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Ming Kai who, never missing a topic. From 2015 MSI S5 to win, defeat the United States; from 2016 18 league wins the duguqiubai, S6 once again defeated the United States, Ming Kai and EDG this year has experienced a roller coaster of ups and downs of public opinion.

Ming Kai who, never missing a topic. From 2015 MSI S5 to win, defeat the United States; from 2016 18 league wins the duguqiubai, S6 once again defeated the United States, Ming Kai and EDG this year has experienced a roller coaster of ups and downs of public opinion. Good results, he is steady, accurate, relentless factory director; bad results, he is the master of the rhythm of the 4396. After the German Marcia cup, electronic competitive magazine interview with the Ming Kai, listen to his own talk about those topics".

" to the final 5 Ailuo Li

de Marcia Cup final, we not only witnessed the fifth consecutive year of EDG, also witnessed the much anticipated "father and son", to show a Ailuo Li Ming Kai, deputy "." the attitude: "now he is also a good jungler, so he said to a little harder. "

" electronic athletics "magazine: congratulations on your reelection de Marcia cup, the three game reviews the performance of IM?

Ming Kai: the first inning, IM played with strategy, their lineup is the type of partial control team, is enough. So it is very difficult for us to play in the league, and they have built up a lot of advantages. But in the end they because of some small mistakes lead to their ruin a good bureau. Second games, they repeatedly by my Evelyn anti squat, so I received a lot of people in the early, I have the opportunity to fall their C bit, playing the group is relatively good to play, win more easily. We are a team in the late third, so we have to wait until the latter is confident to win them. But we made some mistakes in the front, or we can finish the game earlier.

"electronic athletics" magazine: the game you have to specifically for

mikia Ailuo Li: I don't think so?. This version of the wild counter I still relatively clear, so only for the hero, not for people.

"electronic athletics" magazine to ourselves and the performance of a divided Ailuo Li respectively, out of 10 points.

Ming Kai: out of 10 points, 5 points 7 points Ailuo Li, i. (laughter) the side of the loser must be a little lower, then my own play or have some mistakes, so to give 7 points.

"electronic sports" magazine: the 5 points have no friendship,

Ming Kai: no friendship, he is also a good playing field, so that he should be a little bit more serious.

"electronic athletics" magazine: we all know that German Cup is Deft in the last battle of EDG, in this game, your team atmosphere and what is not usually the same?

Ming Kai: in fact, not what is not the same. On the game everyone is trying to play. But the title of the special longing, hoping to leave a good memory.

"electronic athletics" magazine: this game is what special meaning for you?

Ming Kai: 5 consecutive Marcia cup, I think this is a special significance.

"electronic athletics" magazine: Deft and pawN have to go to them, what do you want to say?

mikia: Pawn is in a single after wizards, hope he can find suitable for his team, to achieve better results. Deft is the same person as my character, no matter which team he goes to, I think he will be the best in the world. As Deft said, I hope we can meet at the top of the field.

"electronic athletics" magazine: do you think they leave, may cause what effect on EDG?

Ming Kai: we are now in single Scout performance is also very brisk, he became more and more strong now, the play is also very good, so I think the departure of pawN's influence on us is not a qualitative change. Deft and Meiko are running in two years to get to the point now, short time, want to find a ADC to replace Deft, I feel it is absolutely impossible. So also look to find the right Meiko, ADC and the ADC running.

"the more people look down on me, I have the power"

S6 world finals after Kaibei controversial, he did not justify what. After returning home, he chose a low-key home to rest, rarely appeared in the public view. After a lapse of more than and 20 days, he finally shows up, those in the past about S6: "I really played very bad, I admit. Next year I will turn the controversy and criticism into a dynamic, become stronger. "

" electronic athletics "magazine: let's talk about S6, compared to playing at home, you in the group phase condition and the result is not good, why?

Ming Kai: S6 group phase, compared with the other groups. Our teams are relatively weak, we were a bit conceited, so the.

"electronic athletics" magazine: you can't break through eight S6, where do you think the problem is?

Ming Kai: the first is that we lost the game play of the problem, and then hit the Rox tigers that a few games, I play badly, I have to admit. But I think that in addition, we have a lot of other problems, next year the club will be a good solution to these problems, I will improve their own strength, change their style of play, so that they become more and more strong.

"electronic athletics" magazine: S6 for you is not a good memory, a lot of public opinion pressure crazy to you, any moment thought of retirement?

