The domestic garment industry downturn and garment enterprises have put forward the "business"

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over the past few years, the domestic garment industry in the doldrums, the number of Listed Companies in order to adapt to the trend of the development needs of the company, have embarked on a path of diversification. But now, some industry representative brands in the high-profile "line again".

except shanshangufen to separate spin off clothing business market development, recently, in the real estate business layout has said many YOUNGOR chairman Li Rucheng in a strategic cooperation agreement signing conference, YOUNGOR will invest 10 billion yuan in the next 5 years, strengthen the innovation of new materials, new apparel fabrics, recreating a YOUNGOR in 5 years.

insiders said, previously, many for the sake of the growth performance of clothing enterprises focus on real estate, financial investment and other areas of development, the development of the clothing industry once ignored. However, the nine Advisory general manager Shao Ligang told reporters that the current number of enterprises is to the clothing industry income, but there is not yet seen a substantial increase in the performance of the business performance of enterprises.

up "old" clothing enterprises

on clothing enterprise diversification, to talk about is YOUNGOR. At present, YOUNGOR's main business also includes clothing, real estate development and investment three large.

according to YOUNGOR previously announced half year the performance report, the first half of this year, the business achieved 2 billion 214 million yuan, 6 billion 345 million yuan and 2 billion 373 million yuan of investment income, remove the clothing sector revenue fell two, in addition to the plate are to achieve growth.

for YOUNGOR, from real estate development the income is far more than the clothing part, with the former in the net profit is also accounted for the bulk. Like YOUNGOR, Shanshan, in the apparel industry, including Busen shares, Septwolves are involved.

but, in the near future, this a "style" slightly changed.

in October with the European top five fabric suppliers signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the meeting, Li Rucheng said publicly, to strengthen the innovation of garment field of new materials and new fabrics, new technology, new brands and new services, recycling a YOUNGOR in 5 years. Allegedly, the combination of this strategic cooperation, YOUNGOR will build 1000 in the next few years, YOUNGOR's home store. In addition, YOUNGOR group will use the above 5 fabric suppliers of products, to provide consumers with a highly personalized custom services.

from the industry perspective, the planning YOUNGOR is clearly with "wind vane" in nature, or it means that the previous cross-border diversified enterprises is gradually return to development. On the specific matters, the reporter contacted the director of the office of the Secretary of the YOUNGOR, but said it needed to contact the relevant matters of the Propaganda Department, in addition, had its release on the matter before the announcement.

reporter noted that in October 26th. YOUNGOR has issued a Clarification Announcement, the contents mentioned in the last year, has formulated the "4 1000" strategic development planning. Announcement also confirmed that in the next 5 years, YOUNGOR plans to invest 10 billion yuan to enhance its brand image and the overall competitiveness of the matter.

is not only YOUNGOR, in a the conference last year, has increased the Internet Financial Angelo has said that the future will focus on the return of the garment industry, the development of the Internet technology industry chain based on C2B private custom. And for the shanshangufen movement, also has the industry sources said, compared to the previously put in the overall disk is not paid special attention, split clothing business separate listing to some extent also means the part of overweight in the clothing business development.

"now from the company level some enterprises, there is indeed to the main business clothing collection." Nine send consulting general manager Shao Ligang pointed out. In his view, a number of large garment enterprises had to focus on real estate and investment and other aspects, which does bring a lot of revenue to the enterprise. But on the current situation, real estate and other business development in the future there is more uncertainty.

"funds in the hands of a hand companies need to have an exit, on the other hand, YOUNGOR also should see the development pattern of the garment industry some brand collection stores and so good, go back to the old bank is known for these enterprises." Shao Ligang and said that in addition to the aforementioned situation, and other companies are forced to return to the current situation of the main clothing industry.

"no substantial increase in performance"

"return" and enterprise the clothing industry with concern and an old topic: clothing Whether the industry has begun to pick up?

up to now, three quarterly clothing enterprises the basic issue. Shenwan Hong in the research report pointed out that the focus of the company from its three quarterly statistics of the situation, the performance of more than 20% growth in 11, growth performance in 0~20% 7, the decline in the performance of the 16, the continuation of the trend of differentiation.

the research report also pointed out that if reject the first three quarter revenue and net profit accounted for relatively large stocks, while the key textile garment company in the first three quarter revenue growth of 18.6%, owned by the parent net profit fell 1.6%, the profit situation has been better than the reported decline narrowed. It also said that the brand clothing differentiation, but the overall good.

however, specific to the company, the reporter noted, including seven wolves, Angelo, a representative of the industry, many enterprises still relatively sluggish performance. In order to Angelo as an example, the three quarterly report released in October 29th showed that 1~9 months of this year, its operating income and net profit fell 14.22% and 160.92%.

"has not yet seen the clothing business the performance of substantial growth of the enterprise." In this regard, Shao Ligang said.

in the industry view, the recent in some business more and more large garment enterprises downturn, shrinking business, does not rule out future to survive and "go down" may.

"is related to enterprise management capability behind this problem, (some companies) for the new management method with an attitude of exclusion. In addition, (some enterprises) to the new mode of betting too much. Of course, in this process there will be some of the companies and brands are not well-known in the future will grow and grow." Shao Ligang pointed out that China's garment industry is experiencing a reincarnation of the process, the scale of the entire industry is increasing, but specific to individual enterprises is difficult to predict.

a shoes industry experts pointed out that in the industry there is still no significant recovery in the background, compared to cross-border business, betting, most of the enterprises are doing is horizontal expansion, including mergers and acquisitions of some clothing brands and extension in the whole industry chain. On behalf of more in brand acquisitions, including the landing A shares market last year, Ellassay intends to return to A shares of La Natsu Bell; and in the extension of industrial chain, the development of medical beauty business spend Lancy is a representative. "As long as the enterprise capital adequacy, the horizontal diversification of this brand, is the thing that any enterprise should do." He said.

"future cross-border situation should be diversified not too much." Shao Ligang said in the end, it is possible to use more cross-border social resources, for enterprises, the cost is too high pre exploration. In addition, after all, still there are a lot of cross-border risk



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