"Underworld Xuanfei Prince" this variety was wrong

Chu scheming underworld Prince

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recently ah small eye to see a main first awakening interest in the opposite sex, the male god

blue bestie will give me recommend a variety, so go ahead you are a silly white sweet rush to tell people to learn how to do Liao Han, a veteran of the main small wow wipe excited!! Male Lord is my male god Baron Chen Baron Chen!!!

from 07 years of "jam" handsome now ang!!! Class= img_box "

" next to the Wuli MOE stupid stupid little Gong for seconds into the slag.....

" not only is Baron Chen or net worth of Yan, the legendary Mafia Prince ye! But once the Taiwan all-powerful Chen's underworld "Godfather", Taiwan bamboo union spiritual leader Chen Qili ↓

" at the age of 19 Chen Qili emerged, under his leadership, bamboo union strength is rapidly increasing, gradually annexed other gang forces, "the best in all the land help" name! Too burning there is no!!! (but now is to abide by the law '

1984, Chen Qili also participated in the "Jiangnan" case shocked the world, was hailed as the "Taiwan Mafia Godfather"

2007 Chen Qili's funeral is to create a great sensation, see the movie screen, government officials and the Mafia, thousands of people wearing a uniform neat black suit, wearing black sunglasses!!!

" over the former leader of Taiwan bamboo union scene, second for universal help master led condolences. TV pictures of the title is Chen Qili farewell arena"!!!!

" Baron Chen is the eldest son of Chen Qili, walking in the funeral procession of

a solemn face, wearing a black robe, and wearing black sunglasses, wearing a suit to give him an umbrella!!! Prince Ye Fan children full of tears tears tears too ~~~~~

is this photo to the ~~~~

" in father Chen Qili's funeral after Baron Chen signed away the number! Billion! Inheritance right. The prince firmly believe that: only my father thought and writing, I can create anything I want to

right heart of girl idol drama characters in wood!! But millet from showbiz for 06 years, Baron Chen now does not work, the more well-known role in addition to the above "jam" Rijkaard fried basketball for 08 years and in the grass, "I love you" decreed by fate inside play a affectionate male two

" off screen with Jon sister is also very good (this relationship hit more handsome like not like!

2012 "in" the horizon moon knife played "vane"

" costumes similar to honey Jin Dong veteran

" at the beginning of this year "buddy" fell in love with a small fire

drama to women (for you Not wrong, is a woman!) Megan Lai CP

" were released. They pass love! Small owners still say that Baron Chen is not a strange object, how also after the dating show "img_box"

"at the Zhei show that the main small.... These little girls too will hold up!!! 72 type of old drivers simply can not stop the routine!! North noses are learning to point!!

first type: love for

in the palm of your hand to write down my name yo ~ so you put me in the palm of the yo ~

small beginning in my heart I Tucao, apply this excellent × beauty of advertisement is to lead to trouble.... But has been successful! Sure enough straight thinking is not the same? You look up to the master under the small pink

second: the world is so big that we went to see many places I've been to

yo ~ 23 provinces in the country yo ~ to go with me to see good ~

" is a routine to have? But straight said, I was

third type: help me choose good

this necklace is terrific, one is testing each other with their own aesthetic and not in tune, but a hint to the other, I really care about you yo ~~~

" the Obama immediately hooked, it will help you choose to wear it

" type fourth: trying to let you remember me!

zhei girl does not take the unusual way, the northeast big girl into Thai, yapping a bunch of themselves do not understand the Thai ha ha ha ha

[but is very useful! The 25 sister hit debut finished, Baron Chen was the first to find her alone to chat with

", above is the first meeting of Liao Han pluviose words, these negative example is right, for! Dead! Big! Thunder;mine;Ray(surname);shocking(Internet Slang)! Area!!!

first, I can just meet some ~ ~ micro bit reserved... Get off after a trot hug to direct down Baron Chen's

presenter Qiu Qiming said if I make up a knife, rushed out of the first, the

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second, don't talk about age, don't talk about age on age! The fear is that "I was watching you play up", was that I couldn't answer the embarrassment to the _,

Zhei was the first phase of the little girl was brushed

third, a talent is a good thing, but millet at least to pick a good.... Let's sing not honestly say hello Taihang? Like a fifth not in tune but hard to sing too embarrassed.....

Baron Chen is to tell the truth, after all, did not put on the spot or face

fourth, feed is very intimate, bart! First figure out each other's preferences! Heavy! To! This cake is generally trying to feed the ↓ &darr

" was

" is a word not just to send durian..... Class= img_box "

" young master said... Alas white blind long so nice

" a total of 25 little girls ah, light time is almost accounted for the first phase of the whole content, the beginning is the pure Na Da fantasy style, but! A little girl can not bear ah, your day to your other air, Baron Chen is my! You little bitch hit me with no rush!!!

approach announced that he is Baron Chen wife, a scheming bitch, super tinkling se, this episode the mouth gun play, cosmetic hospital assistant

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secretly with Baron Chen talk, said the family is behind scheming bitch

" who is more beautiful than her she would hate who

she was able to compete as well as a small black sister, two people mouth battle was good

international friends small de hi N bold ah, just went into a circle of children, you are gone now! Baron Chen said love me very much!

