Since the media commentary, Lang Ping Zhu Ting, the best volleyball Lin Li is expected to finally reach the summit

Lin Li Lang Ping

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" by a Philippines born American founder of the English volleyball fans from the media website "VolleyWood" earlier this month launched a men and women volleyball Award activities, activities began to accept the fans to vote in November 4th, this Friday (18 days) will be announced the award results. In the non official selection, women's volleyball team China three finalists nominated for four awards list, Lang Ping appeared in the "women's volleyball coach of the year award" nomination, Zhu Ting nominated "women's annual (best) player" and "women's best attacking" two, Lin Li is selected for the "women's annual best libero" nomination.

"VolleyWood" listed below is the annual women's volleyball team each individual's nomination list: "

Best: Zhu Ting (Chinese), major Mikhailovich (Serbia), C Sh Leo Va (Russia), Larson (USA);

Best font: Laci (Serbia), Ajinladewo (USA), Taisa (Brazil) de Cruyff (Holland);

Best Collusion: Boskovic (Serbia), Sloate Jess (Holland), Goncharova (Russia), Sierra (Brazil);

: Aggie Yenovich (second best in Serbia), Dani Collins (Brazil), Dieye C Mar (Holland), A- Glass (USA);

Best libero: Lin Li (China), Popovich (Serbia), Stam (Holland), Banwasser (USA);

best player: Zhu ting (Chinese), Boskovic (Serbia), Aggie Yenovich (Serbia), Sloate Jess (Holland);

Coach: Lang Ping (China), Guidetti (Holland), Kiraly (USA), ter G Chi (Serbia);

; occupation career achievement award: Gamova (Russia), Sierra (Brazil), Del Khloe (Italy), Tom (USA);

most inspiring team: Thailand, Cameroon, Manila, Holland all star.

press copy the following domain name can enter the original web page:

award need to VolleyWood Facebook page in the special post entries by forwarding or beside the photo is effective and /, but not over the wall of the China fans do not need to worry about the current number of votes, Lang Ping, Zhu Ting and Lin Li are far more than the other finalists, winning the final like a foregone conclusion.

strictly," VolleyWood "is one of the world's leading volleyball theme of" personal blog ", because it has its own independent domain name (, so now the words" from the media website". It's on its face book home page to introduce yourself: "we are the center of the news and the entertainment of volleyball, the home of all the outstanding volleyball fans in the world". "VolleyWood" on the volleyball movement of the information reported more professional, timely and politically correct, repeatedly broke the news exclusive news, there are a lot of entertainment gossip, so much attention to the fans. A lot of volleyball superstars and the site is the interaction between exchanges.

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