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A, curve ball game
to hit the curve ball, rod and rod under low angle for general use. Here to explain the two terms, the low bar and the rod angle.
1): low bar is left or right low low lever rod.
2) under the pole angle: it is used to make rod angle, we usually play with the club is the default desktop parallel, that is the default is zero, the green arc shape adjustment in the game ball to the right of the what is the adjustment under the pole angle, the maximum can be adjusted to 85 degrees, if adjusted to 85 degrees when hitting, the equivalent of the club set up a 85 degree angle line white ball and desktop. The lower the angle of the rod, the same force play the smaller the ball, if the angle of the rod to adjust to 85 degrees, the full force of the white ball, about to go out of the distance of five or six balls.
two, the direction of arc ball arc" max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box important; word-wrap:! Break-word! Important; "> if we need to hit the left hand bending direction of the arc (counterclockwise rotation arc), need to use the right low bar. Similarly, to hit the right hand corner of the arc (clockwise rotation of the arc), the need to use the left low lever. And that is, the direction of the arc is opposite to the direction of the lower rod.
three, the size of the
1) greater intensity, the smaller bending arc.
2) low lever angle from vertical to horizontal offset, partial out bigger, smaller bending arc.
bar arc bending angle is bigger, the greater the.
four, arc ball aiming method of
targeting method curve ball generally use the aiming method of an isosceles triangle, exactly is to target the ball and the white ball for two point bottom, then aiming the ball to determine a vertex, the three ball into an isosceles triangle shape. The height of the bottom edge to vertex distance, depending on the size of the outgoing arc, in practice need to understand themselves, generally within four of the distance the ball.
1, strength: consider using full stress state.
2 and low rod angle of the left lower pole, about 45 degrees being due to hit the right hand bent arc. (I love the deviation angle for
bar angle: 40 degrees.
4, vertex position: after determining the three factors mentioned above, but also need to find a vertex, the vertex in the middle part of the bag around the top and placed five pointers to these two delay line.
I used the degree to 81 degrees, 61 degrees, 57 degrees, 77 degrees
1, on the same line, on closer the SNK can save strong ligature, I used 81
relatively far SNK, such as over half of the ball, can be 61 degrees
57 and 77 degrees
3, there is a concept called is generally used in the bar, the ball under the condition of SNK score is relatively easy to use, will play a U shape curve, the curve will hit the target hit the ball better??

by his rod head skin soft and hard degree of understanding, and understanding of the position of the ball rod contact angle + + + speed strength (combined will control time and good skin contact force head mother transfer) this will control the rotation speed, the rotation direction and hit the cue ball after ball out of control to various radians on the table "style= curve of the

; basic arc is a tail hit elevation, rod angle and surface angle of 45 degrees, the higher the lift curve is stronger, turn left on the cue ball the lower left corner, turn right on the lower right corner of the play. Note the hitting time to try to make the skin head to catch a ball, not too fast too hard, do not shake, senior curve is not a simple word can describe the. The rod angle, hit the cue ball on the force and position are not the same, very large arc used for fancy performance.

reward points: 0 - to solve time: 2009 03 05 August 00 20

1. will only use the rod head hitting the ball to the ball up. Later I learned that tackles foul. I see when athletes are above the occupation ball hitting the ball. I want to know how to hit the top. Hitting the ball jump? I tried it a few times. (not the essentials. I didn't jump your rod. I use the ordinary bars. Table tennis room)

2. right rod will poke to the table. The game in the rod head into the table. Bar a fouls? Taiwan game Buzha bad how to do?

3.8 ball game 3 fouls loses the rules?"

1. ball is really can be difficult to describe. Let's say."
first. Choose a hard head pole. Better not too heavy.
. [darts " the intensity of the pole at the mother Ball.
hit point; is seen from the direction of the club. The ball is in the middle or slightly lower. Because the club was cocked up. Hit the point. The point is slightly lower in the upper part of the ball. Not a foul."
; ordinary play ball with leather head is a great deal of efforts. Also difficult to control.
suggest you find a way to get the ball feeling: a wooden table (such as desk). With small efforts to practice ball. Because wooden table elasticity is much better than the table. The elastic effect. So easy to jump out of practice. You can find the right point angle. Back to the table. Control better. Great efforts can be a.

2. right should not touch the table. Tie rod the table does not foul. How bad do cloth tied to see. If you are not intentional. What did not change the table than to. The game is. If you want to destroy the equipment. May be subject to penalties. The organization at the low position often appear rod hit games and head across the table. The table will leave a line of chocolate powder like (chocolate powder stick in the ball would be left on similar lines. At the table). Note the distinction between use and do not use bar bar bar bar angle is large usually match. Efforts are also smaller. The control does not extend to the rod head and hit the table.
3..WPA; "no rules are prescribed. The game does not use eight three consecutive fouls. The rules are summarized as follows:
... Eight ball do not include this rule....

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