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" news of the week is a weekly news summary section, we will select important news this week the industry concern for you, through an article a week grasp industry trends, and recommend the depth: this week the most popular to you.

news this week:

gaming professional examination of nearly 4 failed, only love and not enough

recently, a group of professional gaming related examination attracted the attention of the people, a gaming professional students will be posted in the papers to the sun. From the content of the paper, as the most basic knowledge of the current mainstream gaming game. The results of the examination unexpected, the current most popular "Heroes union" test subjects nearly 4 students failed, the highest points 89 points. It also reflects a problem, as a professional course, only interested in holding the mentality is not enough, many students said that the exams are notes in the classroom, also need to back down, the difference is interested to learn no conflict so strong, so more easy. But whether this can make professional gaming to promote the gaming industry, also can make nothing of it. Nintendo

replica Mini FC host on

11 10, Nintendo officially released a remastered version of mini FC host, which suggested that the price is 5980 yen (excluding tax). In Europe and the United States released replica Mini NES host on the next day, priced at $59.99. In the sale of Nintendo Switch (hereinafter referred to as NS) before the sale of mini FC, Nintendo can be described as well intentioned. NS is the main host for the host console integration, FC. Is it that Nintendo intends to return to the host market, and SONY a slice of the pie? But the mini FC is currently the only host built-in game can play, whether it will be a new FC game, it is worth looking forward to.

I buy, you can: the Vivendi to nearly 25%

according to foreign media reports in Ubisoft holdings, as the French Vivendi group parent company, recently Blizzard will own at Ubisoft's holdings increased from 23% to more than 24%, in addition to Vivendi also owns 21.3% of the voting rights. This indicates that even though Ubisoft has repeatedly declared a boycott, but still does not change the heart on the acquisition of vivendi. According to French law, when a company of more than 30% in another company ownership, must be made mandatory offer and compulsory acquisition of Gameloft after Vivendi is an example of Gameloft CEO to resign. Now, Ubisoft also encountered such embarrassing situation, perhaps, they will go on the old Gameloft.

Nintendo Wii U host announced in Japan recently discontinued

Nintendo official website published Wii U host news will be discontinued in japan. Although early in March this year, Japanese Economic News reported, Wii U sales will be discontinued because of bad effect, within this year, but Nintendo had denied this view. In early November Eurogamer.net once again came U Wii will stop production in November news, Nintendo also denied this message. But one week after a week on the official website of Nintendo U Wii confirmed the production of news. U Wii positioning, the third party game is not friendly, the hardware behind, the software is the main reason for poor sales.

Kunlun the $575 million acquisition of Opera

in the Kunlun World Wide Web browser through the SPV buyer group was completed in November 3, 2016 by Opera AS100% of the equity transfer delivery. According to AS Opera September 30, 2016 financial statements accounting delivery price, the final purchase price of $575 million, of which $38 million will be the end of the settlement after the completion of the transaction to be paid separately. After delivery is completed, Software AS Opera will inherit the original Opera brand and its mobile browser and desktop browser and other core technology patents, and focus on the development of the global mobile services. Kunlun World Wide Web chairman Zhou Yahui will serve as Opera chairman and CO CEO, the original CEO Opera Lars Bao Lisen (Boilesen Lars) will serve as the joint CEO.

NetEase Q3 game net income of 6 billion 568 million yuan, Ding Lei said "onmyoji" success will not affect the other game

11 10, NetEase released the 2016 third quarter earnings. In the third quarter, NetEase net income of 9 billion 212 million yuan (1 billion 381 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 6 billion 568 million, net income of 38.1% yuan ($985 million), an increase of 26%. Until now, the game NetEase owns 100 variety of Mobile Games products, but compared to Q2 Q3 earnings of NetEase is still a slight decline, according to NetEase CEO Ding Lei explained, "Yin and Yang teacher" was launched on September 3rd on Apple devices, Android version was introduced on 22, belong to the end of the quarter relative time point. Related to the financial problems of deferred income.

unfamiliar street Q3 revenue of $157 million, accounting for 70%

11 live 8, unfamiliar street mobile social networking platform released the latest issue of earnings. 2016 third quarter, unfamiliar street revenue of $157 million, an increase of 319%; net profit of $49 million 500 thousand, an increase of 1182%, which is also unfamiliar street for seventh quarters of earnings. It is worth mentioning that, in the three quarter unfamiliar street service for the contribution of revenue 108 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars, accounting for 70.7% of the total revenue. Unfamiliar street in the third quarter revenue of 108 million 600 thousand U.S. dollars of live business, membership subscription revenue of $16 million, an increase of 18 million 100 thousand over the same period last year, $13%. Mobile gaming revenue of $17 million 700 thousand, an increase of 64% over last year's $10 million 800 thousand.

blue harbor interactive released third quarter report, Q3 total revenue of 125 million year-on-year growth of 8.1%

11 on Sept. 11, the group released the third quarter of the blue harbor interactive report report shows that as of September 30, 2016, the blue harbor interactive group in the third quarter total revenues of about 125 million yuan, an increase of 8.1%, before the three quarter of the total revenue of about 455 million yuan, an increase of 9.2%. Total revenue, blue harbor interactive group third quarter total revenue from overseas market is about 45 million 950 thousand yuan, an increase of 309%; the first three quarters of the overseas market total revenue of about 89 million 960 thousand yuan, an increase of 120%.

mixi second quarter revenue decreased by 21.5%, "

mixi" monster marbles reduce revenue announced in November 9th second quarter Total (April to September) earnings, operating income of 86 billion 600 million yen (9.1% decrease compared with the same period last year), operating profit of 34 billion 200 million yen (down 21.5%), often a profit of 33 billion 800 million yen (22% YoY), net profit of 22 billion 800 million yen (down 19.5%). Under the influence of the main game "monster" Pinball reduced the number of active users, operating income decreased. Entertainment business revenue of 79 billion 400 million yen (10.8% decrease), the Department of revenue was 36 billion 800 million (17.1% decrease).

SE first half earnings: Sales of 6 billion 890 million net profit decreased 25%

11 8, the Japanese game maker SQUARE ENIX announced the March 2017 second quarter earnings cumulative link (April 2016 ~2016 September), reported a first half sales of 106 billion 300 million yen (an increase of 23.1% over the same period last year), operating profit of 11 billion 100 million yen (down 11.7%). Often a profit of 8 billion 300 million yen (down 35.2%), the final profit of 5 billion 400 million yen (down 25%), the overall trend for the sales gain, the rest of a debuff.

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