo is also a very decisive surrender beheaded, did not give students a chance to Breath, both of you come to me after exchange, Zhang Bo also fully demonstrated a senior dragon road experience, in the solution of brand constantly Djokovic always control the scene, until the small German 8 fee to draw Bang shoot, dragon war and solution away. In two consecutive rounds to get stable quality creatures, Zhang Bo is a decisive hit GG, Breath before the next process leading 1:0.

second: Breath bounce de Zhang Bo zoo

Zhang Bo chose to catch a small German zoo, because the old rivals, Breath is very confident of himself to Zhang Bo's guess, is not the universe zoo operation, 1 strong coin activation fee violet, then the roots spread the field, always occupy the scene, warlock card hand, pulled out a 5 fee out of big brother silver Golem reluctantly took Fei Xiaode on time 7 encore, bang bang, warlock hand off and polishing pressure, 8 double sweep fee Xiaode light, the warlock only 11 blood, but no hands I want to spread the field to pumping, pumping into the flames and imp voidwalkers, a small German brand in the face, Zhang Bo also know there is no chance, decisive shot Breath, GG little Germany and then the next board, 2:0 lead.

third: Breath bounce Germany - Zhang Bo Zhang Bo choose to use

, medium to small German sniper shaman, Breath hand is still good, the growth of violet forced away tianshic shaman to solve, although not born a small German violet, but hold the early pace, but the small German 8 Feigen to force of the wild jungle soul. Zhang Bo in the face of all biological deathwhisper choose to put up a round, using the method of strong vortex with the clippers, the small German two round scenes all light, Djokovic in smoke 1 hit 1 position, after two rounds of pumping mud ghost activation, the shaman field is more and more big, although the small German root rot harvester shaman out end Qingdiao shaman wave field, but now only 7 small German blood did not hand in one hand, shaman followers, Breath also played decisive GG Zhang Bo, a board, the score to 1:2 .

fourth: Breath dragon Zhang Bo SA

Breath medium speed operation for a set of dragon Shulai with medium speed SA, but Zhang Bo shaman hands day Hu, tianshic totem Golem, together with a Qianglian claws spell, but no Warlock to draw AOE, facing the Shaman's scene also solution does not out, after being photographed 436 hex, instantly beheaded by a shaman shaman into line, T6 beheaded, Zhang Bo shaman the next process, the score to 2:2.

fifth: Breath ring - Zhang Bo medium

Breath, animal husbandry, animal husbandry resorted to ring, the card hand under the condition of the shaman, Zhang Bo in the form of case does not confirm the priest, directly off the juggernaut and hex decisive Auchenai, Breath also did not begrudge the solution card directly buried 655, then Breath with warlock burning wave. The bomb off wave after wave of Shaman thunderbluff, Zhang Bo into Breath Yan warlock bomb, also choose tianshic double wolf soul directly took the face, the priest nabbed a number of blood, blood Breath lift, Holy Nova nor clean wolf soul, Zhang Bo was eventually beheaded, Zhang Bo, to complete the triple play speed the score is 3, 2.

sixth: Breath fire demon Zhang Bo - medium SA

Breath choose to battle magic fire speed SA, pre swap low fee card, a smooth transition, then the shaman harvester 655 pace, rely on the portal to the master and 556 spell solutions, 6 shaman Faye Barnes Pu field, master choose hardtop bang bang, Zhang Bo very decisive bloodthirsty wave + claws go face to master, hit 4 in the blood, with claws under the condition of fire lightning bolt can kill the master, and master at least another two rounds to kill shaman, Zhang Bo decisively bloodthirsty blood to help him grab an opportunity to fight, finally God draw lightning bolt beheaded, Zhang Bo the next process, the score to 4:2.

seventh: Breath - Zhang Bo Sa Sa

Breath medium speed In the continuous medium, Zhang Bo did not catch the situation, choose to play the shaman civil war, but Zhang Bo again day Hu hands, tianshic double magic like claws behind everything, is continuously pumped to two harvesters, but mid Breath lightning storm wave were cleared away, first, in the Breath scene of the case, Zhang Bo did not if only the hardtop spell, bang bang, Thunder Bluff was called a Breath incentive to kill, finally terminating Zhang Bo speed SA, moved back to score 3; 4.

eighth: Breath medium - Zhang Bo

Zhang Bo, the mechanical method selection of mechanical method to deal with Breath, but not the mechanical method of Hu Hu and the shaman. After exchange and accounted for less than what is cheap, 7 master fee after being photographed bang bang, shaman + lightning storm flames combine all clearance mechanical method in the early successful encore, not accounted for Any cheap, late followers and Shaman quality is difficult to compete, after Zhang Bo after breaking off without Breath harvester is the end of that hopeless comeback, decisive GG, Breath to tie the score 4:4.

