November 16th headlines


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, a fiscal union in November 16 [

] morning news featured macro news: there are brokerage sources, Shenzhen Tong will be officially opened on November 21st, the opening day of activities related to existing brokerage.

news: (1) the black line continued to decline, iron ore fell down nearly 7%; (2) regulatory storm raid commodity futures: part of the Futures Company under investigation; (3) Central Bank officials: Central Bank launched step by step legal digital currency; (4) China exascale supercomputer development roadmap (International debut dance; 5) eight departments: in 2020 the total size of mountain outdoor sports industry reached 400 billion yuan; (6) the RMB exchange rate set near a 8 year low of export-oriented enterprises benefit elasticity; (7) the 4 elastic cloth 3 months rose 86 textile enterprises rose 2; (8) the "13th Five-Year" planning or shipping industry during the introduction, increased merger and restructuring efforts; (9) Tuesday in New York crude oil futures closed up 6%, a record of more than two week high; (10) the first natural gas market reform pilot landed, oil and gas reforms gradually close .

news: (1) tongdachuangye control has not formed a clear transfer scheme 16 resumption; (2) the shares by shareholders: three degrees placards set by the company to suspend planning; (3) as vehicles for Jia Yueting Yangtze River Business School Students $600 million investment; (4): Zhong Qin Yan Mei auspicious investment buy stock funds from Hengda Hengda Real Estate and life to lock 12 months; (5) Colin environmental protection and the completion of the equity transfer of East Rui Cheng industry into large shareholders; (6) Huayi Group to complete the free transfer of state-owned shares; (7) Xining special steel: be not less than 200 million yuan transfer subsidiary 100% equity; (8) cross-border through the transfer of 83 million 550 thousand yuan Qualcomm techmopo 4.1779% stake; (9) optical crystal: the acquisition of U.S. virtual display 3.06% stake in the company; (10): Oriental Fortune intends to 200 million yuan to set up small loan company.

subscription of new shares: Bank of Wujiang, the day can be 16 new shares issued two new shares.

two, the central bank [accelerate legal digital currency development block chain or accelerated landing

China] recently published on the website of the people's Bank of the 2017 annual staff recruitment announcement, the units directly under the central bank's Chinese Printing Science Institute now recruit engaged in the research and development of digital currency staff. According to the announcement, the central bank is currently accelerating the development of legal digital currency.

, the people's Bank of China, held a digital currency conference earlier this year, and proposed to strive for an early release of the central bank's digital currency. As one of the earliest technologies to support the formation and distribution of bitcoin, the block chain is now regarded as one of the basic protocols for the next generation of Internet. A series of indications that from the Chinese government to the financial industry, the block chain as the representative of digital currency technology is highly valued. Industry sources said block chain technology can be directly used in digital currency, cross-border payment and settlement, notes and supply chain finance, securities issuance and trading and other financial scenarios. According to McKinsey estimates, from a global perspective, the block chain technology applied to B2B cross-border payment and settlement business can reduce the cost of each transaction by about 40%.

A shares in the block chain technology companies, may be concerned about the Feitian (300386), Royal Bank shares (002177) etc..

three [RMB exchange rate, refresh nearly 8 year low export enterprises benefit elasticity]

14, dollar reported 6.8495 yuan, down 204 points, eighth consecutive days, the lowest level since December 2008. Onshore RMB against the U.S. dollar fell over 200 points in early trading, below 6.86 yuan mark, a 5 year low of 7 months. According to statistics, the yuan fell below the important points (6.6, 6.7, 6.8) the time needed to significantly shorten, from 5 and a half months to 2 and a half to 1 months, visible, the RMB against the U.S. dollar devaluation rate significantly accelerated.

insiders said that the continued strength of the dollar is still the most important factor in the RMB exchange rate. Deutsche Bank said in a report that if the "Trump doctrine" to play the effectiveness of the U.S. dollar may rise further by 5%. In addition, the current market does not appear obvious signs of central bank intervention. Since August macroeconomic data show that China's economy basically set the tone to stabilize the situation, which can tolerate greater fluctuations in the exchange rate level. This provides a greater space for the central bank in the RMB exchange rate level. Devaluation of the RMB on the one hand is conducive to the increase in export oriented enterprises, on the other hand may also increase the exchange rate of return.

A shares, sea and sea (002084) foreign business accounted for more than 80%. Blum Oriental (601339) overseas business accounted for nearly 4.

four, [the reform of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai stocks is expected to seize the opportunity to stand on the outlet] Shanghai municipal CPPCC

recently carried out "to deepen the reform of state-owned SOEs, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises" at the end of the special investigation. Shanghai will continue to enhance the vitality of state-owned enterprises, the overall focus of listed companies, promote the city overall listing or core assets listed, explore the market value of the management, operation of state-owned enterprises in Shanghai ETF fund ", build the platform to dispose non-performing assets, promote the rational flow of state-owned assets.

analysis of the market changes, policy oriented and market style based on the reform of state-owned enterprises, especially the reform of local state-owned enterprises, is expected to become the fourth quarter with stable earnings relative investment in the main line, Shanghai local state-owned enterprises as a benchmark is expected to seize the opportunity.

