Shenzhen second-hand housing turnover dropped 60% fold to 50 thousand / square meters

Shenzhen second-hand housing 60% Jiaotong University

souhujiaodian· 2016-11-15 10:46:44

last week (11.07-11.13) Shenzhen property market finally ushered in the new deal after the first residential project pre-sale, over 0 of the pre-sale for a long time. Can be less than 1 of the rate of sales results, reflecting the Shenzhen property market sentiment is relatively strong, high customer price sensitivity. Data show that Shenzhen last week turnover of 469 sets of new homes fell 4.5%; 733 sets of second-hand housing transactions, the transaction area of 65 thousand square meters, down 62.4% and 61.3% month respectively, the average transaction price of 50055 yuan / square meters.

1 projects into the market, sales are not ideal

104 deal has been more than a month, Shenzhen property market ushered in the first week of new residential projects in Hong Guan Jin Hui is approved, the supply of residential 806 sets, all approved listing market sales. Q real network data center monitoring shows that in November 11th, Kim Hong Guan Hui opened, 806 sets of pre-sale housing out, turnover of less than 10%, to the main products of 79 square meters and 89 square meters of the south to see the garden apartment layout, the transaction price between 3.9-4.2 million in apartment layout. According to media reports, the opening scene appeared a lot of abandoned buyers.

last week at the same time, Shenzhen new record turnover and record price has been falling for three weeks, and the current volume for two consecutive weeks fell below 500 units, whether it is late or the actual turnover of transactions will continue to remain low. Monitoring shows that last week turnover of 469 sets of new homes, a total area of 45 thousand square meters, a decline of 4.5% and 9%, the average transaction price of 51598 yuan / square meters. Shenzhen Zhongyuan Real Estate noted that the new project from the first week of the new projects into the market situation, the new deal on the market a greater impact, customer price sensitivity is higher, the wait-and-see sentiment strong sales situation is not optimistic. The new deal will have a sustained impact on the market, the market is expected to be late into the market sales rate will remain at low levels, it is difficult to appear before the new deal 7-8. "

second-hand housing market in the new home market under the influence, the performance is not satisfactory. According to the Shenzhen Central Plains Research Center statistics, last week Shenzhen city's second-hand housing a total turnover of 733 units, down 62.37%; turnover area of 64 thousand and 700 square meters, down 61.30%; the average price of 50055 yuan / square meters.

assessment of the price rise, prices continued to decline in

11 8 months, Shenzhen City Real Estate Development Evaluation Center for routine adjustment, Shenzhen second-hand real estate price assessment of the city's point of view, the average increase rate reached 15%, each region according to the price rise of the range of adjustment is also different. The assessment of the price increase in October after the new deal sharply to cool the market once again tightening impact, once again so that the property market into silence.

data show that last week, Shenzhen Zhongyuan price index 26.4%, down 4.3%, price cut owners accounted for 74%, again in the index fell below the line ups and downs after climbing to. From the price adjustment range of the sample listings accounted for the change of view, last week, 74% of the owners offer down. Specifically, last week, the price adjustment in the -5%~-1% section of the housing accounted for an increase of 6.8 percentage points, about 5 of the sample listings in this range of listings down. And significantly increase the proportion of housing fell significantly, the increase in the magnitude of the 5%~10% listings accounted for nearly 2 percentage points lower than the chain. Micro adjustment of housing accounted for the decrease is also very obvious, the price adjustment in the -1%~1% section of the housing accounted for less than 1.6% of the housing.

quotes from various regions to adjust the situation, the Shenzhen secondary residential market for six consecutive weeks, seven district prices are in a downward state, this week is still down. Specifically, Futian, Luohu and Longgang this week the average price reduction has expanded, Luohu average price dropped to 2 percentage points, the biggest decline, and the decline in the expansion of 0.8 percentage points.

"from the overall point of view, by the impact of the new deal in October and last week, the impact of second-hand assessment price increases, the owner is expected to offer a downward. Due to the degree of assessment of the price increase is moderate, so the price range of the owners concentrated in the -5%~-1% level, the owners of the price adjustment to gradually adapt to changes in the market. Shenzhen second-hand housing transactions will continue to decline in the future, the transaction price will gradually decline with the quote down. "Analysis of the Central Plains research center in Shenzhen.

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