Why China's first batch of astronauts to recruit the number of 14

Astronaut Li Qinglong psychological tolerance first flight return capsule

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flying prequel you thought you saw the whole story, but you only know their names. May not be so.

November 1997, Gagarin from the director of the Russian astronaut training center will take up the "G suit that moment alliance" spacecraft commander certificate, Wu Jie said excitedly: "I now take the" alliance "spacecraft commander of the certificate, then take back Chinese your certificate, and then we drove Chinese the spacecraft into space, with you the Mir space station docking, OK?" Ask this throw, throwing in the seemingly bright future, in March 23, 2001 the Russian space station Mir crashed into the earth's atmosphere, became the last song.

Wu Jie is one of the first batch of astronauts, he knows this earlier than the rest of China. Before 1996, formally established in China astronaut brigade, Wu Jie and another comrade Li Qinglong as the two astronauts China ahead of the selection of the teacher, Gagarin went to the Russian astronaut training center for basic training courses. Since the more than and 60 years since Gagarin, the world's exploration of space and the sacrifice of the astronauts accumulated more than 20. That is to say, the astronaut is one has the extremely high risk the occupation.

a training, Li Qinglong and Wu Jie were pulled to the Arctic Circle of a snow field, in the low temperature of -50 degrees Celsius for 48 hours. Training to provide all the food, only a small amount of compressed biscuits and other life-saving food. "Two days and two nights of little sleep, feeling very painful." Li Qinglong said that training down, lost 4 pounds of weight.

as well as psychological isolation training, a person was closed isolated in 10 square meters of the cabin, a full 3 days can not sleep, and in accordance with the training program 24 hours to do the provisions of the work content. "At four or five in the morning the most difficult, people at this time in particular would like to close for a while, very uncomfortable. But as long as you close your eyes, the alarm will sound monitor, pull you back from the brink of sleep, if you insist on not down, on the third day of sleep in the past is very easy, but the training even failed." Wu Jie recalls. Sleepy bear when he cried, again and again to sing "energy-saving". This training is mainly to the individual in the long-term extreme environmental conditions of psychological screening and work efficiency evaluation, some temper, psychological tolerance is low, it is difficult to pass through this. Space seems wonderful, like a dream, but in reality is a black hole like existence. In outer space, the loss of time and space positioning of the individual will face tremendous loneliness, the kind of suffocation from the human civilization can even make people collapse. Abroad to perform space missions of the astronauts, back to the ground after some turned to theology, some began to read philosophy, there are people who suffer from depression.

Wu Jie had spent 3 days in the devil training. After the training, he received a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne from the staff at the Gagarin center.

at the time of China's manned space project started soon, difficult, and many of the special environment required for astronaut training only Gagarin center can provide. Wu Jie and Li Qinglong like two northbound from people with a secret, for a year to complete the 4 year course, and then use a learned return to their country's words and deeds, some North Yannan twigs that belong to the nest.

, one year after the study, was born in 1963, Wu Jie received a "union" of the ship's command long certificate. With this certificate, it means that he is qualified to drive any one of the "union" spacecraft, the completion of all career astronauts inside the most dream goal - to explore the vast expanse of space.

it is no exaggeration to say that at that time in Russia's Wu Jie and Li Qinglong, is the Chinese from the dream of flying the last two person, can use 4 words to describe their state at that time: ready. January 1998, two astronauts to the dual status of coaches and astronauts into the Chinese astronaut brigade.

December 2013, Wu Jie 50 years old. He has never been able to fly the Chinese spacecraft into space, his comrade Li Qinglong is also the case. Today, in the Internet to enter the name of the 2 astronauts, there will be hundreds of unrelated news also emerged at the same time. Careful screening of down, can not long on their reports of sporadic, difficult for outsiders from these gaps in a word or two to launch their down over the past few decades brilliant but monotonous time.

after this, Wu Jie continue to stay in the center of the astronauts work, until June 2016, he was due to personal physical reasons, retired from the post of director of science and Technology Department assistant. Before retirement, office held a simple ceremony for him, he must be in the manned space achievements. He made a speech at the meeting, thanked the organization for many years of training.

