Occupation fake people business: Double 11 day, Wang Hai ready to grab the goods 1 million yuan

Fake derivative Wang Hai occupation fake prepare for

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early to prepare 1 million yuan grab the goods in case twenty-first years his claim fake half from online shopping. The day before the double eleven night promotional drums become more and more close, until 8, two mobile phone Wang Hai was still ringing in turn, he give underlings 1 million yuan a day, panic buying task, took out more than 10 thousand.

now, he is not only a dummy or occupation, several companies boss. He just off the interview, hungry -- this is to buy jujube walnut clip detection picked up on the table of jujube walnut clip into his mouth. "It might be sulfur dioxide," he said. "Sometimes you have no way to avoid it."


warehouse in Tianjin you show Wang Hai buy fakes online (video screenshot)


Wang Hai with your mobile phone display fake online warehouse (video screenshot)

this is his twenty-first year crackdown. In 1995, he bought two pair of SONY headset, to be aware of is fake, then bought 10, and on the basis of the "law" put forward double compensation, known as Chinese fake first person. In more than and 20 years, from the store to the network platform, he hides in sunglasses, walking the balance beam between "fake" and "merchant", in the controversy over the achievements of his own cause.

registered more than one ID "prepare for" double eleven

box from the ground has been stacked to the ceiling, which is mostly wine, and a number of health care products. Value about three hundred thousand, are stored in the office of Wang Hai Tianjin, waiting for inspection.


Wang Hai buy fake

that is a part of, according to Wang Hai, in order to prepare for the double eleven, they are a dozen receiving points in Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an three city, about 600 thousand of the value of buying liquor.

this double eleven, he will be the main target of meat, health care products and clothing, etc., is expected to claim 10 million. The battle of

began more than two months ago. Due to a number of businesses on the blacklist, Wang Hai had to register a number of ID, in different places to receive goods. Even so, he was repeatedly found by the merchant. October 2nd purchase of a number of 10 thousand yuan of clothing, after the order, the business tips, has no goods. But the same day almost at the same time, another account of the Wang Hai team to buy the same batch of goods has been successfully shipped.

this is not the first time he suffered such a situation. Since the crackdown began in the electronic business platform, he has more than and 30 accounts blacklisted, among them, some businesses just said to him, your ID has been included in the blacklist, so can not be shipped.

some, and even the courier has been sent to the downstairs, and was an urgent business recall. Wang Hai told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in August and September of this year, they focused on a health care products, to spend more than 90 thousand yuan to buy a number of courier, downstairs, did not receive it back, and told Wang Hai, said that manufacturers recall, ask manufacturers, manufacturers said, is to express our goods damaged the.

in order to be able to successfully complete the action of the double eleven, Wang Hai from September onwards, the seven teams were dispatched, began to select the focus on the fight against the object". Hit the main goal is to sell the top ten or top twenty of the list of products.

team four people in charge of looking for the project. First small quantities to buy some of the target goods, get back to their own tests, test paper is also bought from the Internet, the test is indeed a problem, then sent to the laboratory to test again.

for more than two months, they were from the 100 kinds of products mainly picked up a dozen.

"this work is not very difficult," Wang Hai said, "there are too many problems, and can be found in the eyes closed."

if two different laboratory test results have problems, and the rest of the matter, it is to be handed over to the procurement staff. Three buyers with different account buying this a dozen products, store them in different places, enough to the shipment to Beijing and Tianjin in the company.

10, Wang Hai, and set aside 1 million yuan to the procurement group, ready to buy a wave of the evening of eleven pairs of double. The shopping cart has been filled, waiting for midnight.

from the physical store to the Internet

11, 3, more than PM, buying the peak has passed, and his 1 million purchase gold, just to spend 160 thousand. Compared to him spend money hard, the business in this carnival, is almost a homeopathic earn bowl full of pots of surplus. More than three hours later, Ali issued a notice: the total transaction volume exceeded one hundred billion, which accounted for 82.42% of wireless transactions."

, the Internet economy has changed people's consumption patterns, but also changed his fake ecological. Before the

in 2014, he was only the super and electricity supplier of two teams, with the development of micro business, to this year, he has set up a micro business team hit the fake, counterfeit fraud case, half from the internet.

but compared to the store, the electricity supplier counterfeiting more difficult. False propaganda store is mainly product advertising, brochures and packaging label, easy to obtain evidence, but also easy to save, the electricity supplier in addition to false propaganda brochures and packaging label, also often appear on the Internet platform, if not promptly through a screen in the preservation of evidence, modify the content of website is difficult to collect evidence.

