Hendry in the commentary for so long he retired crown in the crown in busy what?


wodetaiqiuwang· 2016-11-14 22:02:29

sina sports snooker in Coventry is the British crown crown, retired for a long time "billiards emperor Hendry and Macmanus, etc. to participate in the tournament commentary. During the period, Hendry joked that he is a robot, Hendry will also explain today Ding Junhui and Higgins's semi-final.

Hendry together with Macmanus as a guest commentator

after the retirement of Hendry, life changed a lot, especially after the divorce, and took a new turn, the old nest has been sold, and is currently in the young girlfriend live together. After retiring, Hendry's main work focused on publicity and promotion of Chinese eight ball project, frequent trips between Chinese and Britain, also often served as Snoke commentary guests, will also attend some exhibitions.

Hendry now has become a genuine "China" from the mutton slices cooked in hot pot stir dry beans. Even skewers eat very well, occasionally drink a cup of coffee in the Shanghai Hotel upstairs.

in addition to billiards, Hendry's love of sports is golf. Although there is no career plan, but Hendry is not really a low level, often in some old golf video on social media.

two former kings at 2017

of course, Hendry's love was snooker, he and old Davies plans to attend an exhibition match in the World Championships next year before, two people's appeal is strong for the older generation of snooker fans. The game of their scheduled in April 5, 2017, where is their old made countless brilliant crucible, Hendry and old Davies still holds the seven and six world championships proud record.

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