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Xinjiang military research and development of new 10 seconds automatically remind the hemostatic tourniquet

The Xinjiang military region tourniquet training battlefield needs research and development

· 2016-04-27 16:06:53

< p > < strong > Xinjiang Military glued to the battlefield needs forging medical pioneer

< p > < strong > strong scientific and technological pay close attention to efficient conversion of

< p > reporter Chen Zhu, Han Suting reported: in mid April, the Xinjiang military drill field artillery rumbled, an armored vehicle is "enemy" hit by gunfire, car driver seriously injured, unable to climb out of the cab. Critical moment, the two surgeons through the armor of the wounded hanging articles, soon security is shipped out "the wounded", effectively avoiding secondary injury caused by drag and drop a "wounded". According to the Xinjiang military logistics department leader, the results by the joint military Urumqi National Institute of military medical training group research and development, has been declared national patent. < p > in recent years, the Xinjiang Military Region to establish research staring at the battle of ideas, guidance Plateau border military medical center and military training battalion to carry out scientific research, has dynamic battlefield simulation training platform, timing free buckle tourniquet 9 scientific research achievements have won national patents, more than 20 items of scientific research achievements in the army awards, written in the war (now) field first-aid skills training tutorial "won the first prize in the army. At the same time, they set up a war wound rescue equipment into use base, let a key innovation "braving the heat conversion efficiency for the ability of medical support. < p > drill site, Simulated Plateau washboard road vehicle driving state set of bumps on the platform and hygienists for fracture patients fixed bandage. This battlefield dynamic simulation training platform can simulate the plateau, tropical jungle, sea and other 3 categories of 48 kinds of environment, but also can be used as anti vertigo training platform.

rescue process, bleeding is the key. On-site treatment and health workers with new timing free buckle tourniquet, only ten seconds to complete hemostasis, than the traditional binding to stop bleeding quickly several times. The tourniquet press the switch 1 and a half hours, automatic red light, beeps, remind the medical staff to follow the operation more convenient. It is understood that the new tourniquet adopts new material has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, simple operation, can be used repeatedly. < p < br / > the author also noted, medic is "digital" armed: wearing carried articles helmet installed above the video recorder, can be to see a doctor in time synchronization returns headquarters, military health commanding operation car, ready for expert consultation, for treatment of the wounded to win precious time.

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