Charm Blue Note 5 really first exposure

Note camera Meizu

cnBeta· 2016-11-16 06:43:39

After this year,

bursts of 11 mobile phone, Meizu is expected to the end of the year the rest, but also a lot of new action results! The national 3C Certification Center, before there are three new types of mobile phone Meizu (like a different version of the two products), including a suspected Charm Blue Note 5, then GeekBench, bunny found this machine. Now the netizen exposure allegedly Charm Blue Note 5 spy photos, you can see the metal body and the antenna, and the camera's flash from the strip into a ring like PRO 6/6s. Great changes have taken place in

according to the previous news, Charm Blue Note 5 will be equipped with 1080p screen, P10 MT6755M Helio, 3GB memory, 32GB storage, 13 million pixel rear and 5 million pixel front camera, Android 6 system.

and Charm Blue Note high version 3 is not much difference, but the price will be set at 899 yuan, 100 yuan cheaper.

Charm Blue Note 3 is Meizu's first product this year, quite well received, do not know the charm blue Note 5 can not continue its good posture?

finally, it is said that there is a blue Meizu Meizu U30, may be another model of the 3C Certification Center, the price is still 1099 yuan, but the configuration is unknown. Helio if the legend of the X30

ten nuclear new machine is available in the year, then the new phone Meizu this year will be more than 14 models.

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