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recently, a boy is 20 girls confession of the news caused the attention of Internet users, "was really surprised, I thought about that meal, never thought they would come to this, they gave me thank you a lifetime of" double 11 ". "Wang Xingshuai said, the whole process of confession, his entire people are, but always very touched, tears in her eyes.

is clearly about the meal, but when the actor out of the dormitory, saw 20 girls holding roses collective "advertising", "dog food" scattered on the ground. For the University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shenyang, Wang Xingshuai, a senior student, this "double 11" will be an unforgettable life. November 11th, Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Foreign Language College English class 102 all girls to class the only one boy carefully planned a big surprise, and staged a romantic collective confession". In the face of the 20 girls close to the blessing, watching the boys envy envy envy. Purpose: to give

a surprise "class grass"

Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Institute of Foreign Languages Department of English class 102 Zhang Zichuan is the scene of the planner. "There are 21 students in our class, only he a boy, he is our class' baby ', he this person super good, very honest, usually also very take care of us. Eye look will be graduated, we want to give him the last surprise, I hope to give him a good memory, the results of my proposal has been the unanimous consent of the class. Because he is single, so we chose the day, and a "dog" in the boys' dormitory building in front of, hope he will take off. "Zhang Zichuan told reporters, in order to this" confession ", the students in advance for half a month to do the preparation, determined the careful flow chart. In order to keep secret, 20 girls also secretly set up a WeChat group to discuss the matter. In the two days before the action, the two female students that invited him to dinner, to know his whereabouts.

Zhang Zichuan mouth "he", called Wang Xingshuai, because "only", the students are kind to call him "handsome" or "class grass".

" Scene: 20 girls surrounded by roses

11 11 August 17, Wang Xingshuai agreed to out of the bedroom floor. A minute later, he was the 20 armed rose girls surrounded by candles in the central, mongolia.

20 girls surrounded by Wang Xingshuai sang Hebe Tian's "lucky". Sing songs, girls chanted: "Wang Xingshuai, you are our little lucky!" Carter, the girls group will be in the hands of red roses for Wang Xingshuai, her every rose has a small piece of paper, write the girls for his blessing.

"my piece of paper is written on the" four years along, thank you, I hope you can find your little lucky ". Zhang Zichuan said.

dialogue: actor says is his lucky

"was really surprised, I thought it was about dinner, did not think they would come to this, thank you, they give me a lifetime of" double 11 ". "Wang Xingshuai said, the whole process of confession, his entire people are, but always very touched, tears in her eyes.

Wang Xingshuai told the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter, in fact, he is a high school science, after entering the University, did not expect to become a class at all, the only". Although the other boys are quite envious of him, but at first he was not fit, always worried that girls will reject him, hate him. But in fact, there is no such a situation. They are good, they also meet my luck, I will always love them. Wang Xingshuai said.

however, and dog food so loudly, let Wang Xingshuai feel pressure. "Similar to this collective 'confession', Shen hang never happened, I have done a good job by the school boys to be jealous of the preparation. Wang Xingshuai said.

hour hand through midnight 12, "double 11" will end. Perhaps earn a bowl overflow Ma will be the most happy people in this day, but in Shenyang, there is a big fourth man's happiness is probably not low.

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