Baby how to correct the gastrointestinal conditioning, baby feeding

Baby conditioning feeding baby

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baby's intestines and stomach will cause the baby to eat less, poor appetite, constipation and diarrhea, and so on, my mother can not ignore these small stomach problems oh. The baby's stomach is not good will not only have no appetite, but also the symptoms of malnutrition, and malnutrition will affect the baby's healthy growth and development. So how should we regulate the baby's stomach?

because the baby's stomach and digestive function is relatively weak, so the baby may often appear discomfort and flatulence excretion is not smooth, when the baby's stomach is not good, the lactose tolerance, observe the child's right to add complementary help maintain the baby's gastrointestinal function.

baby how to regulate gastrointestinal

1, first to observe whether the child is lactose tolerance, easy to stomach flatulence lactose tolerance system < / strong>

is hereditary, according to statistics, there are about 30% to 50% of the Asians have lactose among the 10% resistant cases, lactose intolerance in patients with severe, intake of dairy products after prone to bloating discomfort, poor digestion and absorption, easy to diarrhea, and this will give the baby the genetic constitution.

if the doctor after the assessment, the baby has a lactose intolerance, it is required to consider the choice of low lactose or lactose free formula to improve lactose intolerance situation, to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach. Secondly,

2 is correctly add complementary

usually baby at the age of 4 ~ 6 months period, will begin to contact the milk or milk other than food. A new mother should not be too late to add a food supplement, if full breastfeeding is recommended, added in the 6 months after, but not later than 9 months. Because after 6 months the baby body lack of iron content in breast milk required, if only pure breastfeeding to 9 months, and no other source of nutrition, the baby prone to iron deficiency anemia.

drink baby formula, can add complementary since the age of 4 months. The first time to add complementary, must pay attention to the baby to drink fruit juice should be avoided, suggestions can be started from the rice paste, rice crackers. When the baby is 6 months old, good swallowing function, can be directly to puree, egg yolk, Rice porridge and fish semi solid food. In view of the

fruit is rich in nutrients, many mothers will give the baby to drink fruit juice as a food supplement. However, if you want the nutritional intake of fruits, recommended to eat don't drink juice puree. On the one hand, because of excessive intake of juice and juice easily, high sugar content, fasting drink syrup easy to cause the baby flatulence discomfort, at the same time, it is easy to cultivate children's bad eating habits do not love to drink water.

baby is just starting to eat food supplement, need time to adapt to the different way of eating, this is a necessary stage, adjustment of the stomach so moms don't because babies don't eat well, spit it out, don't let the baby to try. After about 2 weeks, the baby will gradually adapt to the.

" and all kinds of food as far as possible to let the baby try, try every kind of food 3 ~ 5 days after replacement, met with a variety of baby food during this period, a year old after not picky eaters. Note


baby food should be clean stomach conditioning

many gastrointestinal diseases are Disease enters by the mouth., because to eat unclean food. In addition, many chronic diseases are related to the formation of gastrointestinal problems, so we must pay special attention to food hygiene.

2 and

to treat constipation intestinal constipation is the biggest health threat, is most likely to cause intestinal garbage piled up, if the gut is not smooth, will let the baby body uncomfortable, ill. Eat more vegetables, such as crude fiber food, more than 1 years old children drink some honey water every day, to ease constipation.

3, oral health

to children and adults are not the same, the adult has formed its own antibodies, although there are different kinds of bacteria in the oral cavity, but has formed a balanced situation, but is still relatively clean on the stomach child, if you accept so many bacteria, it is easy to cause infection, therefore, should pay special attention to the child's oral health.

4", to refuse food raw food animal

, the human body is another source of bacterial infections, such as sashimi, beef and mutton, halfcooked zuixia, Liquor-Soaked Crabs, green or yellow river snail snail, snail etc.. So, give the child to eat meat must be cooked.

conditioning baby's stomach diet method

yam yam porridge and fried vegetables

yam is tonifying spleen and stomach of the classic ingredients, the period of the Republic of China Zhang Xichun often single yam cure, and cured many people, including those critically ill patients. Of course, he used the drug store to sell dried yam.

so, how can we make use of the child's stomach to yam?


1, Chinese yam fried vegetables yam peeled, washed, sliced.

2, cabbage washed clean, carrots washed, sliced. Carrot is best not to peel, because the skin has a wealth of nutrition.

3), with the usual cooking that steps to fry the three ingredients of … &hellip

ps:; Chinese yam skin fur on the is itchy, fire Liao before peeling.

two, yam

1, yam peeled, washed, sliced.

2, wash rice, add the appropriate amount of water, add Chinese yam. The fire to boil, turn a small fire boil rotten porridge.

3, add the right amount of salt, you can eat.

millet millet porridge jujube contains rich nutrition, eat porridge can improve indigestion; stomach nourishing Yin Qi and spleen; sleep. However, millet and cool, and the physique deficiency of people can not eat. I tried to get our kids to eat for a couple of days in a row, but found that he had a lot more urine, and that it was very clear. Then I would not let him eat millet gruel, and normal urine. So mother should pay attention to it.

1", the amount of Millet (if not millet, rice, jujube 3 - can also be) 5, add water.

2, put in casserole boiled, first boil, small fire to boil until porridge. Can eat.

note: millet, millet, the more fresh, more nutritious. To remove the stone in the inside of the jujube was not easy to get angry, but only the jujube break, which will integrate into the porridge.

: the conclusion above is Xiaobian to introduce the related content about the baby to the stomach, through the introduction, we believe that precautions for baby stomach conditioning has a certain understanding. In addition, the article also referred to the conditioning of the child's stomach diet therapy, interested friends can try to do a bit oh.

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Baby how to correct the gastrointestinal conditioning, baby feeding

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