The penguins live billiard Championships 12 evening opening ceremony of Kohler Extravaganza

The opening ceremony the tournament Kohler penguin billiards

wodetaiqiuwang· 2016-11-14 22:02:38

"read the text" [official] Chinese penguins live network billiard Championship broadcast.

"release nature, bleeding". The fourth "Shimao Green Town Cup" national fitness billiard Festival cum China billiard Championships kicks off in Beijing City, Shunyi District Niulanshan first middle school sports center on November 12th.

in the opening ceremony of the evening of 12 on the first world billiard show -" venom "Florian - Kohler will also bring back at the scene, the audience is China Meilen Meilen billiard show.

unbelievable swing into the bag of incredible skill and art, the beauty of the combination, which is the global pool performance -- the first person" poison "Florian - Kohler. November 12th Shunyi Niulanshan a gymnasium, fourth China billiard Championships opening ceremony, Florian will offer splendid artistic performance for you.

pool performance means on the billiard table will emerge in an endless stream of the pattern of play, around the obstacle is a common goal.

in world billiard performance range, French genius Florian was regarded as the first fully deserve, he produced by the" poison extravaganza "video, all over the world have been more than 10 million hits.

since his debut, Florian Kohler has created more than 1000 billiard performances, he will be superb skill and art the beauty of the ingenious combination. In the venom of the performance, the pool table beauty sexy, but also less than his amazing skills.

Florian - Kohler believes that the essence of billiard performances is creative, rather than technology. A person if the technology is not good, after several times of training, after all, one day can be achieved. And if a person is not creative, it is not through the exercise of the exercise can be out of the. Do not be tied to the practice of fancy billiard performances, to be creative.

in recent years, Florian Kohler began a world tour across multiple countries, but in Beijing. Florian Kohler rarely appeared in public. The opening ceremony of the Chinese Snooker Championships, called the venom of the first show, when the majority of Beijing fans will have the opportunity to see the world fancy first person's charm.

Fourth billiard Championships for a period of seven days, November 18th will be the final group match. (

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