Millet will be released in November, the first 16 artificial intelligent set-top boxes

Millet set-top boxes artificial intelligence Japan released

cnBeta· 2016-11-15 04:02:43

today announced the official micro millet box will be released in November 16th, the new millet box, and said the box is the 1 evolution, the 6 upgrade". According to the official introduction, the new millet millet box is the first artificial intelligent set-top boxes, I guess, the product is likely to run Millet's first artificial intelligent video system PatchWall. New millet box posters appeared in the "Wang fried" and 2 4, may suggest that the new performance of the explosion".

" let us review the previous millet TV box configuration, they are 3 and millet box enhanced version, the following is the basic parameters of the two products:

price, millet box 3 starting price is 299 yuan, I guess the new millet box at the price of 300 yuan. May be the name of the new product will skip the number 4, directly named as millet box 5.

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