From P6 to P9, HUAWEI is about to achieve sales target

HUAWEI flagship sales target

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2013 years in June, HUAWEI terminal CEO Yu Chengdong in P6 Ascend after the global conference on the media, said, we expect P6 sales will reach 10 million levels".

Yu Chengdong said at the time, 10 million sales for HUAWEI terminal, it will be a landmark event, but also to a certain extent, determine the success or failure of HUAWEI terminal. He was also introduced, HUAWEI's history, only a thousand intelligent machines sold more than 10 million, and other high-end products, to sell relatively good, is the Honor series, but only about 1000000 sales.


P7 debut a year later, HUAWEI once again shouted the million sales target.

and over a year, HUAWEI P8 series debut, Yu Chengdong team third degrees out of ten thousand sales target.

" it is worth noting that, although the location of the flagship of the P8 / P8 Max wasn't 10 million sales mark, but if the P8 Youth Version (P8 Lite) sales, then the P8 product line is much higher than the total sales million.

"HUAWEI P8 Youth Version (source: Churwin)

HUAWEI announced in February this year, as of January 31st, HUAWEI P8 youth version of the total shipment in the market after more than 9 months has exceeded 10 million. Some media also pointed out that the HUAWEI P8 series (P8 / Max P8 / P8 Youth Version) of the total shipments have exceeded 16 million.

" came in 2016, with Leica HUAWEI P9 dual camera debut, Yu Chengdong led the team to fourth degrees HUAWEI terminal impact flagship million sales mark, but this time with the "goal" is really only Zhichizhiyao the.

11" on Sept. 10, HUAWEI formally announced in Shenzhen published since April this year, the global P9 shipments have exceeded 9 million. Li Changzhu, vice president of HUAWEI mobile phone product line, said that for the HUAWEI brand, this is a historic breakthrough, because P9 is about to become the first global shipments of HUAWEI's high-end flagship high-end flagship product.

more important is that this represents the HUAWEI has been the pursuit of a more high-quality experience of the world's high-end consumers love and recognition.

Li Changzhu in an interview with reporters also confirmed that the HUAWEI P9 Series in the global market of this 9 million total shipments only P9 and Plus P9 these two flagship machine, but not including the Lite P9 (G9 youth version).

" HUAWEI P9 "(source: TailYou) announced in the

P9 series flagship sales at the same time, HUAWEI also held a" HUAWEI P9 Fan Party and the goddess will meet "P9 global brand spokesperson Scarlett · Johnson at the party. She said at the event: "HUAWEI P9 as HUAWEI and Leica to design excellent products, not only can capture the best moments in life, and high quality dual camera allows users to see a different world, this is a great product design concept, also got great success.

apparently, Leica brand + Dual Camera + big star endorsement, and ultimately help already have a better mass base of the HUAWEI P flagship machine close to the goal of tens of millions of sales. No surprise, HUAWEI P9 / Plus P9 in the near future will be able to truly among the ten million sales club.

for the media put forward "why now officially announced P9 sales reached 9 million, rather than when breaking 10 million to publish the news", Li Changzhu said:

this is accidental, not deliberately to the. Because just Scarlett came, and Chinese people are more like 9". In addition, I personally feel like the top 10 million, perfect in every respect. I would rather take an examination of 90 points, is not willing to take an examination of 100 points, because 90 points that we have room for improvement . In fact, we are far from, is still moving forward, just this time it.

series models (especially the flagship) broken million sales, apple and Samsung are common. But for domestic manufacturers, but it is not an easy task. Although

2 / 3 / 4, millet red rice and the glory of the series of several tens of millions of sales of low-end models have been achieved, but the start of the high-end domestic price in 2000 yuan above currently only OPPO R series can reach tens of millions of magnitude.


OPPO R9 series of official data, the total sales volume in the 88 days of its release had exceeded 7 million. OPPO vice president Wu Qiang also told the media that the total sales of R9 OPPO should be able to create more than 15 million record R7 OPPO series.

no doubt, HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo these three brands are leading the collective impact of domestic mobile phone manufacturers in the high-end market. While the performance of millet in sales performance is unsatisfactory, but the recent debut of the millet Note 2 and millet MIX or to the outside world with greater confidence. The apple is weak, Samsung setback in the background, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers also have a better development opportunities, of course, in the core technology and ecological construction still has great room for growth.

"on the third quarter of this year, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo continues to rank the world's five largest smart mobile phone manufacturers (source: IDC)

11 14, HUAWEI Mate officially released 9 domestic, this flagship business trip with tens of millions of sales open. For HUAWEI Mate 9 series, do you think you can break the sales?

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