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Retired Jiangxi teacher

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Qiu Juqing, female, 58 years old this year, has been a party member for 10 years, is Shangli County of Pingxiang City, Shenzhen Miao Ling Wan Shi hope primary school teachers. In 1976, at the age of 18 she graduated from Shangli high school with good grades, this can go to the university to continue their studies, but when she saw the hometown of bamboo mountain lack of teachers, resolutely chose to stay at home as a substitute teacher, this one is 40 years.

Qiu Juqing teacher and her students at Qiu Juqing

school, located in Zhushan spots on the hillside, is the education sector taking into account local children a teaching point school specially reserved, and she is the only teacher in the school. A teacher, a few students, this is all the staff of the school. Qiu Juqing not only to take on the teaching tasks of all the students, but also to bear the daily management of teaching points. The students in the school, mostly in the village of left-behind children, parents are not around, she not only shoulder the mission of imparting knowledge, but also take care of the children's daily life, it is also the mother.

from door to door pick up their kids to school to get the money to buy vegetables, pen and paper

Juqing Qiu family of more than and 10 in the mountains, away from the school every morning, she have to get up at half past five, and then go from door to door to take the children to school. Because of the steep mountain terrain, the river twists and turns, whenever the rain and snow, for the children's safety, Qiu Juqing with a rope, let the students grasp in their hands, one by one, they hold the rope, let the students smoothly and safely walk the road, holding them safely to school. After school, in order to send the students to go home safely, they have to go around a few miles a day. The famous surname child

class, mental disorders, some of the most basic things are not done, Qiu Juqing looked very distressed, he poured more time and energy. After 6 years of meticulous care and good education, now living small Lai has been able to take care of themselves, knowledge of the word every day up; there is a boy named Lin Xia, because the family was poor, she was wearing a thin dress in winter, Qiu Juqing bought a new wool &hellip gave her a sweater; &hellip

; although the students go to school already do not need to pay tuition and textbook fees, but for so many years, when children have no homework, no pen, Qiu Juqing will pick up some space in the school since the county to sell vegetables, vegetables with the money buy some paper and pen, table tennis, skipping school, a little teaching aids, improve teaching conditions of … …

for the children out of the mountains, from retirement back to school to teach

in fact, the Qiu Juqing family living conditions are not good, with the "poverty" should not describe. In 1998, heaven Cross disaster, safety accidents occur the work of her husband husband fireworks factory, has therefore been blown into the left leg disability, postoperative amputation, and only a crutch to life. A few years ago, the son of a chronic pneumonia, but also increased the economic burden on the family, Qiu Juqing had to go around to borrow money. Now, her little daughter is going to school, tuition, meals is also a serious burden.

because Qiu Juqing has been a substitute teacher, a monthly income of only a few hundred yuan, the heavy pressure of life let her breath, her lover had persuaded Qiu Juqing to abandon a teaching business, a larger profit fireworks enterprise work, Qiu Juqing also had to give up the teaching idea, eventually again choose to leave, because she could not go this, she went on teaching not survive, the children in the mountains and it has no one to teach.

2007 years, Qiu Juqing joined the Communist Party of China, which further strengthened her determination to continue to adhere to the education base. The local Party committee and government will by her substitute teacher to the formal teacher. In 2013, after the retirement of Qiu Juqing, the children and parents came to her, hope she can continue to teach. Looked at the children and parents eager eyes, Qiu Juqing chose to return to school, she could not bear children, they also cannot do without her.

forty years, the school moved again and again, students for a wave of another wave, and Qiu Juqing also by Prime subdebutante become Shuangbin whitening of middle-aged women, but her dedication to the cause of education has never changed, for the love of children is always as one, "he is bitter a little, but not what, because this is the return, mountain people hope. "When someone asked her so bitter, she always smile.

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