30 billion years 1 express parcel carton recovery rate of less than 20%

Express recovery rate carton package

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in August this year, the State Post Bureau issued "to promote the implementation of the express delivery industry," the implementation of the program. Just past the "double 11", after the introduction of the program is to express industry in the final exam for the first time. Although some measures have been taken, but the situation has not been a radical express delivery. Come with the amount of online shopping blowout courier package, is brought to bear the burden to the environment.

at present, express packaging excessive, low recycling rate phenomenon widespread, to bring a heavy burden on the environment. To promote the delivery of green packaging, from the national level to the relevant enterprises have begun to take action, to take the research and development of degradable materials, and promote the recycling of packaging and other measures. However, the lag of packaging standards, recycling is difficult, lack of awareness of environmental protection, is still the three major bottlenecks. Green packaging break, to be the government, businesses, consumers to form a strong force.

a bag of 1300 ml of liquid detergent, two layers of bubble bag, volume two ring tape, plus bubble pillow in the carton, then the tape in the box as a well shaped fixing ring. This is a reporter recently in Ningbo, Zhejiang, a courier warehouse to see the package scene.

in August this year, the State Post Bureau issued "to promote the implementation of the express delivery industry," the implementation of the program. Just past the "double 11", after the introduction of the program is to express industry in the final exam for the first time. Although some measures have been taken, but the situation has not been a radical express delivery. Come with the amount of online shopping blowout courier package, is brought to bear the burden to the environment.

express package tied up, two boxes of cosmetics to wrap five or six layers of tape

who lives in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, under the city of Li Minfeng in two days and received 5 express, open the packing bag, packing box is two or three times the size of what to buy. Li Minfeng said, "the tape too much foam on much tea without knocking, it must give praise! "

Chen Hong in Hangzhou, South Korea cosmetics purchasing business. In her work place, there are a lot of tape, packing box and air bag in the warehouse. I saw her first in the courier box put a layer of foam paper, then the air bag two boxes wrapped around a layer of adhesive tape, then pad a layer of foam paper into the box, then crumpled newspapers into the tape fills the gap, finally wrapped around the five laps around. Express little brother often express to throw to delivery, on the packaging, we must be willing to spend money. Chen Hong said.

12, the State Post Bureau released data, this year, double 11 major electricity suppliers business delivery order volume reached 350 million, an increase of 59%. According to previous forecasts, in 2016 China will produce 30 billion parcels, in 2018 will reach 50 billion parcels. At the same time, the courier packaging recycling situation is not optimistic.

express box to keep too much of the place, most of the garbage thrown away. Li Minfeng said, the district where we basically do so. According to statistics, China's current express carton recycling rate of less than 20%, packaging material comprises a transparent tape, air bag, plastic bag, and most were sent to the landfill, the main raw material for the packaging of PVC, for hundreds of years to degradation; if burning, will produce large amounts of pollutants.

environmental protection packaging industry as a new, subtle reduction can save a lot of material

in the face of waste and pollution so huge, called on the industry: the importance of green package express industry.

from the national level to the relevant enterprises, but also really have begun to seek change.

National Post Market Supervision Department of the relevant responsible person said, has been "green post" included in the 2016 ten key work, "from three aspects to promote green packaging: one is to perfect the laws and regulations of express industry packaging system, such as promoting the compulsory recycling directory of express package included in the" Circular Economy Promotion Law ". Two is the national standard for the preparation of the national standards and industry standards for the revision of express delivery industry. Three is to strengthen the daily supervision of the courier industry packaging, to promote the introduction of green packaging green packaging identification use and management approach, to explore the green packaging and other environmental indicators into the industry credit system construction content. "It is understood that the State Post Bureau has formed the" express green packaging application pilot program ", is widely solicit opinions express enterprises.

to promote green packaging, the role of the enterprise indispensable. In the view of Post Development Research Center Zhao Guojun, director of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the promotion of green packaging is significant, one is conducive to the improvement of the ecological environment, the two is to bring the quality of service and enhance the user experience of the upgrading of production.

walked into a Ningbo company called "Ji Feng environmental science and technology" company, responsible person Huang Jiren gave reporters a new express their R & D filling materials. "The filling is made of corn starch, which is naturally decomposed into a soil or a flower pot, and becomes a 'liquid fertilizer'. "Huang Jiren introduction, this new biodegradable packaging materials, the cost is only half of the plastic foam filler. At present, this technology has been working with rookie logistics, into the market.

