38 year old married a small meat, Zihan Chen is the neglected legend

Spain Zihan Chen fresh actress

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just be Zhang Lunshuo Christy Chung "finally wait until you" wedding (NVE) (Gou) a round, and a female star announced marriage news.

" a few days ago, Zihan Chen had to go Dai Xiangyu husband COSMO fashion ceremony red carpet styling is suction eye, deep V transparent bubble skirt, sweet little public mood for being worn in the body.

" does not rule out Zihan Chen is love V collar, lychee hit drama "mission impossible" platform, red deep V faster way to the navel. Class= img_box "

and partial fairy wind V...

" so look down, may be "married fresh meat"? Precisely speaking, the "Zihan Chen Dai Xiangyu wedding" should be called "the wedding message", because this year "519" two people receive a certificate, specially selected "520" day open to the public, don't ask why you do not know, because "Huo Ru" is also released on this day of love.

although Zihan Chen Sun News "under the micro-blog also has a lot of big coffee to join in, but they still submerged &hellip in the old cadres and the princess marriage of prehistoric flow; &hellip

said, the wedding day release may also choose not too good, hit the Hawick Lau Yang Mihun series, behoove not what water. Coincidentally, Zhang Lunshuo Christy Chung is the two day of the wedding, Dai Xiangyu Zihan Chen's situation just and this pair has a delicate similarity: all female big male small, female strong male weak (visibility).

" at the age of 46, compared to two divorce, raising three daughters still love to marry before the Christy Chung line, three line actress Zihan Chen married at the age of 38 and 6 years younger and a fresh boyfriend suspected mistress in Spain but also the wedding, more like we ignore the legend.

Zihan Chen, everyone should not unfamiliar (certainly not too familiar, the most well known) is labeled "Millennium female No. two", Michelle Ye was also in variety brought Tucao, each big forum "what beautiful inventory acting is good but not always red star", "the Reds do not play Red Star", which she will have a.

of course, the name of this indicator, to see who is the reference. With her husband Zihan Chen, Dai Xiangyu is the 99% gold "small transparent".

2007 in "My Hero", was also called Dai Yangtian, into the national top 20, then retired, Singapore signed a new media company, has appeared in many singapore drama, the most famous is "the Little Nyonya" female, a drama played the male No. two, with Singapore's "Red Star Award" (pork ceremony biggest local TV circle) new year, to a foreigner in the entertainment mix is good in other countries.

however, 2013 home development, changed his name, and Zihan Chen, a brokerage firm, the two co mango TV series "for singles together", and then really together … …

nearly 30 years before returning to the domestic development, and catch up with the mainland and unfortunately this batch of double Yi Ruo fresh tide, as can be imagined resources is not too good, Dai Xiangyu. Either on the same film and Zihan Chen ("wearing tassel Earring"), or in some network drama, like "White 2" campus Belle long legs, the overall development of peace.

said appearance, Dai Xiangyu is not better than Zhang Lunshuo, 185 legs, dress and thin strip with meat.

so the value of the color there, even if it is small and transparent eighteen lines, in the marriage market is always a lack of advantage. And Zihan Chen open after licensing, have claimed that the man has a ten year history of marriage, Zihan Chen suspected the mistress. Class= img_box "

and WeChat broke the news of this evidence.

" and the legend of the man's ex-wife Lu Yixuan, so it is a red net, appeared in the "Lotus Lantern" prequel, "her biography" and other TV series, the audience should be familiar and master Kentucky series of ads.

" but was immediately denied Dai Xiangyu, Zihan Chen also forwarded micro-blog testificandum husband "innocent", a variety show specifically clarified this scandal, claiming that "my husband never married", because "if he is the second marriage, my mother never promised".

" on the man of the suspected "marriage", how not to say the truth. In terms of intersection, Lu Yixuan 2007 also signed the Singapore new media, the same year into the same brokerage firm, or foreign, to say that two people do not know is clearly not possible.

" put aside this pile that is not clear. Dai Xiangyu, in Singapore, was very Tianya friends broke the flower, and Singaporean actress Guo Shuxian (Guo Shuxian) talked about love. Guo Shuxian older than Zihan Chen, born in 1973, wearing a 11 year old people's Congress, so from this point of view, the man has like the sister's inertia.

" on career achievement, Guo Shuxian did a star in Singapore, familiar with Fann Wong, Zheng Huiyu, Phyllis Quek these domestic audience Singapore actress par, with Alex Man and Christopher Lee cooperation "stranger", and "energy-saving" in Nalanming Hui, are with the domestic "older" TV children's childhood memories.

