Do you feel it? This year's double 11 delivery has changed fast.

Double eleven feeling express add

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today to work, many colleagues on the exchange: this year, "double 11" delivery fast, Friday orders, Saturday, day two days most of the booking of goods will be home. "Double 11" delivery speed is a lot of people really feel. This year, double 11, the number of shipments than in previous years, more than 3 into, and through a variety of high-tech, planning and transportation and human resources, double 11 shopping home faster than in previous years, a lot faster. Friday drying orders, Saturday, a lot of people began to get out of the sun has been home".

according to the State Post Bureau data show that in November 11th, the main business enterprise all day long produced a total of 350 million pieces of express orders, an increase of 59%; all day long each postal and courier companies a total of 251 million, an increase of 52%. Beijing area is expected to reach 60 million, deal with more than 100 million, the maximum daily processing volume may reach 25 million, an increase of more than 2.5, is about 50% times the amount of daily processing. Beijing post relevant person in charge.


express new venues 25

this year's shopping more than in previous years, express is how to do it? According to the Beijing postal authority, in order to cope with the business peak, Beijing above scale enterprises express new site 25, an area of 78 thousand square meters, new types of nearly 4000 vehicles, add 8000 employees. Located in Shunyi Yang Industrial Park in Yuantong express logistics base, the reporter saw the sorting center of 12000 square metres of high-speed operation. According to Yuantong Express introduction, this year the entire order volume will reach 150 million, 11 day order Lanshou volume will reach 60 million. In order to prevent the explosion, the staff increased from 4500 in August to 6000 now, and at the same time, 85 new large van to enhance capacity.


intelligent storage robot posts

bes group this year "double 11 day received 45 million orders, 1.5 times last year, but the secret is not the delivery warehouse explosion with technology. This "double 11" in the warehouse picking, BES cloud link for the first time use of robot intelligent warehousing application based on artificial intelligence technology, instead of "people looking for goods, people find the shelves" mode. The robot received orders, through the quality system of the intelligent route selection for goods from the shelves where the storage area to the staff handling distribution area, shorten the distribution time. At present, the application of intelligent robot into the warehouse to achieve 1.5m/s in 1000KG under the condition of the cargo loaded walk, at the same time, also can analyze the adaptation system of any high mode using a large data warehouse itself.

it is reported that, in order to deal with the rush to send a peak, the mainland postal service, express delivery companies have invested about 11000000 square meters of processing space and about 2000000 employees. At present, SF aviation, postal aviation cargo own number has reached 36 and 33, air transportation industry increased significantly. SF launched the "6 1" plan, such as increasing the direct reduction to fly, enabled SF airlines more than 100 routes over resources, the establishment of regional fly mode, push the package module package volume resource acquisition, completed by 1 more express transport routes.

original title: courier companies expansion this year, double 11 goods home fast!

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