ninth: Breath - Zhang Bolong

Zhang Bo and the speed, with the Dragon Mulai with medium speed SA Northshire, together with the help of Enze. At the same time with Tianshi, was found to occupy 436 of the total Breath scene, shake out injured, resulting in weapons out of solution followers, their biological Pastor biological eat change, in order to understand the biological method originally priest can solve all injured paw lightning bolt + silver + hand, the rider can hand, Nefarian and priests found is the capacity of the latter kept fighting, 9 Breath all in fee, 10 fee to eat a holy nova, regardless of quality or after the scene would not have a chance, played a decisive GG, Zhang Bo once again leading 5:4.

tenth: Breath -

Breath and Zhang Bolong miracle thief with miracle thieves to deal with long grazing, almost sink to the bottom of the Gadgetzan case, and the priest played after exchange, finally out of the priest big cousin, Breath play GG, leading 6:4 Zhang Bo.

eleventh: Breath Nzos - Zhang Bolong

Breath and anti war anti war on Nzos, North County pastor early double pressure field, but soldiers no small axe, can only look at the presence of Northshire, but not to have beheaded Northshire, double card North County pastor, what became of the warrior priest can live a 5 cards, a priest fee up to 4 star card, a card the terrible is hard to imagine, has been full of hand warrior priests, to completely abandon the priest tube card, hang up to a scuffle hope to eat more things, pastor 7 charges up to 13 blood only hand over the scuffle, directly put a priest Bang, was beheaded Ghoul off after his soldiers continue to shoot, gradually used up in the solution card, hand did not prevent the roar of blood Rev. 6 blood fill knife, pastor Charizard + method After star Zhang Bolong and beheaded, and then the next process, leading 7:4.

twelfth: Breath -

Breath and Zhang Bolong hunt Shatuo choice but the Shatuo hunting, hunting together Shatuo is poor, double Kewadierka in hand, let the back to the Shatuo looked so embarrassed, early priest and Enze hold on milk after scene, 5 fee all in wave of the hunter, help out of the North County Pastor Shatuo. The ideal priest came to Northshire behind the wall brush card, Hunter 6 lions eat a fee out, see the presence of double North County pastor, also knew that he was unable to comeback, Breath GG and Zhang Bolong got four decisive, kill, the score to 8:4.

thirteenth: Breath

- Zhang Bolong Buddha riding animal husbandry at this time Zhang Bo mastered 5 match points, Breath only the Buddha ride, Zhang Bo hands double Northshire 436 shot by Fischer. Strange, but the Buddha and his 3 ride here Mystery two Buddha, no pre occupied scene, 5 charges on the field 3 strange when eating a priest nova, priest clearance card + A, a card, 6 Knight fees only crustily the top two Buddha, just hang a mystery, the priest easy off, Knight 7 fee the next Buddha, no matter the priest took the face directly to the Cavaliers to 3 blood, was offered the solution after the double Bang discouraging Dragon Knight, and 5 killed, Zhang Bo to score 9:4 victory.

" in the 13 game, both sides played although fast, but very few mistakes, Zhang Bo and Breath presented a battle of the highest level for us. As Zhang Bo said after the game, in fact, today's Breath card games really bad, or the outcome is unknown, whether the soldiers to fight pastor has not seen a small axe, or hit the turn shaman priest at least 6 times totem has never been hurt on a totem, if the result is not the same, behind may not the same, for Breath regret, also let us take a look at the present situation of A group, A group at Breath points is still 0 points, but fortunately the first RDU team lost yesterday, let A group situation is still chaotic situation, through the fast changing, hope Breath after two rounds can have very good play, steady scored two points to qualify, after all, after two rounds of both wild mode, or are good at Breath system to conquer, looking forward to his wild belief in ice, Belief in the use of the signature card group, such as slavery.

second: chicken -Thijs

B group present integral minimum weak chicken and the highest score in the Third Prince Prince at the carnival although accidentaly across, poor performance, but the popularity of bujianfanzeng, and chicken with weak central Europe is also a way to play well this game have gas, two people on the Internet prediction is showing a trend called well-matched in strength, the focus of the war. At the same time if this prince can win a qualifying seats, can advance to lock the B group, but if not, then the B group A group will qualify the situation as in general anxiety, let the line is full of suspense, so let the game attracted a lot of attention. The first