China Consumer Protection Law Research Association Deputy Secretary General Chen Yinjiang told reporters BYD, the electricity supplier through Internet, virtual transactions, such as the traditional transactions, not seeing the ear, hand touch, can truly feel the existence of products, plus transaction means is through bank transfer payment and delivery of goods. The two sides did not contact with the substance in the whole transaction process, so the probability of false propaganda and fake electricity supplier is relatively large.

because of these problems, a lot of fake occupation is not willing to put too much effort in the electricity business, because the evidence and litigation are more trouble.

"you look at these micro business, like guerrilla warfare, where people do not know where." Wang Hai opened WeChat, showing a micro business of the public number. He told reporters BYD, a lot of selling fake products are selling things in the micro circle of friends, the rights in Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms more difficult. Since the establishment of micro business fraud team, they took two or three derivative fake items, but in the end are settled.

"but Internet shopping is a trend." Wang Hai said. From the target, they will do the preservation of evidence for each step, including web shopping, real-time video screenshot. For suspected price fraud targets, but also the stage record commodity prices, but also the evidence of the material to the notary public notary, the purchase of goods sent to the detection mechanism to detect.

as the center, the electricity business platform for the obligation to review obligations and after the remedy, if the purchase of goods does exist quality problems, should actively assist the rights." Beijing Yue Cheng law firm Yue Shen Shan explained, "if the consumer goods found problems, can require the platform provides business information, if not to come out, you can claim to the platform." Relevant staff

Alibaba public relations department said that they had been with the fake and false information to fight counterfeiting and the use of large data.

"we will adhere to the fight against fake and as in the past, we also have more brands to join in to help us crackdown, as Wang Hai did, that is his personal freedom," Wang Hai for this occupation a dummy, Ali PR department related staff said, "we do not have what attitude to him, we insist on to do our own."

is the justice, it is also a business

and eager for a fight waiting for the 12 points "one click shopping cart" ordinary consumers are not the same, he don't care about the discount, just want to put the 1 million shopping "fund" in accordance with the provisions of the "spend on food safety, food safety law": "consumers producers do not meet the food safety standards of food, you can get 10 times the compensation; food sellers that dealers, sales of" knowing "can not meet the food safety standards of food will assume the compensation for the losses and damages to pay 10 times the price."

"profit driven", which is a lot of business to his conclusion. Although the occupation of fake people has existed for more than and 20 years, but outside of this group has been controversial, they are called "the market, but some scavenger accused them of claim claim. "They said I was not really angry and funny consumers," Wang Hai, "I want to buy a bottle of wine to drink or to send personnel to be considered consumers?"

he does not hide the use of claims to make money in the form of profit, but also do not care about the evaluation of the outside world. "Fake it, itself can achieve justice. Has nothing to do with motivation." Wang Hai said, "I do this thing, profit is not the first pursuit."

now, he had a group of three fake team, nearly thirty people, each month, he must pay the wages of about 300000 yuan. This is not a small number, but rely on fake claims, the team has been basically self-sufficient. Wang Hai told reporters BYD, until now this year, he obtained for counterfeiting has five six million yuan compensation.

"remove the cost of doing the test, the profit is very small. To do with the profit is not a liar in a level." Wang Haiqiang tune. The company's main business three, to help consumers buy fake fake rights;; employed by the enterprise, for the enterprise products. Third, from the beginning, his business had, a well-known brand of water purifier who paid him 500 thousand yuan, he would fight against counterfeit products.

relative to ordinary consumers and businesses, the legal profession is more supportive attitude. In their opinion, fake people generally have false occupation ability and professional knowledge on legal rights, the probability of success will be a lot of claim. All fake occupation has a positive effect on the purification of the market and consumer protection.

