The people of Xi'an witnessed: Wild takin was strangling wire

Takin strangled day Huashan iron wire the people of Xi'an

huashangwang· 2016-11-14 12:02:02

(original title: Xi'an people day visit Huashan saw a wild budorcastaxicolor wire strangled students "center")


in November 13th, the public Ms. meters with friends to climb the mountain in Qinling Mountains. At 10 o'clock in the morning, when they went to the day the west part of Huashan near protected areas, found a head was set to death by takin.

meters, a path of takin died in the mountains on both sides of the road was blocked by wood, only the middle only through a space. From takin neck with barbed wire that was takin through a pre arranged wire on the neck, it is struggling to wire set more tightly, it was finally strangled.

meters, the living animal is so strangled or too cruel, and takin animal protection, the harm of wild animal behavior should be condemned.

at present, Ms. MI has been to the forest public security police.



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