Tony Sun admits 5566 private sub

Rumors Sam Wang Wang Renfu fit

fenghuangyule· 2016-11-14 06:41:15


before the" fit "news according to Taiwan media reported" cloud, idol group 5566 previously in the golden body, so many people in the years when the memories of youth, members of the Tony Sun Wang Renfu and Xu Mengzhe, jointly launched the new program "hunger the game", another member of Sam Wang presided over the "variety 3 Chilean", the outside world have pointed out that they were not. Tony Sun, 13, attended the Taipei charm show, to respond to this.

according to reports, Tony Sun attended the Taipei charm fair, for Sun Derong to attend the art fair, the batch of Sam Wang not let 5566 fit, he said in fact they are not in private, the work is very close. "He laughs every day after work to stay together morning and night, at dinner with members," that's disgusting. "

Tony Sun believes that 5566 work in full understanding, as long as they like the Golden Bell Awards scene can be fit for now, and Wang Renfu, Xu Mengzhe presided over the" Hunger Games ", also once feel that 2 people can.

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