Shenda shares (600626) is a textile group's only two listed platform one report again there may be a group of high-quality assets into. Kai Kai Industrial (600272) major shareholders to open a group in July this year, the company promised in the next three months will not restart the company carried out a similar major asset injection. The current time window is over. Shanghai Phoenix (600679) is the actual control of the state-owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanghai City, the company's subsidiary Shanghai Jinshan Development Cci Capital Ltd intends to delisting Shanghai Trade Investment Group Limited, the sale held by Shanghai Chemicals Market Management Company Limited 27.5% equity.

five, [nuclear power plate catalyst to help the industry to pick up the market]

near the end of the year, the nuclear power industry will usher in a number of heavy events. The policy of nuclear power, "13th Five-Year" and "nuclear power planning regulations" is expected to have officially announced, in the industry long-term development goal further clear. The new project, according to the plan, "13th Five-Year" during the year to start building at least 6 units this year, as the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, before the end of the new unit of approval is expected to accelerate the rhythm. At the same time, nuclear power "sea" is also accelerating the pace, the nuclear power project is expected to start in the first quarter of next year, the project will be officially launched after approval.

in addition to the short-term catalyst, this month cnpec sea small reactor construction officially started, marking the domestic offshore nuclear power plant construction has entered a new era. The small pile has the characteristics of high security and flexibility, which can be used in various fields of power generation, offshore oil and gas exploitation, seawater desalination and ocean exploitation, only for offshore oil drilling platform of nuclear power market size of more than 100 billion yuan, open the incremental market for the industry.

multiple positive gathered, the industry can pick up period, China's nuclear power construction (601611), China's first heavy (601106), the Taiwan Strait nuclear power (002366) and Eastern Electric (600875) and other leading will benefit.

six, [graphene technology research breakthrough in the industrialization process again at the speed of

recently in Northwestern University] graphene research and industrialization have many breakthroughs, the battery size, capacity becomes possible. At present, the research group completed a batch of graphene yield 500 kg of modified lithium ion battery anode material graphite scale-up test, product performance has reached the national standard of high performance of graphite anode material index. At the same time, the laboratory prepared a variety of more than 1000mAh/g graphene anode materials, and international research level synchronization.

comment: the agency believes that graphene has excellent material characteristics, in the fields of biology, medical electronic materials widely applicable, has become the "focus on the development of new materials in 13th Five-Year". At present, there are a number of listed companies layout graphene, to promote the industrialization process.

Del (002631) introduced the future development and industrialization team through acquisitions of domestic leading enterprises of graphene, the construction industry platform; Huaxi energy (002630) intends to acquire 15% stake in Hengli Shing, which has the global scarcity of low-cost mass production of graphene and graphene technology downstream applications and other patents.

seven, "bound" in [multi institutional restructuring stocks appeared together]

reporter statistics contrast, a number of agencies including Qianhai's open fund, CITIC surplus Asset Management Limited, the products together in the Yi ball resources, a new day constant, Hondar mining, Sailun Kim, Guangdong Ganhua etc. listed companies in the three quarterly list of top ten tradable shares. It is worth noting that these listed companies have a certain asset restructuring is expected. Among them, Guangdong Gan Hua in August announced the suspension of the reorganization plan. Market analysts said that the main reason to attract the presence of these organizations or the main reason for these listed companies due to their own restructuring needs and the concept of the reorganization of the label.

eight, [black commodities "taking over" the callback of iron ore fell over 6%]

11 on Sept. 15, the domestic commodity futures market from early differentiation trend once again to a large area of diving, the largest decline in black commodities. As the evening ended, iron ore fell 6.97%, hot-rolled coil steel, were down 3.58%, 3.73%; coke, coking coal and steam coal were down 1.54%, 0.58%, 0.97%. Agricultural products, soybean meal and rapeseed meal were up 0.6% and 1%, soybeans fell 0.2%; palm oil and soybean oil were up 0.6%, 0.4%, vegetable oil fell 0.7%.

[nine, European stock markets have closed up nearly $6% of crude oil rose seven rose

] Tuesday European stock markets rose across the board, the seven consecutive Lianyang hit four closing record, technology stocks led the NASDAQ rose more than 1% dollars; days back to 100 mark now seven rising, mainly due to the positive economic data released then, the rate hike is expected to rise; gold fell trend eased Tuesday, U.S. COMEX12 month gold futures rose 0.2%, to $1224.50 / ounce; in addition, OPEC production is expected to heat up again, crude oil rose nearly 6%.

fiscal union statement: This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of self.

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