" plastic assistant immediately fried, the moderator gave us a talk. I'm the palace!

black sister oh you fart Suo Da yo, Baron Chen used to declare a sister language!

mother bear big ass Alice, do you have?! Class= img_box "

black sister, K.O!

is not finished, the second round of war and began to tear force "img_box"

" is my palace! VS fart! I was the palace! Class= img_box "

" hey are not you two so interesting? A hair when they participate in the palace Azhen ceremony to become Queen's concubine? Medium world outlook instantly put a small main shocked outside Giori tender

to the first night of Baron Chen rose in a crowd to, a general appearance of the Swedish girl walked slowly to the piano and play "in dream the wedding", successfully attracted the attention of Baron Chen "

side plastic assistant Zhang Xiao exploded at!

"is the direct curse from Sweden scheming bitch"......

and then put the little girl away people in Sweden =

second she was not selected to date, five people

Liu Xiuwei in the rabbit the house got the appointment card did not attack the eyesight to see ah very just said, I think the five of them are very beautiful. (Taiwan class= "img_box" id= cavity

" plastic assistant direct retort, you don't see them blind ah is whole

international friends said the day that I dare not to fire a powerful

" plastic assistant also specifically carry out her most dislike Cui Yinglun, said she did the whole Xiong good a bit outside the expansion...

" the nose is too high =

" over here upright northeast sister said you can not, why don't you put your whole perfect point class= "img_box" id= pinch

" the smell of gunpowder... Little Lord in this life has never been so torn ×.... Blue rabbit wanted to leave them, put the flowers on the table up to Zhang Xiao, she let the fire

" but Zhang Xiao more angry, picked up the shoe on the foot of the small white rabbit winded, you are to let me kill you!?

" originally the small white rabbit is to send a bouquet of white flowers. The death of

Zhang Xiao class= "img_box" id= "id_imagebox_69" style= "=''>

", a small white rabbit smile no laughing the whole Mongolia circle "img_box" id= "

" blue after Zhang Xiao took her carry out cutting a meal, when! Noodles! Tear! Force!

"said Zhei rabbit Liu Xiuwei, the former two are quite small and love her, looks really nice"

"just came out, all her evaluation is ↓

" in God's eyes, she is such a ↓

"when Zhang Xiao scold, my silly sister Yang Hongzhi also specifically to protect her

"the little white rabbit people are too strong, after the broadcast The poll results, Liu Xiuwei class= "img_box" id= way ahead of

" is such a sweet daily micro-blog type "img_box

" but when Liu Xiuwei replied "my friends said Mr. Chen" when he was ruthless face ↓

" seems to know what great things...

" but it is better for everyone and the dark poke with you to grab the male vote isn't the most dangerous yet..... After all, do not sound cocky, barking dogs don't bite ah (where it seems wrong?)

second is a small rabbit sympathetic pro, wanted to go to a close contact in the arms of God are single wang!!!

rabbit strength demonstration, to date when the routine is deep and talent shows itself, it is elegant!

" third Baron Chen right up to the goddess of Monkey Island, see monkey hit?

" so elegant dating sites, it is Baron Chen the anti routine boy can do ah

when all efforts and monkey play show their love small animal (even if it is also afraid of whether true love as close as possible to the

" we clean the small white rabbit, a accidentally scared

" and then a careless hand

" and then a careless God hugged her "

Hong Kong drama actress, the scenes you haven't seen enough? Straight is not love the hero, MAN at the moment?

out of the tear her more than Zhang Xiaoyi, the most lovely and most kind of fun with all good international friends djokovic! Class= img_box "

" a small white rabbit pulled to the side of the monkey, scared to wash you! Let you play all!

", although this technique will annoy the rival, but for boy and girl do not know how hungry down male god, Liu Xiuwei did not practice not a method class= ah

" again, to say the most will also be up above the chest expansion of Cui Yinglun, Zhei fried chicken sister hit confidence ah, just met with Baron Chen said, as long as I describe eight words "angel the devil face,"

up on the male shangxiajishou, ~ ~ ~ to touch touch ~

"when the other girl's reaction is shen'er the sauce ↓

three a woman with Baron Chen to go to the beach to take pictures, Zhei little girl Kaka her skirt off, there is a set of bikinis my day ah! Powerful

simple point, steal routine simple point Pro

cross legged.....

to the Pro Pro pro.... There is no end ah fall!

sister turned a supercilious look oh Da said I don't want her black

small Cui students own explanation is that I just love to play! Don't let me stop! They were lovely. I drunk fist foot!!! Class= img_box "

" I go...... The girl is really open, anyway, little Lord really could not stand, do not understand the program group is how to think, to a publicity photo is properly harem posture???

" but the show had just finished recording Baron Chen put all the female guests have taken off....

" on the table so that XOXO wall thump legs touch the count what??

(~ ~ ha ha Da open part) small master seemed suddenly a little love Baron Chen

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