Ming Kai: I have never thought of retirement. Because I this person is the other people do not like me, I will have more power, the more I want to prove to them. This year is indeed my own play is very poor, my idea is to play better next year, each time the defeat for their own is a growth. This failure, also let me learn a lot of things, after all, I am a person, not a robot, they will not be able to do a lot of work, I will be happy in the specially designed jungler position next year, the other things are handed over to the club and the players.

"electronic athletics" magazine: so you do this year in addition to the playing field position on the matter, also done a lot of other things?

Ming Kai: command is part of another coach BP himself was also involved in a lot of discussion, I will also go to chat with them when his attitude is not good. So my own time will become less, resulting in a decline in personal strength. My character, if you can focus on playing field next year, I think I was a top playing field.

"electronic sports" magazine: what do you think of the S6 after the controversial

Kai: I am very calm acceptance. I know I'm not playing well, S6 is a matter of course. People like me will continue to support me believe me. Those who don't like me, or think I'm not good and scold me, I also can accept, because they say is the fact. These controversy and criticism is helpful to me, I will remember in the heart, the next year into a dynamic force, become stronger.

"electronic athletics" magazine: at the same time, there are a lot of fans in mind to support and encourage you, you see?

Ming Kai: I certainly know, they believe I can do better next year. Thank you so much, I can cheer up and have a credit to them.

"electronic sports" magazine: back from S6, you almost disappeared in the public eye, where did you go?

: at home, rest, adjust the state of self and body. Originally intended to take a break for some time, but later heard that Deft in Germany Marcia cup is the last war, it is time to go back to Germany Marcia cup, only trained a few days to come.

"electronic athletics" magazine: S6 after your mind has undergone a process of change what?

: Ming Kai is seen only the result of the game to watch the National People's Congress, concerned about who wins, or who played well who played well. But as far as I'm concerned, I'm still a part of the whole S6. S4 S5, zhibubajiang because I very good strength at that time, but my mind affects my strength, cause I did not play out. This year's S6, my mind is becoming more mature, but the strength did not reach their top, so they were defeated by others. I think my goal is very simple, just need to improve their own strength. If I did, I was the best.

"electronic sports" magazine: that time on your source of information, only your RANK records, you have practiced a lot of blind monk. Yesterday and today's game you are coming up with a blind monk, which has his name mean?

Ming Kai: in fact, the play will play with the blind monk like, practicing this hero is not so much practice, then will be more effort to practice this hero, judgment will be more decisive point. I think I need is these things.

cop-out year

de Marcia Cup ended, EDG also means that this year the competition ended, Ming Kai said: "for me, this is cop-out. Before feel that they play well, play is also very satisfied, but in the last step, the fight is very poor. "This year is about to pass, and next year is not yet. It is not difficult to see from the chat, he is still very much looking forward to next year's league. Class= "img_box" id= "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" "electronic competition" magazine: goodbye to you, you lost a lot of.

Ming Kai: this year I did a lot of things, in addition to spend a lot of energy and time, I feel that their physical fitness is also down, so it is very normal to thin down.

"electronic sports" magazine: next month you will be on behalf of LPL to participate in the all star, for the all star team, you think how? On a single Mouse, the single God, the next road Uzi and Mata.

: in fact, I think that no matter how the lineup, are to show their own opportunities, they will be well prepared to play on the whole star to play their own things.

"electronic athletics" magazine: after you have some special training in preparation for the all star?

Ming Kai: a few days in Shanghai will set training, the new version is updated, we are going to play, look at the new version of the change.

"electronic sports" magazine: after all star, what are you going to do?

: take a break, get ready for the spring season. But in fact, they are very tired, want to have a good rest for a while.

"electronic athletics" magazine: for your team, the German Cup represents the end of the game this year came to an end, make a summary of the year?

Ming Kai: team, we took together never achieved the honor, 18 league wins for our team is very important. In his own words, this is cop-out. Before feel that they play well, play is also very satisfied, but in the last step, the fight is very poor. Only so evaluation of their own.

"electronic athletics" magazine: in fact, S6 after you lost so much, many fans feel sorry for you, for all the fans you have to say?

Ming Kai: I hope they don't worry about me, I was a 23 year old man, I will take care of myself. Losers are always in the wrong. e-sports. I want them to see the game is super I, carefully playing me, I win the game. This is the part I want to show them, not to make them feel bad about me.

can afford to be too much to live down, you can afford much praise. E-sports has 23 year old Losers are always in the wrong., Ming Kai, used to see too much of the gaming industry tide. He knows what is wrong, and what is right, and what should be forgotten, and what should be remembered. Public opinion through the layers of parcels, what we see is a try to win the game players. After the end of the interview is the morning. Ming Kai rubbed his eyes, and said to me, "hard work".

photograph: Liu Yi Cun

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