from 1996 to 2016, is located in the chronology of Wu Jie's China astronaut Center for 20 years. This 20 years, he looked at his comrades slowly out of the different life trajectory. From the "Shenzhou five" to the "Shenzhou ten", China's first batch of 14 astronauts have 8 names known to the public, they are: Yang Liwei, Fei Junlong, Nie Haisheng, Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming, Jing Haipeng, Liu Wang, Xiao Guang. In which the Nie two times the implementation of the flight mission, Jing Haipeng is three degrees flying.

when the unique summary first astronaut when Wu Jie gives this answer: "we're here to dream, to faith, but also do not know how sophisticated, unsuspectingly, benefit and risk. Most of us are 60 after being influenced by the traditional ideas, discipline, can endure hardship. Experienced a major change, want to break, the envy of innovation, not fame utilitarian heart, for the motherland, but families and individuals striving for brilliant sense of honor. We catch up with the good times, to engage in manned space flight may be our best way to show the value of life. Who can imagine the good fortune from us to Beijing, the success rate of 100% manned space launch, but also did not expect there is no regret on the space."

this regret is destined to accompany him for a lifetime. In accordance with the situation in the future to determine, this may be the first team in the unique phenomenon of the astronauts, who are unable to predict the future, only to use the time to verify the final answer. So, the 14 astronauts on the first part is more like a lone Pathfinder, they put in the most precious life for the manned space flight, and the cause of self braking began showing its complex and subtle qualities.

in Wu Jie and Li Qinglong was sent to Russia to study before a few years, from 1991 to 1996, the space launch has experienced phenomenal failure, some people say is a success rate of 50%, manned space flight to be or not to be, dare to engage in, at that time is the problem makes policymakers puzzled. The final conclusion of

is: the space medical engineering system is named as astronaut system, which is one of the 7 major systems of the "921" project. The "921" project as the manned space engineering history of repeated attempts result, finally succeeded, aerospace medical research and Engineering Institute (hereinafter referred to as "aerospace medicine", later renamed the astronaut Center) with the project can be open to recruit, expand team. From the "dawn" to "921", the aviation medicine in a number of staff witnessed the whole process, do 30 years to prepare for the eternal dream of flying. When the real manned space must be started, they reach the age of retirement, many people are unwilling to open ambition.

Wu Jie thought that his own destiny would be different. He said, "to catch up with the good time", is that he and his teammates can participate in the real development stage of manned spaceflight. If this process is compared to a brave game, then the game in the dice every time the bet is inevitably produced out of the.

China's first astronaut was recruited for 14, is because the United States and Russia to draw on the experience of the selection of astronauts, in principle, the elimination rate of astronaut training process is generally 50%. 2003 in July, before Yang Liwei's first flight, the 14 astronauts to participate in the assessment, which is equivalent to a war of life and death. The evaluation committee is divided into political ideology, professional and technical, medical and psychological evaluation of 3 groups, through the review of papers, video playback, the calculation of training for more than 5 years of various grades and training results, comprehensive views, finally give each astronaut hit score.

in July 3rd, the selection results announced: 14 astronauts all have the ability to independently perform the space mission, to be graduated, and at the same time to obtain the qualification of three astronauts. This means that China's first generation of astronauts officially produced, marking China became the third country after Russia and the United States, the world's independent training of astronauts. and, the results also broke the world's space industry a record: the Chinese astronaut brigade training, the elimination rate is zero. any good thing on the back are the shadow. Such results also imply the fact that not every astronaut has an opportunity to perform a mission. Second days

"Shenzhou" spacecraft returned to Beijing, when Premier Zhu Rongji went to Beijing city to inspect, repeatedly stressed the quality problems, and encourage the astronauts: you are heroes, your name will remain in the annals of the Chinese nation.

first name to stay in the history of the Chinese nation is Yang Liwei. Zhu Rongji delivered a speech at the time, Wu Jie also do not know when the next time to be able to drive China's spacecraft and space aircraft docking. At that time the overall manned space program is, after 4 unmanned spacecraft exploration, in 2002, to ensure that in 2003 to achieve a breakthrough in China's manned space.

then, after the astronaut brigade 14 astronauts for 5 years and 6 months (Wu Jie and Li Qinglong's Russia is not included in the training time in more than 2 thousand), day and night fighting, time suddenly leap to 2003.

this year, China's manned space industry ushered in a new era of their own. (Xu Yijia)