Art is really the entrance shortcut?

Art shortcut employment college entrance examination

zhongguojiaoyuxinwen· 2016-11-14 07:57:51

today, in many people's eyes, art is a shortcut to the university. The college entrance examination in Henan, an average of 10 candidates, there are 1 selected art. Data show that from 2002 to 2013, the number of art students increased from 32 thousand to nearly 1 million, 11 years of art students increased by 30 times. Coexist with "art hot" phenomenon is the rise of arts training and art education fees.

"art hot" phenomenon is obvious to people. The students and parents blindly chasing the "art" shortcut, probably due to several factors. First, the art of college admission to the candidates of the cultural subjects performance requirements are low, and thus a lot of cultural class performance is not outstanding students as a shortcut to a good university. Two is the art students after graduation employment easy, if not in employment, with art expertise to obtain economic benefits, but also relatively easy, so a lot of parents and candidates competing for the meat and potatoes, many parents began to develop their expertise in this area when they were young children. However, these parents may ignore a problem. That is, a person's art kind of expertise, and its natural endowments have a great relationship, if the child does not have the talent, the day after tomorrow's hard work and training is very difficult to have a huge effect.

at present, our country is further implementation of the new curriculum reform, the implementation of quality education, the development of innovative education, its purpose is to let the students learn to know, learn to live, learn to work, learn to create, learn to fitness, learn the aesthetic culture, "qualified + specialty" talent, the parents have gradually realized the knowledge, ability and special importance to the growth and development of children in the future, so please tutoring children, send their children to the specialty classes will become. However, as a parent, it is not appropriate to the art class and other specialty training as the only shortcut to study the child.

first of all, parents should have a full understanding of their children. What are the children of their own innate endowment, has a special interest in what aspects of what the specialty is more obvious, the children also need to make up for what is missing, what, to understand, be aware of. After this, before considering whether children need special classes, specialty classes should choose what kind of.

second, specialty education should be based on the comprehensive development of children. We should not only pay attention to children learning cultural knowledge, but also should pay attention to the training of the basic ability of their children, in the field of literature, art, music, sports, etc. the invention hobbies and special skills training should be timely. Can not be ignored in order to fully develop the child's special ability to dig, it can not be one-sided pursuit of specialty training and ignore the improvement of the basic skills of students. Special education should be based on children with a certain knowledge and ability, to fully consider the child's own conditions, do not blindly comparisons.

finally, to vary from person to person training. When the child is found to be particularly interested in a particular expertise, and others do not have the same special expertise, we must pay attention to special training. According to their own family conditions and economic conditions, or to hire a special tutor for the children, or send their children to professional training institutions. In addition, parents should actively cooperate with professional teachers targeted training for children, parents can not let go. Always carrying a child and professional teachers to communicate, exchange information, make training plan, targeted to the progress of children to be aware.

in fact, the exam is not easy, the competition is far more than the college entrance examination, the admission rate is lower than that of the ordinary college entrance examination, but also high cost, difficult employment. Hope candidates and parents to consider carefully. If the cost of the high cost, exhausted got a diploma, after graduation in the professional have no place, and switched to other, it left too many detours, The loss outweighs the gain.

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