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Earthquake New Zealand Embassy China

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" data figure: New Zealand earthquake Chinese embassy sent helicopters to evacuate stranded tourists China

11 on Sept. 13, New Zealand earthquake and tsunami. A British couple tears about their nightmarish trip to new zealand.

according to the "New Zealand Herald" reported on November 15th, the British couple named Scott and Selena, they usually thrift, in the past 12 months work 7 days every week, and only two children, 5 year old and 4 year old Ronnie Griffith together to enjoy a lifetime of travel. Scott had never met his father and brothers lived in Christchurch, he decided to visit them.

travel started very smoothly, Scott went to Christchurch, do so to see their loved ones. Before driving to Kaikoura, they are still Hanmer Springs resort.

but unfortunately, after the early hours of Monday morning, a strong earthquake in new zealand. Scott said the couple, they rented the house are glass built, almost rollover. All the family ran out. Extreme fear of Scott barefoot running on the gravel road, and even did not notice his foot has been scratched. The

has received a tsunami warning, four of them in the cold just sit outside on the grass, afraid to go back to sleep. When the "New Zealand Herald" the staff in this house when they started looking at the helicopter and forehand.

Scott, an angry, because they saw a large number of tourists were uninterrupted Chinese helicopter from the coastal town of China, thanks to the help from the government, but they failed to call for help to the British embassy.

Scott eyes moist, trembling voice, he explained, they not only try to escape from Kaikoura, want to leave new zealand. Because the earthquake completely destroyed the family's holiday, not only did they feel the fear more frightened the children.

due to limited space helicopter, this one was told to have to throw away two suitcases. MR and Mrs Scott said they threw away their children. Past nearly a year, they work 7 days a week just for the trip, but (earthquake) destroyed everything, the couple has nothing. Because there is no insurance, they apply for a mortgage only to leave here.

at the same time, a local businessman named Evans Anthony is working with rescue workers to transport the trapped tourists with a helicopter. "We have been exhausted, also run out of fuel and light," Evans told one family "," you took the first flight to leave today. "

all can participate in the rescue helicopter is China principal, Evans proposed to Scott at a reception at night.

when this day is going to the past, a pilot named Dan Stevenson arrived in a large helicopter, the helicopter enough to hold the family and all of their luggage.

when Evans told them that they would fly to Christchurch, the British couple gave him a family hug.

they were led to the board of the helicopter, little Evans with Ronnie on board quickly look back at one glance, in the excitement of the waves, the family has finally succeeded in escaping from the earthquake.

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