What is artificial feeding, do you really understand it?

Artificial breast feeding milk powder

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in the absence of breast milk, formula feeding is a better choice. In addition, the appropriate amount of artificial feeding can be added to the baby in breast milk is not absorbed into the vitamin, because the nutritional composition of breast milk is not perfect, plus one or two times a day formula milk for the baby's development is helpful. The formula does not need to blindly choose your milk, should be suitable for the baby's age to go, because the formula of different ages are in accordance with the deployment of scientific growth and development of the baby needed element is formulated.

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in the deployment of the formula must read the instructions carefully, not arbitrarily chongdiao. Although the baby has a certain ability to digest, but the allocation of the burden of the increase in the concentration of his digestion, washed over dilute will affect the baby's growth and development.

baby to mix the 4 major principles of feeding

1, do not allow the milk of a mixed meal: do not eat milk and eat milk, this is not the right. A meal fed to all breast feeding, even if not enough to eat, do not immediately feed milk, the next feeding time can be ahead of schedule.

2, do not give up breast milk: mixed feeding the most likely to happen is to give up breastfeeding. Breast feeding, not only to maternal and child health benefits, but also to the psychological health of great benefits, breastfeeding can make children get a great maternal love.

3, add the basis of milk: milk is not enough, the best according to the baby weight growth analysis. If a week of weight growth of less than 200 grams, the amount of breast milk may be insufficient, can be added 1 times the milk, usually in the afternoon to eat 1 times four or five times milk, plus how much, can be based on the needs of the baby.

4, add the specific methods of milk: 2-3 months baby as an example. First ready to 150 ml, if you have a drink, as if it is not enough, the next time the red 180 ml, but not more than 180 ml.

so once fed only one kind of milk, eats the breast milk to eat the milk, eats the milk to eat the milk. Do not eat breast milk, not enough, and then washed the milk powder. This is not conducive to digestion, but also to the baby on the nipple misconception, may lead to anorexia milk, refused to eat milk bottles. Artificial feeding needs to make full use of limited breast milk, as much as possible to feed breast milk. Breast milk is more and more, if the mother believes that the lack of breast milk, to reduce the number of times, will make less and less milk. The number of breastfeeding should be evenly divided, do not long time do not feed the breast milk.

for infants less than 1 years of age, as long as enough to drink enough formula, nutrition is enough. Although breast milk or milk powder for the baby to provide growth and development needs of most of the nutrients, but it still can not meet all the nutritional needs. If not timely add food supplement, will lead to lack of nutrients, such as zinc deficiency anemia, etc.. Therefore, we must also add supplementary food for infants aged monthly. 4 months began to add egg yolk; the age of 5 months and 6 months feeding dish mud; mud fish; 8 months feeding animal blood and pieces of tofu, live paste. Add the food supplement, to meet the rapid growth of infant physical development.

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