Shenyang police 5 hours cracked with a knife robbed 2 million cash cases

Shenyang robbery police case

zhongguoqingnianbao· 2016-11-15 08:37:44

youth online news (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Wang Chen) in November 11th, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police interaction, combined operations, for 5 hours, quickly cracked large knife robbery cases, arrested two suspects and seized all the stolen cash.

according to the police, in November 11th, Huanggu District, Shenyang City, with a large knife wielding robbery. Two suspects in order to repay the microfinance grounds, the victim was Moumou Pianzhi Huanggu district near Kunshan Road, a large supermarket, a knife to intimidate the victim, stole 2 million yuan in cash. Day at 6 am, the victim reported to the public security organs. After the incident, the Public Security Bureau, vice mayor of Shenyang city municipal Party Secretary Liu Guoxiu given instructions immediately, requiring the deputy secretary in charge of criminal investigation Deng Wanhong immediately led the relevant departments rushed to the scene to carry out the work, start the "1+4+X" synthesis operation mechanism immediately, cracked the case quickly, eliminate social impact. Shenyang's Criminal Investigation Bureau, Huanggu branch and relevant police units immediately form a joint task force, to carry out the case work.

by the ad hoc group of multi police cooperation, synchronization, using a variety of means of investigation, quickly locked one suspects Shimou (male, 26 years old). Immediately around the history of the task force to start work, successfully sorted out another suspect Cai Mou (male, 32 years old) and the driving vehicle.

in determining the two suspects identity, group first time to implement rounded up measures. By the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police command quickly launched the "1, 3, 8 minutes disposal circle, the mobilization of armed suspect may flee along the direction of the police patrol to intercept, synchronous starting ring Shen peripheral" 10 minutes "seal control circle, the city's 20 police stations to intercept the suspect vehicle and target at the same time. After full investigation, the task force found in the history of a history of maple Yang Road, Sujiatun District, Rose Street intersection near the. Task force immediately organized a large number of police on the area of carpet investigation, and in 11 when the success of a bank will be the business of a suspect arrested.

at the same time, the group found another suspect Cai's whereabouts in the vicinity of Shenyang city four ring road, the vehicle fled to foreign exchange, Cai Mouzheng at this time to prepare and his girlfriend, in order to escape the police arrest. 14 am, the investigators determined to take the arrest, and on the spot and seized more than 100 yuan in cash from his car.

at present, two suspects have been under criminal detention by the police according to law, the case is under further investigation.

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