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genyield teacher said, management is a very hard thing. All the other so-called "soft" means are only the "healthy organization" of this dish of seasoning. As spring teacher said in the article, the essence of management is to weigh of responsibility, target and rights, the most important measure is the team is efficient or not. From the management perspective, the family is an informal organization, there is no clear responsibility for the rights, no standard, people and things are used to maintain the feelings, and even compromise. This is obviously not a corporate governance. We can expect a company home atmosphere and feeling, but it is just icing on the cake, we must know the essence: the company is not home. (Zhou Liang)

the essence of

organizations determine the organization itself has its own characteristics, as a collective commitment of the people need to do on the target and efficiency, we need to restore the organization's own characteristics.

in the real management, our management has always been a very wrong view, that the company is a home, since, many managers need to become the "parent officer", many people think that "should be for the company home, but these ideas is actually very wrong. Style=

when a person and organization connection, for the individual, how the relationship between organization and individual understanding becomes very important.

when we say "the company is not a home", indicates that the organization will take care of people, it means that we are in the organization with the target, responsibility, power connection, rather than emotional connection.

we in the management concept is mainly about the formal organization, because when it comes to the organization and management, should be talking about responsibility, target and power, so the organization theory from the simple sense of responsibility and power, is whether the matching theory. Organization structure design in essence is a separation of powers, responsibilities and design.

so when we understand the organization's time, it means that for the organization, not to be able to talk about feelings, hobbies and interests, can not hope to organize a "home".

we can only regret to tell people the organization is not a home organization pay more attention to the responsibility, power and target, when the target can not be achieved, the organization has no meaning of existence, and the people in the organization will lose the meaning of existence.

the reasons for the existence of the organization is to create value

class, I often ask you a question: "the family is what kind of organization, at this time, many people are not sure the family is a formal organization, it was a strange phenomenon. Style=

family is a very unique organization, from the organizational attributes, the family is a formal organization, but from the management of the property, the family is an informal organization management. So back home, be sure to talk about emotions, hobbies and interests, do not talk about responsibility, goals and power.

but we often see the situation is reversed, the home people say responsibility, power and target, at home to argue about who's right, who should be the responsibility, and the design of a very high goal for the family.

found the family often because of who is hurt feelings, often because of who should do the housework at home, cook who is responsible and not with

actually it is just wrong, at home there is no division of responsibility and authority, the two sides need to constantly promote feelings, cultivate common hobbies and interests, both sides bear responsibility together, let the life full of love and harmony.

and not from emotions in the enterprise, reasons for the existence of the organization is to create value, would not exist if you do not create value, create value and need to take responsibility, to power, so as to achieve a target. Therefore, the feelings are not the first, if there is no value to create, and then focus on the organization is to be eliminated.

so, I always think, organization management, forget the management needs to face the responsibility, target and power, rather than emotional training.  

so when you find a business is very particular about the division of labor, responsibility and goal, you should cherish this enterprise, because the company has organized management very good characteristics.

when you find a business in addition to pay attention to division of labor, responsibility and goal, but also to take care of the employees' emotions and hobbies, also can give emotional attention, then you must love this company, because this is a good company.

when a company does not have to take care of your emotions and the efficiency of the time, this is a normal company;

when a company both efficiency and emotional time, this is a good company;

when a company has no emotion and efficiency, the company must have a problem.

by Chen Chunhua of Peking University National Development Institute of management professor, former new hope and six Co chairman and chief executive officer.  

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