" if you broke the news is true, from another perspective, the man has experience in dealing with strong women and weak men relationship, no marriage interview should ease, generous recognition of gap height and the cause of Zihan Chen, said: "this is in fact, we must admit that if I can't tell the truth, it seems too mother". Zihan Chen claimed that because of the age gap between husband and husband, almost got depression.

female star's marriage happiness, it is written on the face, the couple's popularity, not far enough happiness with the value of performing marketing coffee, so some eyes and the state is relatively large, you see me I see you, did not consider eating melon masses double 11 struggling chop hand of sorrow...

" on the other, between two people together in an interview with the content of sugar is also quite high, with a NetEase entertainment interview to

NetEase Entertainment: you two gene is so good, the future baby should be very beautiful, there is no time to consider what baby?

Zihan Chen: good pressure, I asked him that day if the baby does not look good, how to do, because we now feel that our baby should be pretty good, so still quite a pressure. I particularly want to have a baby, but naturally, because I can not think for yourself, I also want to consider for him, if the baby is too anxious, I am afraid of myself this baby in her husband's mind without position.

Dai Xiangyu: don't worry, you'll always be the first.

Zihan Chen: if I had a daughter, he would be dead, he is too fond of girls, although I am not a girl, but I will be his children. My husband said I was only two years old, I have just met him, when I was 5 years old, is getting smaller and smaller, and now become two years old.

NetEase: large scale entertainment after filming should be reported?

Dai Xiangyu: every time I'm prepared.

Zihan Chen: I think I will be a lot more after a bit, before I would really be as long as one can see (the other shot intimate play) I will not worry, palpitation, body reaction caused by jealous. But because of marriage, we have to pay more for each other, so I will be more to understand this aspect, will adjust their own physical quality.

NetEase Entertainment: can we share with our friends about the experience, how to find a suitable for their own people?

Dai Xiangyu: I think a woman must marry love, not to think of any other factors. Of course I know the social pressure, in this part of the society, it may be difficult to be a real one, but I hope you do not particularly realistic, especially for the feelings, the woman must marry for love.

Zihan Chen: I was in the heart of something before I met him. But our success, I think to tell you an experience, if when you meet the person you love, you can open your mind, your fragile thing to him, if that person is looking for, the thing that you pay is back in exchange for what you want; but if you take a selfish, with a guard, I believe you also change not to come back.

from the choice of route, the choice of Zihan Chen and her career path almost identical. That year, she and classmate Jiang Qinqin, Jin Qiaoqiao and North three flowers, the latter two, a married Chen Jianbin, another husband in resource is hard, and just three people in the entertainment industry development side by side.

Zihan Chen played a tune idol drama "want to love you", actor Jerry Yan, actress Ella, she played the female No. two is a big star to give up love for the future. Wonderful? Contrary to her real experience.

was born in Chongqing, native of Hubei Wuhan, Zihan Chen's first name is Chen Shasha, later changed to fortune. On the change of the name, Michelle Ye also specialized Tucao too. Huayi previously gave her a lot of resources, or red can not be. In 90s, Steve Ma and Leanne Liu played the "Lennon." during a very long time.

"has said, can maintain more than ten years of their physique motionless, on Zihan Chen's ability to freeze age still convinced, only talk about the appearance, with a small 6 year old husband basically no gap. The maximum static

" this year out, micro-blog is exposed to "Mi month biography" casting a shady, no "bad Costume" audition Mi months pass the role of said to the shelling of the background (visual is a director relatives). Class= img_box "

, Millennium female two, not red, was used as the stem of the label. The program form and before being under the framework of the "General Assembly" by the similar Tucao, some of the guests were "laugh" on Zihan Chen, by the parties to explain.

the most drama Tucao were "falling head" of Michelle Ye, "said Zihan Chen mercilessly can only play two female", "Yu Zheng's drama, Like attracts like." etc..

"which shows somewhat rendering, but the TV play as early too is the writer, So Michelle Ye said not to hit his face.

" is about "million years old children's TV supporter", carefully recalled that Zihan Chen's yield and quality is the same coffee actress in a memory of people.

"Han Emperor" in the princess of Pingyang, was also about the status of the poor Jiedi ~

female with a series of" Jin Yong ", such as" the wayward white Formica The legend of Condor Hero "Guo Fu," The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber "spiders son the discussion is not low degree.

" later also play a lot of traffic drama, "", "living Buddha Ji Gong" pregnant every day, not lack of mass basis.

" is now a few spy war drama, drama, a middle-aged audience, "mission impossible" is the last female one.

is said to be planning to go back to the television producer transformation.

" see, Zihan Chen range is very wide, but why is not red?

" on the one hand, supporting and color, but not a female main representative, always short of breath; on the other hand, because of what kind of role play, but lost the characteristic point of the business opportunities.

" and she also admitted regret that in order to give parents a better life not to pick the play time, even regret in school have no intention to hone acting, in contrast to then play outside the proud.

of course, now Zihan Chen probably don't mind cause the billows out of fashion, after all, married young high handsome, towards a new future. Class= img_box "

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