Yiwu, a number of courier companies responsible person told the reporter, the local courier companies use electronic bill rate has reached 80% - 90%.

Jingdong group packaging person in charge Duan Yanjian introduction, Jingdong put into development and testing of the whole degradation of materials, using PBAT and PLA materials, in the composting conditions 6 to 3 months can be completely decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. "We are trying to secure

plastic box launch reusable, buyers sign after the courier to pick up, according to the link box process consignment warehouse, replacing the courier cartons. Alibaba rookie network green action plan responsible person Xu Junhua said, and strive to 2020 to replace 50% of the packaging material, filler for the 100% biodegradable green packaging materials.

green packaging will not significantly increase the cost of the enterprise? Zhao Guojun believes that the promotion of enterprise cost more, but in the long run, the environmental protection material can make full use of transportation space, reduce transportation loss, so that the cost of courier companies to reduce, the future environmental protection material cost is lower than that of non environmentally friendly materials is possible. However, in order to alleviate the short-term pressure, still need some targeted measures. For example, the most commonly used in a certain model of courier bags, if the use of biodegradable courier bags, each at least up to 0.5 yuan per unit price. "Need businesses, courier companies and electronic business platform multi sharing costs. "Xu Junhua suggested, can use green flag to express business on degradation of bags, leveraging businesses pioneered the use of degradable courier bags, cultivating consumer habits.

still need to crack the packaging standards lag, recycling is difficult to wait for the bottleneck

although the "green packaging" to achieve multi win, but in the actual promotion is a lot of difficulties. According to statistics, 55.6% of consumers will be to get the express delivery will be discarded. Express packaging standard is lagging behind, recycling is difficult, environmental awareness is insufficient, is the three major bottlenecks hinder the green express packaging.

for packaging standards, vice president of the Qingdao Institute of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, said Zhu Lei, the current standard for the recommended indicators, binding is not strong, the implementation of the difficulty. To the full biodegradable courier bags, for example, Xu Junhua introduced, the technology has been very mature, but the lack of national level standards, resulting in promotion difficulties. "

is limited by the time and efficiency, express the company's intention to recycle packaging is not strong. "The express delivery of at least 200 single day delivery, door-to-door recovery will reduce the efficiency of packaging. But the express car capacity is limited, if used for the recovery of packaging, which is to express delivery storage space? "Yuantong Beijing branch of the security supervision department manager Ma Xuehong very helpless. Moreover, many courier packaging tape due to excessive use, consumers can only damage unpacking, packaging recycling value loss.

is to express "bound", or fear of being damaged during transportation. Reduce excessive packaging, improve the overall technical level of the courier industry is also an important part of. "To promote the implementation of the express delivery industry implementation plan", will increase the training efforts, standardize the operation process, to avoid unnecessary excessive packaging.

green packaging can not do without the support of consumers and the concept of social environmental protection. "Usually express a lot, a lot of packaging I have thrown away, if there is recycling channels I would like to contribute to environmental protection. "Beijing people pay lady said. Beijing City neighborhood treasure logistics service center third build a special package dismantling station and package recycling bins, although there are one hundred or two hundred carton recycling every day, but compared to the huge amount of package, the recovery rate is still low. "Or to rely on the awareness of environmental protection. No environmental philosophy, and then a number of recycling platform is also a decoration. Deng Qingyuan, deputy general manager of the neighboring treasure.

"green packaging industry is no longer a problem, is a comprehensive social problem, to solve these problems, the postal management departments and courier companies in duty, also need to participate in all sectors of society, broad support, the formation of a powerful force. "State post office market supervision department responsible person believes that.

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