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" in Chengdu City, a center of the month, three of the two children the mother to eat a month of meals in the center of the month.

11 month 11 days, this newspaper to "pay" 40 thousand service charge confinement center process "withdrawal" drift ", reported a confinement dispute: Chengdu public Ms. Wang gave birth to a daughter, spent 40 thousand yuan, in" my love "confinement center in confinement, who knows he stayed for half a month, listen to said the boss run away, even some of the items stored in the library of diapers took … … thus, not for the public familiar with the" confinement center "has attracted wide attention.

recently, the reporter visited the learned, though in Chengdu the confinement center in confinement, hundreds of consumption tens of million yuan, some high-end apartment layout even if receive 18 months of expenses, but the confinement center is still widely popular. November 13th, a number of centers, said the room in December has been basically completed.

behind this looks beautiful high-end services, insiders also say that some "Korean" and "desktop" signs are mostly a gimmick. As for the month club propaganda medical team, the industry said that the majority of confinement center in collaboration with the hospital doctors, but many doctors only work part-time. In addition, the general lack of nursing staff related qualifications and training, most of them from domestic companies, changing clothes only.

WCC reporter Mao Yuting photography Wu Xiaochuan

is a popular

for "just need to" a

operating in Chengdu confinement center industry sources said, with the full two child policy is coming, this kind of maternal confinement center services also ushered in the "spring".

price service: confinement 180 thousand

"Deluxe" for the 110 square meters of the three bedroom, repair equipment put a 500 thousand.

11 month 13 days, expectant 80 Ms. Lee open business review website, enter the "confinement center", nearly 20 business information. She opened one by one, from the room environment, hardware facilities, services and other aspects of the team compared. Subsequently, she dialed 5 month center telephone consultation, detailed understanding of confinement meals varieties, collocation, food sources etc.. Ms.

Lee works in a foreign company, the annual salary of about 200 thousand. She said, because her husband is busy with work, parents are far in the field, confinement center is a convenient choice "".

5 years ago, the first batch of Chengdu confinement center, was still a new thing. And now, according to industry estimates, there are thirty or forty similar institutions in Chengdu city.

please Yuesao, the general public is "high consumption", and not only for the maternal confinement center invited personal care division, to send a month of meals, also provide postpartum shaping, doctors rounds, energy-saving and other services. The service increased, prices have gone up naturally. Reporters learned that the majority of Chengdu more than 1 months from the center of the month 35 thousand or 45 thousand from three to four, according to the standard gradually increased to about one hundred thousand yuan.

for different price, number of confinement center consultant said, is mainly different Fangxing, hardware facilities and service parts. A drawing room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom is a common chamber confinement center, in more than 50 square meters. A company located in KELONG road in the vicinity of the confinement center has launched 180 thousand "Deluxe room". Consultant introduction, the room for the three bedroom, an area of 110 square meters. In the room with a 500 thousand post natal repair equipment, can help her mother to restore the body.

demand: in December has been booked after

80 two child mother as the main customer, the general income is stable, but also the general age is too large.

confinement center tens of million of consumption, also do not too expensive, without reservation, the day is almost difficult to find a suitable room. In November 13th, a number of confinement center told Ms. Lee, the room has been booked. The confinement center said that in December the basic rooms have been set out, "in the tense".

is a business in Chengdu confinement center insiders said that with the full two child policy is coming, this kind of maternal confinement center services also ushered in the "spring". In her business center of the month, 80 became the main customers, half of which is the two child mother. She explained that two children mothers are generally older, income is more stable, more willing to choose the confinement center in confinement.

work in a state-owned enterprises to the lady just gave birth to twins, sitting at home in the end of the month. She said at the time that there is no need to drop a few million yuan in confinement, but during the month daily 6 meals a month of meals really spent a lot of time and energy, and the two baby care difficulty, if children, should choose "confinement center".

reporter visited found that Chengdu residential district, located in the center of the month in most hotels, farmhouse, villas and office buildings, usually take the purchase or lease of the way, there are open and villas, hotel cooperation. The number of the most confinement center room can reach 20, generally away from the city center.

industry insiders say, decide to start the month club or confinement center position, the main reference air quality index, adjacent to the New District of the rich. Also, there should be a large hospital nearby.

11" on Sept. 10, Chengdu City, a center of the month, the nursing staff with a newborn basking in the sun room.

also because no threshold to

since the regulatory confinement center no threshold, causing the market uneven in quality. At the same time, such institutions are also lack of supervision.


has all kinds of rhetoric exaggerated

diet is the maternal confinement of the event, the confinement center have played attractive Recipes: papaya, pumpkin, shrimp, stewed bird's nest Cordyceps stewed chicken … … usually, women have 6 meals a day, after 3 meals have a meal. Many businesses claimed that a weekly nutrition, a weekly meeting of the health and nutrition, the weekly meeting of a health and nutrition, the weekly meeting of the health and nutrition, the weekly meeting of the. The center of a month is that, if only in the center to buy a month of meals, at a cost of 22 thousand yuan. The cost is high because edible vegetable is the boss's own kind, and the recipe "meal is not heavy sample".

in this regard, insiders say that these talks more exaggerated. Some businesses play on sesame oil "and" special confinement tea ", but is in fact a common food usually see.

in May this year, Ms. Lin after giving birth to the daughter by the service car directly to the center of a month in Sanshengxiang, spent 40 thousand yuan in confinement. She said, in fact, part of the feast is the processing of semi-finished products, make people feel "not very comfortable". Ms. Wang said, during her stay, or often have repeated dishes, 6 meals a day, not hard to do ".

reporter learned that the market centers are divided into three categories: Korean, desktop and other. The merchant claimed that Korean in postpartum body repair and form a more professional service, while the main desktop maternal separation". In this regard, insiders said, this is a gimmick, or were the main value confinement center services. When the reporter consulted

, a Korean confinement Club consultant said the president for South Korean celebrities, many stars to the club. When a reporter asked the president's name, the consultant then replied, do not know".


nurses from domestic well-known experts in the switch of

team is also a focus confinement center. Some of the month club will specifically set out a "doctor wall", hang out with company doctor profiles and photos of cooperation.

industry insiders said, because after the birth of the infant and maternal physical weak, confinement center should be equipped with medical license of clinicians in the personnel structure. During the month, once the maternal and child health condition, they need to make judgments, so as to timely diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, most confinement center in collaboration with the hospital doctor, the doctor is part-time. The confinement center the so-called professional nursing staff are mostly domestic staff to switch to, that is to say "change clothes", many people do not have the relevant qualifications, professional training. Since the confinement center no threshold, causing the market uneven in quality. Some confinement center to obtain a business license in the business sector, by renting houses along the street management, safety and health conditions are not ideal.

reporter inquiries business administration website found, Chengdu center or the month club registered name as "XX maternal and child care limited liability company".

health system responsible person, confinement center does not belong to medical institutions, therefore not within the jurisdiction of the system. Reporters call the mayor of Chengdu hotline consultation, the staff said, if the customer in the process of staying in a consumer dispute can be complained to the industrial and commercial system or consumer complaints.

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