"if the business is not fake, what are you nervous about?" If you have a fake, or do not have confidence in their own goods, then it should take measures to solve the problem of fake, rather than blindly tangle the who tube." Chen Yinjiang said, "if there is no occupation objectively, fake people, punitive damages consumer law is difficult to play a real role."

from to

"alone team combat counterfeiting is a technical job, can not rely on experience." Looking at the ceiling of the wine, Wang Hai said.

after more than two months of action, there are health care products, wine and seafood three projects intended to take the judicial process. Team of 4 lawyers on standby, waiting only to detect the results out, you can proceed to the next step.

alone compared to a decade ago, Wang Hai now no matter is in the personnel strength or quality inspection rights forces, all cannot be mention in the same breath. He ran a hot line, every day can receive several broke the phone, this batch of wine, but also the way into their line of sight.


in the summer of this year, one day, Wang Hai received a video, the video in the end of the bid took a no production license business, the use of alcohol blending wine, posing as food wine.

after watching the video, Wang Haima arranged the evidence, after confirming the authenticity of this video, he buy a large number of liquor from the dealer inspection. According to Wang Hai said, in addition to the use of alcohol blending wine, posing as food drink, the "booty", and adding plasticizer.

but rely on the news is still relatively small, more of their own team to find out." Wang Hai said. In his team, everyone is an expert, "say, I want to make a fake meat products, that I am looking for someone, or is made of meat production, or inspection done, anyway, certainly very understanding in this area."

with his fake growing reputation, many other people will also broke the fake enthusiasm offered him. "After all, he knows the law in this respect."

Li Chengshun of Beijing (a pseudonym) is also an avid fake people. In 2005, when Li Chengshun was in the bathroom, the bathroom just a washing machine washing clothes, he inhaled the laundry liquid volatile chemicals, immediately suffocation.

happened to Wang Hai also concerned about the laundry brand, but at that time he was concerned about the point is that the chemical composition is carcinogenic. Li Chengshun, who was injured, contacted Wang Hai after consulting a large amount of information and told him that the chemical composition does not cause cancer.

two to fake the people so empty as a companion. Li Chengshun English, good understanding of the electrical, these years, to help Wang Hai find out the more than and 10 problems.


are not all fake Everything is going smoothly.

a few years ago, they are eyeing a fruit, "in Jiangsu to find a lot of home testing agencies, detect cyclamate, but get Beijing detection, what is not detected." Wang Hai said. They gave up the case for the sake of the insurance.

in the country, they have to go home thirty or forty appraisal institutions, spends in the detection cost of Ersanshiwan yuan. This is not only because of their huge number inspection items, in order to avoid the detection of fraud, only in two or more institutions to ensure identification of detected problems, they will be the next step.

but this is still a lawsuit ridden. In September 2014, the Wang Hai team bought a claim to health care products, raw materials for use after the inspection and found no Cordyceps, cordyceps. After finishing all the evidence, Wang Hai filed a lawsuit, but the other is for the counterclaim infringing the right of reputation, he claims to 5 million.

thought that the evidence in control of Wang Hai, a lawsuit. Wang Hai refused to accept the appeal, the second instance just in November 11th of this year.

to tighten legal occupation behavior crackdown "not all are for money." Talking about the upcoming hearing this case, Wang Hai said, this thing we bought a more than 50 thousand, a false claim three, even if the win is also 150 thousand. But we have a lot of manpower and financial resources."

down after more than and 20 years, he is more smart, more peaceful.

as a fake first person, he bought a fake one. Before you buy something, he will give the business information upside down. "First understand the main information, what people sell; and then understand that he has no scientific basis for the efficacy of the product; and then look at the cost and price." There are reports that he took to the streets to buy a steamed stuffed bun, it is to shoot down the flour is not the right color.

in his early years, he also with Chengdu's food and Drug Administration pinch up, these years, he is more willing to cooperate with government departments. When the Shenzhen crackdown, with eighty or ninety men, and went to a village in the police behind counterfeiting. No conflict, the other to see him in this battle, before the village ran.

although the strength and growing, but he is still very cautious. He never took off her glasses in front of the media. For more than and 20 years, the image has been so. In his own words, this is called risk management ".

uncovered the counterfeiters, this is to let him feel the most rewarding moment. But how long this sense of accomplishment can be maintained, is still unknown.

in August 5th this year, the implementation of the "Regulations of People's Republic of China Consumer Protection Law (Draft)" to solicit the views of the community, the provisions of article second, consumers need for life purchase, use of goods or services, protect its rights under the ordinance. These Regulations are not applicable to natural persons, legal persons or other organizations in which financial consumers purchase, use goods or accept services without the purpose of making profits.

in many occupation fake people view, this means that the legal regulations for tightening occupation behavior crackdown.

"we can not say that because they are playing their own interests occupation dummies, their behavior in doping crackdown, the rights are not protected, otherwise the enterprise can therefore avoid responsibility." Lawyer Yue Shenshan said, the ultimate result of rights, is to assume responsibility for the quality of the enterprise."

version of the text / reporter Yang Baolu Zheng Lin

photography / reporter Yang Baolu

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