The woman to do undercover bill discount 15 million for theft of debt

Cash bill woman Ganzhou

zhengyiwang· 2016-11-15 05:11:41

recently, a woman surnamed Li for stealing the bank U shield privately transferred out of a company for posting 15 million yuan discount, is Jiangxi city of Ganzhou province Zhanggong District Procuratorate on suspicion of theft arrest.

with Jiangxi Province, the people of Lee and had a bridge and lending business, in 2015 had a trade company in Ganzhou Hwang lending funds 7 million yuan, after Hwang has not yet. In January this year, Lee for the supervision of a company's financial situation to promote its repayment, the employee's identity to the company to work to Hwang, mainly to assist the company accounting for bank account, transfer and other matters.

" (with the independent network, and

) in August 7th this year, Lee, Zengmou in Yu County found Huang, Lee said being called Huang Dun, to pay back the money. Huang called Li Mouru to see his company's account has more than 12 million yuan of discount account on the first transfer out of debt. In August 15th, Huang told Li Mouyou the sum of 15 million yuan discount will go with the flat-share office, sharing accounting Yemou company accounts.

8 16 in the morning, Lee stood in the back at the company's accounting operation, while accounting for Huang to find identity and network fault opportunity, with a prepared bank U shield replaced the U shield Yemou company. U shield after hand, Lee to the vicinity of the hotel room with his laptop computer to log in online banking, the company accounts 15 million yuan Yemou discount money to Hwang's company account, and then through the Huang company account to his private account. Then, Lee through online banking will be 15 million yuan were used to repay the debt, credit cards, cash, etc., which transferred to a 4 million 500 thousand yuan. At noon the same day, Yemou company accounting to the bank inquiry found that 15 million yuan discount shall be transferred out, and quickly report. After the incident, Lee, Hwang Zengmou, surrendered to the public security organs.

after the examination, Zhanggong District Procuratorate on suspicion of theft arrest Lee, Hwang, on suspicion of the crime of concealing offend arrest zengmou. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

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