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diandongcheshangqing· 2016-11-14 22:21:52

Xishan district is the largest domestic electric vehicle industry base, since 2011, Xishan has started with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) cooperation project. Recently, a group of technical experts from the MIT team arrived in Jiangsu the new electric car Limited by Share Ltd, conduct research projects. In this regard, the Wuxi TV news channel "Wuxi news" column has been the focus of the report.

150%; through the integration of communication and cooperation for many years, the new electric car functional products technology has become increasingly mature, in the electric vehicle intelligent technology also has a profound accumulation. MIT professor Cazale Nor came to the new electric car, and expand the exchange of technical research and development personnel, he designed with new electric cars in the riding sharing agreement on technical cooperation platform and intelligent transportation. He believes that the new intelligent electric system is very advanced, the system will become a platform for human-computer interaction more high-end products, and intelligent and has a very international new electric car market potential.

by "brain" to engage in innovation and new technology research and development of intelligent   the pace of increasingly robust

150%; the new day and MIT in technology exchange and project docking, talent introduction and other aspects of the project cooperation, both sides in the China and two places in the United States has carried out technical exchanges and discussions on more than 30 occasions, the two sides agreed to promote the integration of resources and combining together continue to deepen research in intelligent technology. A large number of intelligent electric vehicle to the advent of new products, new electric cars intelligent pace in the industry the most solid and steady growth for Chinese intelligent electric vehicle industry R & D and lead enterprise. Encouraged by this, Tsinghua University, HeFei University of Technology, Jiangnan University, a large number of well-known institutions of higher learning to become the new electric car production innovation partners.

combination of networking technology and green transportation can not be overnight, with new electric car research institutions research projects also vigorously promote cooperation. As the new electric car spokesman, executive director Chen Kaiya said: "with the government to build a platform, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including scientific research institutions, there will be more applications of new technologies in the pace of our networking, intelligent and so on, especially in intelligent human-computer interaction technology, we do a lot of exploration and attempt we are interested in, and confidence to reach a substantive cooperation with the" brain ", continue to promote the products of technological revolution."

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