Once the world's first fire: Qi Jiguang cavalry Battalion

The light infantry battalion barracks fire.

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first look at the cavalry camp. Cavalry battalion of the structure of twelve people a team, the three team a flag, three a flag a bureau, a division of the four, two division one, three for a camp. The whole camp up and down about three thousand people. Cavalry camp is the most basic unit is the team of twelve people. In the three book about two of the soldiers the same configuration, the captain of a person, a waist bow, about Erwu; two Musketeer to five long, equipped with long fowling piece and hands fast gunman; two, each holding a kuaiqiang boring bar; two in palladium, palladium and rocket equipped with boring knife hand; two Daogun, equipped with bows and arrows; fire soldiers, responsible for the logistics team. Our first game team captain in each one, with the bow waist; eight Musketeer, with both hands and long fowling; boring hand three with palladium, palladium boring rocket. Second third captain of a cavalry broadsword with arrows; four, in addition to the outside with a bow handle; hook four gunmen, the hook shot, and a pair of boring; two in the palladium, palladium boring rocket.


from the cavalry cavalry configuration can be seen, Qi Jiguang's cavalry and mainly war horse cavalry. All eighteen games, especially for the ride war, only four of the Central Bureau, only 22% of the total force of the entire battalion, the other is the use of the armed forces of the configuration of more than a step. Especially the cavalry battalion carry 648 barricades around guns, in the training department for war horse, refusal to surround the camp carbine palladium, boring hand in hand in front, Daogun, time for fast gunmen, after the Musketeer Fire Guard soldiers, horses. The cavalry battalion was more like a horse rider than a horse. It was a horse powered, with a step to step. But the cavalry camp is not configured guns, the longest weapons only boring palladium. The whole Battalion soldiers except fire soldiers, all equipped with long-range weapons, firearms per capita with bow hand. As can be seen here, this cavalry battalion is mainly as a long-range strike. Coincidentally, the same age in Europe have also set up a similar nature of the Qi Jiguang cavalry riding infantry - dragoons.

" cavalry Camp Camp with tiger full squat 60 guns, matchlock gun 540, kuaiqiang 360 pole, 12920 rockets, 1152 of which side bow, tiger squatting shells drug 1800, each launch a diameter of about 2 inch stone a shotgun, 30 rounds (one or two) or 100 (three following). Matchlock and kuaiqiang ammunition are every 300 rounds, the total number of 270 thousand rounds of projectile. Each pair of arrows bow thirty, a total of 34560. The whole camp light remote weapon shooting number more than three hundred thousand times, the tiger squat 55800 gun ammunition, total shoot projectiles (arrows, lead bullets, shooting) number nearly five hundred thousand. Although it is not as much as the weight of the car, but the car is more than two times the number of shots in the car.

" infantry in "real" training "in two, a cold hand gun soldier is a mixed team, cold hand in two of gun soldiers. Mixed method is simple, the number of soldiers were not prepared openly, a contradiction and the "real" training "in. Such as mixed as the standard, is the town of thistle army without guns, do not meet the Zhejiang Bing Ji Town ordnance record Qi Jiguang himself and historical data in speech. The interpretation mode for infantry, or mixed infantry, and the number and preparation of actual recruits, and listed in the cavalry after cavalry soldiers such as banner car, so the mixed infantry is not independent as the horse camp or car camp, marshalling more similar and temporary strengthen, rather than combat sequence independent. This mixed sequence alone for the field, no guns barricades gun, is difficult to resist the Mongolia cavalry. Even if the fire mountain combat sequence is extremely weak, and the car camp horse camp fire allocation be quite different.

" so we study Qi Jiguang's infantry battalion, mainly on the basis of "real" training "in the camp step solution, is cold hand in two of gun soldiers. The infantry battalion squadron with the same structure and, as a team of 12 people, divided into team killer (cold weapon) and hand gun team. A killer team captain Qiqiang, a bar, a waist saber, a pair of bow; hand shields two, each side of the shield, a waist saber, the wolf in the hands of two, wolf in two handle; two spearmen, the pike a rod, a bow; two in the palladium boring, boring a palladium rod, rocket thirty; two in the stick, stick a bow, a pair of soldiers fire. Hand gun captain Qiqiang a rod, a handle, a pair of bow; ten Musketeer, each holding a musket, hands a long knife; fire soldiers.

"infantry infantry battalion in figure

this remote weapon is very prominent, the battalion has 1080 matchlock firearm hand rod, the total number of soldiers camp 50%, this ratio at the time of the world called luxury. The whole camp bow 648 pair, 6480 rocket projectile, fowling 216000, arrow 19440, remote weapon launch times still more than 240 thousand times. In view of the infantry battalion not equipped with artillery, cavalry and relatively light troops belonging to the camp car. But the infantry is more suitable for tree Dalin deep mountain warfare, and this type of terrain is not conducive to the cavalry, so the battalion not artillery is acceptable. Class= img_box "

" overall, in sixteenth Century, Qi Jiguang's car step by step to the thermal power of the luxury. However, the ancient technical conditions, the human has its limit, carrying a large amount of ammunition, such as heavy combat supplies, the grain is difficult to ensure the carrying amount. Such as Infantry Battalion soldiers hands a long knife two pounds 82, a fowling piece of five or six pounds, six pounds of gunpowder, six pounds of lead bullets, only weapons has reached 20.5 pounds of weight, about 12kg, if you count the armor and other objects, has been difficult to carry more food. Temporary resident Ritchie takes a long time to delay the aircraft, so Qi Jiguang has deliberately created the entrenchment to carry rations. This is in fact the entrenchment will carry a camp to forage alone in the car, in order to follow the camp guard, army. The camp with car has 160 Buddha wolf machine gun 640, matchlock, the battalion still has very strong firepower, can easily defeat the small unit of the Mongolia cavalry. Such as the brigade of siege, the Buddha Lang machine shells as high as 16000 and 192000 hair bullets, can also support for a long time. The camp can even as the basis, when the car failed to arrive at the camp, with strong maneuverability and cavalry battalion counterattack.

" Sun Tzu once said: no one can time, immutable and frozen situation, according to local conditions in the war time, to win, to be called yongbingrushen. Qi Jiguang is called the champion, because he can according to the different environment and different enemies, develop different tactics. In the south of Jiao Wo, Qi Jiguang to take the initiative to attack in the town of thistle served as wins; when Qi Jiguang was to keep the power, and that he knows the way to war on. However, Qi Jiguang has to vent their fear of coincidence, its subtlety is known, many important details in the book with a pen, to learn the art of war more the form without actually causing Qi army and Zhejiang soldiers after him at the end of the Ming Dynasty and gradually decline, eventually defeated this is not a regret. This paper refers to the

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