: chicken -Thijs

Zoo Mystery hunt chicken first hit the prince's Secret zoo hunting, Hunter 3 fee on Time Prince Huntress + hanging mystery, weak chicken is seasoned with 11 broken sniper, but double silver Golem card hand zoo did not occupy the middle scenes by hunter 7 charges a bang bang moment to snatch the scene, although the smoke to brother rushed out, but for family 77 and could not win, chicken can choose to go face, hunter was pumped to the eagle bow, chicken -Thijs Zoo Mystery bow hunting, killing weapon. Prince 1:0 lead.

second: weak mechanical method -Thijs

chicken chicken on the mystery hunt mechanical method to battle the mystery hunt, two mystery hunters guardians were under pressure to master plotosaurus not willing to, after the weak chicken portal out of death, 69 splash damage can be said to be a hunter's nightmare, mage + transition occupy noisy scene, and off the hunter looked at the noisy solution transition, mage 4 charges took a hand after death, the prince saw death shot is really tears, after the transition is the presence of mechanical method his entourage filmed, decisive Hunter GG, chicken equaliser came to 1:1.

third: chicken -Thijs

mechanical method with the Dragon Prince dragon and Mulai sniper mechanical method, the presence of Prince double North County, weak chicken plotosaurus presence, Frostbolt solution 23, eating empty let plotosaurus into coins 3, eat a Northshire, let another Northshire prince became very embarrassed, and then with 4 charges laid a large number of mechanical transition, up to 7 priests took the fee of ice roar wave field, but the master family solutions still take the initiative to take after the bang, the priest was on top of bang bang chicken God pumping fireball directly kill chicken mechanical method before the next board, the score to 2:1.

fourth: mechanical method -Thijs

chicken against the zoo zoo Prince resorted to the mechanical method, the master portal a craftsman town technician, technician two 4 fee harvester + 4 attack entourage station, behind the magic shoot, but choose imp + brother out of the zoo, with mechanical than the frequency of attacks, a big brother to ease the mechanical zoo rhythm, tear light mechanical card, master Anthony up is off, the chicken is also weak self-knowledge powerless decisive play GG, Prince 2:2 pulled the game.

fifth: Chicken face mechanical SA -Thijs zoo

chicken selection machinery SA to battle the zoo, zoo in the first field under the condition of 13 imp, fear of wolf shaman followers, soul fire do not lose off card pre shaman creature in the shaman creature, a little early failed to grab the Warlock's blood it is all free, and face, warlock, only with a AOE, and has taken decisive shot GG, Prince 3:2 counter ultra score.

sixth: Chicken dragon -Thijs zoo

chicken selection dragon War confrontation zoo, 11 hands toothpick 2 fee 33 charge 3 fee monkey dragon perfect rhythm, and two axes hands is the zoo's enemy of life, can not find the soul of firepower generation zoo solution off riots. By the 10 attack riot kicked in the warlock face, warlock was hit only 9 home blood, blasting play riots also played only 2, then the dragon and subsequent round face go down to 1, the warlock blood, not light scene case, warlock GG, chicken 3:3 again tied the score.

seventh: Chicken dragon prince riding

-Thijs medium speed medium speed ride to choose battle of the dragon war, pre war gruer dragon with small harvester and harvester fall out of the Cavaliers very hard, and got only 14 of the blood, but the knight life Quartermaster successful encore, dragon knight to hit only 7 blood 8, the direct costs of the screw, a screw can not shoot, hit, eat after the Polish Knight screw screw, screw and light warriors at present on the folding away, but also that won't get another chance, a struggle after Knight shop field killed Prince 4:3 lead again.

eighth: medium weak chicken -Thijs medium speed ride

weak and dirty chicken with priest to catch the prince riding, the two sides exchanged early followers, but weak chicken priest has yet to check, in the scene has been opened Knight exchange the card when the priest, knight took flying Golem and unable to handle, chose to bury, but after the folding there is no way to deal with buff and other top combine Fordring replaced, get the Ashbringer knight with light priest entourage entourage, the priest did not pull the narrow white Formica harvester can cause distress to the Knight, the knight Quartermaster set after all go to 8 blood pressure face, the priest, the next round of weapons, Avenging Wrath + dedication beheaded, Prince 5; 3. First.

ninth: Chicken thief miracle -Thijs medium speed ride

chicken choice miracle thief to sniper medium speed ride, the prince in the hands with double screw card hand under the condition of large pumping on God sword, harvesters and other grab early scenes, thieves 6 charges Gadgetzan open on time but did not have to brush, knife fan and hide, Prince off Gadgetzan, pat the most troublesome thief bang bang, after successive press on the two screws, finally, choose to dedicate life with dedication, successfully beheaded, Prince of the medium speed ride the next process, leading 6:3.

