Enterprise perspective |2015 years the most red latex pillow would like to double 11 continue to red, they played a new tricks?

Latex pillow

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only spent a few months time, has become a category TOP10 textile merchant from a little-known brand leap. Napattiga this is a bit of a mouthful of bedding brand in the last year was marked "explosive" "dark horse" label.
Napattiga brand from Thailand, starting from the Home Furnishing latex pillow segments, with a wide range of online and offline distribution and management ability to quickly capture the market, occupy a space for one person in the big buildings of the textile category.
this is their first double 11 war front, Napattiga partner Chen Haotian showed enough determination and confidence," we have 50 million of the goods this year, according to the current pre-sale situation, the brand has sold 6 million of the goods, this year 11 goal is to complete delivery value."

he also said, after this a year of deliberation and preparation, Napattiga full channel distributor system began to gradually open up, the strong strength of the system to encourage online distributors to line to open the store, because the" high price products especially need to experience ", therefore, complementary online and offline. The brand will be more able to reflect the potential.
in addition, in the year 11 during the double, Napattiga still do content marketing "upgrade", on the one hand through live video etc. the latex pillow in the production process of artisan spirit passed to the consumer side; on the other hand can enhance the interaction properties of shops let the user feel, not only to buy things, "can also see Thailand's local customs and practices from me".
after entering the market Chinese, a native of Napattiga Thailand latex pillow brand choice through the dealer mode online distribution, the offline dealer stores has increased to 60. 2015 only to enter the electricity suppliers, Tmall, Taobao opened a 3 brand outlets, and the line under the dealer agent model to migrate to online.

in the dealer management, Napattiga took a year to gradually create a set of dealer management strategies. Although the relationship between Napattiga and the dealer is the supply and expansion of sales. The biggest difference is that Napattiga clear and strong control of the agents, the agents have to sell the same retail price, can not be arbitrary price.

" global sales prices are uniform, "Chen Haotian said, so that the benefits that businesses do not make price war, can only work hard in the service, which is beneficial to the brand. "But Tmall store price is relatively higher for 10% agents, is part of the flow to the distributors in other shops," Chen Tian, Zhiyingdian not sales oriented and appears as the image of the store.

last year the entire business in this mode under the guidance of getting better, but Chen Haotian also found the problem: when users browse the latex mattresses and pillows of this kind of product price and not easily orders, the line experience is on the conversion rate help is particularly important. Online shop network is bigger and bigger, but there is no corresponding line experience to support, last year, the amount of the loss of our online sales may be as high as 20 million."

facing the tough problem, they adjusted the strategy: to encourage online business dealers to have mature line set up shop experience, and then through the outlets to the drainage, so that businesses tasted the sweetness, then the wave flow online direct conversion by O2O," this is the application of maximum flow capacity, "he said.
dig latex pillow "soft power"
gradually the main function of Napattiga, Tmall outlets have also changed, the team began actively from the promotion Became marketing, especially content marketing, "said Chen Haotian.
as Chen Haotian is the Thai people, but to play popular on the market Chinese Internet very clear, especially the direct hit this year "".

this year, Napattiga has been doing more than live, which is called the two Chen Hao Tianjin tianjin. A is in July this year, Thailand suffered a bad storm in the latex, in the teeth of the storm occasion, Napattiga pull on the Thailand government to do endorsements, latex factory, the first time for everyone to live is the whole process of "how to become a pillow from a drop of latex.

where this category as clothing net red anchor can get large transformation, how to live more fun?

Chen Haotian has actually been in the exploration, is constantly absorbing more interesting marketing case: for example, Taobao's" one thousand and one night ", October, Chen Haotian invited one actor to do a crossover, let live" as a gourmet's identity to Thailand to experience a "can eat, such as latex live Content refresh the user's cognitive.

moreover, latex pillow this" lonely "also began to play the international card. Not long ago, Tmall Thailand, Japan, Hungary and other countries held a Tmall home furnishings approached the global origin activity, as one of the representatives of businesses, led by Napattiga, the media and users approached Thailand, the feelings of the local life, local customs and practices and beliefs, then, the Chen Haotian team will this event made into a short video in the platform has good stories and pictures, functional properties and can play a practical understanding of the origin of products, so popular.
up to now, the originally small brands have With 2 million fans, but for the widespread Home Furnishing category of low frequency purchase problem, Chen Haotian said, will continue to develop new customers. At present, China has less than 3% of the people in the use of latex pillow, there is still a lot of blank market to be tapped, one of our most important job is to tap new customers".

but since last year, this seemingly blue ocean market has actually the influx of more and more game player, many of which are beginning to join the textile big latex pillow product line compared to Napattiga, has more advantages on pricing. The sudden opponent, Napattiga how to react?

first, continue to emphasize the origin of the concept," this is very beneficial for Napattiga endorsement, Chen Haotian believes that "many consumers trust origin even in the absence of international big, the advantages of case are often not recognized, it is a core of our Competitive power". At the same time, the fierce competition for the first brand to feel pressure at the same time also have some sense of accomplishment, "at least that the market recognized, is to go on the road," Chen Haotian said, they also learn the specific operation strategy with Roley, mercury, and other domestic first-line brand company.

from the product perspective, the latex plasticity is very strong, but few people developed it, Napattiga will try to more diverse" stiff latex products "do this, they recruited a large number of well-known designers, has developed a series of latex derivatives, like cushion, cushion, hold Baby pillow, five piece set, will be concentrated to show and broke out in the double 11.

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