Fancy with rain, instantly become "soaked through" star

Soaked through

hanliuxinwenzixun· 2016-11-14 22:15:36

concert artists are most afraid of is the day of heavy rain! That can not be canceled, but also to avoid, after all, is still sitting like their fans. In the heavy rain, the 'embarrassing', 'injured' singer is really a lot of. In fact, very sympathetic, but after seeing the screenshot why there is a sense of joy?

(Crush! Crush! 14px; line-height: 30px; ">Crush! < /span>

(the baby to sing his own song, his cry of "text-align: style= span>

in the 6 episode of KBS's concert, sudden rainstorms are extinguished sing heat Crush. />

(oh)! It is raining)

Crush ah, how to spend it?

a clearly go handsome high cold line singer, but the non essentials, the God he walked comedian route.

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there are some female singers the rain was painful.

#: G-friend

# barefoot dance little horse: "font-size: 14px style=

2011" "ceremony, HyunA brought sexy stage, but found her barefoot.

reason is the stage for rain is very slippery, see the high-heeled shoes with very high through behind the dancers, if this fall...

# stage is a real man: "font-size: 14px style=

Whaley attended MBC "real man" in the female discourse, the skin becomes dark. Draw good makeup before the stage, after the baptism of the rain, all the flowers! But the dark wells do not care about these details, is happy to continue performing. This and we love too much like the noriyoshi!

# too realistic stage effect is not good: "BEAST

BEAST; "there is a song called" rainy day ", on the stage in order to cater to the Dage song and the design of the rain " stage effect.

but the starting point is good, but in fact the stage quickly into the swimming pool, because the members' rain 'big will not open mouth, a mouth watering.

# put the rain sing into my song: F (X)

was F (X) debut song" LACHATA "stage, but it has become a legend in the" PICHATA "stage (BI Korean 'rain' means, pronounced Pi)

members who is singing well, a sudden rainstorm is coming, just sing this song," LACHATA "was changed into" rain CHATA".

singers are easy, singing and dancing on the stage but also challenges rainstorm weather, dedicated to their "text-align: center style=

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