Angie Chiu sun shine birthday, 62 years old had such a waist! (map)

Angie Chiu Happy birthday goddess fairy sister exquisite curve

zhongqingwang· 2016-11-16 09:22:33

Angie Chiu

today (November 16th) morning, Angie Chiu in micro-blog drying out a group of their own beauty as birthday, and with the text: "I come, thanks dad, thank my mother 15 years ago, it was born under the happy i! Thank you so much for my birthday wishes."

photo, Angie Chiu wearing a green dress, slim design makes her exquisite curve is very moving, not at all see the goddess is 62 years old!

users have commented: "the fairy sister eighteen years old happy birthday" "not the old goddess, the hearts of the dream forever, happy birthday, wish happiness and health, happiness." "Lady, spirit of beauty, Happy birthday!"

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