tenth: Chicken mystery Hunter -Thijs

weak selection medium speed ride to the mystery hunt chicken resorted to sniping, secret Guardian shield was the other hand robot + mobilization off after a moment, Baneisila lion hunter to help restore the situation, the prince guess the mystery guess wrong, chased by female sniper, the first moment of open to hunters, hunters hang a sniper, then eat the woman chased two sniper, grasp the rhythm of the mid Hunter hands, 8 fee to Knight hit 2 blood knight hands and no milk, GG, chicken to move back to the score 4:6.

eleventh: Chicken mystery Hunt -Thijs fire demon prince

mechanical method selection method against the mysteries of mechanical fire demon hunting, but in the hands of the hands double fire demon mage and not a spell, suddenly seemed more embarrassed, the fire demon can only be used to sell, after this was frozen in 4 fee harvester back hardtop FEL hunter, firepower to grab but the presence of a bear hunter pig + round to grab a large number of blood and blood mage, hunter is still healthy, killing in hand, finally draw fast shot, hurt burst table, Hunter T7 take mechanical method, then move a chicken 5:6.

twelfth: Chicken mystery Hunter -Thijs SA

medium the prince decided to use the version of Tiger Balm shaman against mystery hunt, Prince hands double tianshic + Golem, but the 2 fee is free secret tianshic flames guardian, turned into a two 13 master station, chicken God pumping Huntress. Hang on the mystery of mysteries, guardian of free fall tianshic, shaman open wolf soul triggered leopard trap, shaman has been completely hunter's mystery rhythm stunned, hunters don't tube scenes, all go directly to the face, the 6 round of the shaman to grab 2 blood, and not blood shaman, decisive shot GG, weak chicken hunter again one way, the score to 6:6.

thirteenth: Chicken hunting dragon -Thijs < / Mystery P>

prince took out the dragon war, surprised us from his dragon magic can be seen from the building, should be accelerated version of the dragon war, Prince of the blood + 33 submachine off silver Chamberlain, but triggering leopard, the two monsters are animal companion called bear stuck, can only choose violence 32+22 and the bear for chicken God pumping killing off riots continue to face 5 charges under the magic warrior, hunter and firing again go face, this time the hunter blood line is still healthy, but the soldiers were only 8 lions have kicked the blood, while magic can have almost put the library burst out, the prince the library is empty is also desperate to play GG, chicken 7:6 counter ultra score.

fourteenth: Chicken mystery Hunter -Thijs deathwhisper thief

Prince deathwhisper thief against secret hunting, chicken mystery hunt secret Guardian 2 hands, or pumping sniper, coin Huntress hanging under the sniper, Prince Shi Hualong was put off sniper, chicken wolf silver attendants, the thief backstab in 7 the solution field, and the 5 round of the Hunter picked up weapons have fees for thieves hit only 10 of their own blood, then still full of blood, weak chicken Hunter T7 solve the prince of thieves, the mystery hunt 5 killed. The score to 8:6.

fifteenth: Chicken mystery Hunter -Thijs

weak chicken blue Longde Master 3 match points, leaving only a small German prince, chicken 3 fee Huntress hang sniper leopard, but the prince swept off the Huntress trigger leopard, weak chicken God pumping weapons, off the mire, keep the leopard then, the lion beat, but the prince of the small German giant blue dragon hand in hand, very afflictive, root rot off the lion, a lion hunter shot, all go face, Djokovic was hit only 10 out of the blood, although the harvester off the lion, but was weak chicken dog killing direct kill chicken hunting 6 kill Galvatron complete mystery comeback. Weak chicken 9:6 win.

" in the fifteen games to play down, really is to look at the audience is not procrastination decisive both fully and delightfully, fast speed is playing cards is on the one hand, but the ups and downs of the situation is the audience with chicken from always on tenterhooks. The first big disadvantage, to the back of the shaking comeback, play during the stable, accurate judgments, and even with a mystery a trap sent around the halo in chicken and clear with the strength of. Before the Internet had a lot of questions, said the chicken is too young, not the mentality of speech, believe that after this incident, it will collapse of itself.

congratulations on Zhang Bo and chicken has been NSL international hearthstone Masters Tournament third round victory, qualifying at the same time schedule has been more than half, I hope the players in the next game can have wonderful play, to qualify. The first 13 days of war will begin 16:00 is a very good performance of the "green on xixo, the second is Jasouzhou and just after the collision zero closure of Kolento, K and green AI can adjust whether God done in one vigorous effort to defeat from the state of these will be announced tonight, you do not miss!

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