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Zhen Huan Tang Yan drama gossip

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" by Tang Yan

Tang Yan, Luo Jin starring costume drama "Jinxiu Weiyang" is the Oriental TV hit. The play, Tang Yan to get rid of the "in" Golden fate God bestows. jade kylin, "Live Flesh" in Yue Yan, "lovers" in the carat representative in the sweet, good image, into the mind, courage, even a little princess subtly malicious subjugation. She frankly very subversive. "Beautiful Weiyang" is about a woman's growth history, Tang Yan is not afraid to say "The Legend of Zhen Huan" or "Mi month biography" comparison. JINGWAH Times reporter Xu Qinghong


are not afraid about drama Zhen Huan, MI month compared to

from "as in" Golden fate God bestows. jade kylin, "Live Flesh" in Yue Yan, to play "lovers" in the carat, before Tang Yan in the TV series are not escape domestic idol drama actress for the usual set: sweet, pure, kind-hearted. This time she played in "Jinxiu Weiyang" heroine in Li Weiyang, is a courageous subjugation princess. She is in danger of an enemy at the mansion and the Royal mess, only for the charges cleared wronged former cool room, but with a loved one hand in hand. The first time in so domineering strong woman image, Tang Yan admitted that the character up is difficult, "she is a very solid woman, the inner world is very broad and powerful, mind is also very delicate. When it comes to family is very kind, in the face of the enemy when no mercy. Have a hard time and be able to maintain good, two different kinds of personality combined with the same person, it is very difficult to. "

talked about the similarities and differences between their character and character," Tang Yan said: "the similarity is the insistence and persistence of things.". But she's really bad, because I'm not in private. I believe that Lee Weiyang did so, in the provisions of the situation, in order to survive, to make these decisions. "

" is a beautiful woman Weiyang "about the history, when asked about comparisons with the" The Legend of Zhen Huan "or" Mi month biography ", Tang Yan said," in fact itself is different women, although they are more and more powerful, but I think it is different. The two is very classic, also very powerful and very good. I hope that the "beautiful Weiyang" can also be very good.

talk about shooting

lines is the ancient words challenge

to put this role well, Tang Yan has studied hard. In addition to express emotions, grasp the lines, a frown each micro expression how to handle, she often and director Li Huizhu repeated communication, "she told me there are too many different places, so the beginning is unable to understand her. Until there was a play to kill a person, when the sting of a moment I suddenly understand why she did so, I understand her behavior. Behind happened I thought I was her, be made one. "

is talking about the biggest pressure on the show," said Tang Yan. "The old words and lines in the play is a challenge for me. "According to the crew broke the news, Tang Yan was acting more seriously, usually hard to figure out the characters read the script character and the growing mentality, in every time before the shooting, Tang Yan has repeatedly expressed emotion communication with the director Li Huizhu she played Li Weiyang's Micro expressions and the figures, with more private actors such as Luo Jin, Vanness Wu opponents play AC on how to shoot opposite, even eat all the time in the play, a lot of shots at the request of Tang Yan took over and over again. Therefore, every day she was filming for 14 hours, was the last to crank up the stars. About


kneeling Luo Jin very uncomfortable

in the "beautiful" Weiyang, played by Luo Jin Huang Changsun Tuoba Jun. He was indifferent to nature, intelligent and easy, do not want to participate in the political jockeying for position, but also can fight to life in the face of the enemy cavalry at. This is the fourth time Luo Jin and Tang Yan together as lovers. Tang Yan thought they were in a more emotional drama than a child. In the "beautiful" Weiyang, the first half part of the story is Tuoba Jun chasing Lee Weiyang run, later he married Lee Weiyang's sister Li Changle, two people in love always like two parallel lines can not touch each other. The play child heart, interaction of two people is very happy to play. Tang Yan smiled "complain", "now is the deepest impression, because he is a prince, so I often kneel to him, this is not seen before. "

four degrees with Luo Jin, Tang Yan said the tacit understanding is full, the biggest characteristic is his, can work with the director in the field, he has a lot of ideas, then the script is just a play a word, rich into a length, and then play 0.1 pages, into 1 page. His brain is very big, he will make it more reasonable and more reasonable, it will make some of our play become more exciting.

talk about chasing IP

script characters more important after IP

on the now popular phenomenon, Tang Yan said that she was not so keen to take "Jinxiu Weiyang" as an example, she said not to be IP connection. "I went to the script, the story, the characters. I have never played this class before, I hope to have a challenge, but also hope to complete their own good. I think that time, I have to play my own heart, I feel that I love this role has been to their own heart, blood inside. I feel that everything I do is right. "

Tang Yan said, she did not like we say in the deliberate pursuit of transformation," just want to make themselves can have more challenges, if really do a good job will have a sense of accomplishment. She said that now the most looking forward to the doctors, lawyers, these are not played a few categories, including the police can. I am looking forward to the role of these categories to find me. "

Tang Yan is looking forward to every performance all the time on their own," such as "Jinxiu Weiyang" after I think the change is quite big, look originally things may not be so big, originally is to see things in their own little world, or sometimes the girls have their own vulnerability. When I played this game, Lee gave me the inner strength and inner strength. Li Weiyang from the carefree princess to the end of her experience, I think she really has experienced all the impossible. These things will not appear in my life. She is a weak woman, struggling environment can do, anything that I met today is what. "Tang Yan said after Li Weiyang, think of what is not a thing," I suddenly feel that she put my heart to become more powerful, more calm. I really think it's a big heart, it's a small thing.

talk about slimming

proud of how to eat no fat

when not filming, Tang Yan's life is very simple, "really just sleep and rest, no other, or do yoga. I work most of the time in the center, some people may go to KTV after work, running, but I work every day, night running safety, really can only sleep.

Tang Yan has been slim figure, for her meritorious. Everyone was wondering how much she had spent on the control of her body. Her answer is to drop glasses. "I don't need to control my body, I can eat it, but it's hard for me to gain weight. "Tang Yan clear to solve the weight problem of countless girls headache, can only sigh she is fit to eat this bowl of rice actor.

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